Mother’s Day gift: creative tips and ideas for the date

It may be a cliché, but saying that every day is Mother’s Day is true.

Although we have a date specially dedicated to them, there is no doubt about the affection and love that there is in this relationship every day.

We can say then that the commemorative date is an official way to honor them, to show our affection, to make it even more special, to give a gift to those who always do so much for us.

Be it a kiss, a hug, a flower, a special lunch, a letter, a perfume or lipstick, the most important thing is the gesture, because a good gift for Mother’s Day is one that conveys love.

Thinking about it, we separated some curiosities about that date and valuable tips to make moms even happier that day!

Tips and gift ideas for moms

To make those we love happy, on this special date of the year, we can take some time to carefully choose a gift that matches our mothers. Therefore, suggestions of gifts for mothers can help in the choice.

Among the countless options, a sector that tends to attract people a lot is that of cosmetics and perfumery, which besides being cool and creative, can be chosen according to the profile of each woman:

Creams and moisturizers

Among the options for creams and moisturizers, there are options for women who wish to take special care of their skin for different reasons.

One of the advantages is that this gift idea for mothers can adapt to all pockets, ranging from R $ 20 to R $ 100 reais, on average.

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Among the ideas and options, it is possible to find oils that help prevent stretch marks , body moisturizers, firming agents and gels. For moms who are still pregnant, there are also options:

Gifts up to R $ 20

Below is a list of cheap and cool gifts to please mothers:

  • Muriel Almond Ultra Hydrating Body Cream with Collagen ;
  • Nivea Facial Moisturizer ;
  • Nivea Senses Hydrating Body Lotion .

Gifts up to R $ 50

Creams and skin products are always welcome options for mothers, as they help to take care of the appearance and health of the body:

  • Granado Pink Tired Feet and Legs Gel ;
  • Body Splash Mahogany Hawaii Sunset;
  • Body Splash Mahogany Keen Scented Bath;
  • Body Splash Mahogany Scented Bath Flor de Lis.

Gifts up to R $ 100

It is possible to invest in moisturizing products to compose a special gift. Therefore, some gift suggestions for mothers up to R $ 100 are:

  • Cream Corporal Payot Maternity ;
  • Moisturizing Gel Cream for Pregnant Women ;
  • Materskin Body Lotion ;
  • Natuple Hydrass Materna Body Hydrating Lotion ;
  • Mustela Maternité Stretch Mark Serum ;
  • Stretch Prevention Oil Mustela Maternité ;
  • Blancy Eyes Lightening Cream For Dark Circles .

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Other values

There are also several other products that can be a gift for Mother’s Day:

  • Gel Firmeza Corporal Mustela Maternity;
  • Kit Creme Antiestrias Mustela.

Suggestion of cosmetics and makeup for mothers

To enhance the beauty of mothers, some gift options are cosmetics, such as nail polish, makeup for the skin, eyes and mouth:

Gift for beauty of feet and hands

Nail care or skin hydration of hands and feet can count on the help of some products, such as:

  • Enamel Vult 5Free ;
  • DNA Italy Creamy Enamel ;
  • Anita Creamy Nail Polish ;
  • Granado Pink Scald-Feet ;
  • Dermage Foot Mask Moisturizing Foot Mask .

BB Cream options

BB Cream helps make light makeup for everyday use without neglecting the necessary care, such as sun protection:

  • BB Cream Whitening Latika;
  • BB Cream Revlon PhotoReady FPS 30;
  • BB Cream Who Said, Berenice ?.

Blush and lipstick

To give more color to the production of mothers, it is possible to invest in lipsticks and blushs:

  • Batom Make Up Vult;
  • Batom Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Iced Amethyst;
  • Compact Blush Who Said Berenice? ;
  • Blush Tracta HD Mistica Matte ;
  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealer.

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daily skin care

Some gifts can help with daily skin care, such as:

  • Bourjois Micellar Water Make-Up Remover ;
  • Cleansing Lotion Nivea Facial;
  • Make-up remover Vult Oil Free ;
  • Eucerin DermatoCLEAN Micellar Solution .

Eye Makeup

For mothers who like to invest in production and highlight their eyes, some gift ideas are:

  • Vult Super Lashes Mascara ;
  • Shiseido Full Lash Multi Dimension Eyelash Mask ;
  • Dailus Pro 2 In 1 Eyelash Mask;
  • Bourjois Volume Reveal Eyelash Mask.


Dermocosmetics are products that bring benefits of substances specially designed for the health and beauty of the body:

  • Retinol HA Advanced Vichy;
  • Ageaway Dermage Anti-Wrinkle Serum ;
  • Eloisa Medina Natural Plastic Facial Moisturizer ;
  • Sérum Revitalizante U.SK Miracle Awake;
  • Anti-Aging Treatment Vichy Liftactiv Retinol HA Advanced .

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Accessories for pregnant women

This date is also very special for moms who are still in gestation or who have just had the baby (or babies).

Whether first-time mothers, mothers of twins or those with adult children, one thing is certain: a gift is always a delicate way of showing affection.

Some suggestions for gifts that will be very useful in these periods are the accessories used for breastfeeding, for breast protection or for supporting the baby in breastfeeding.

  • Biramar Breastfeeding Pillow ;
  • Chicco Boppy Breastfeeding Pillow ;
  • Nuk Breastfeeding Shell ;
  • Lolly Breastfeeding Shell ;
  • Savemilk Breastfeeding Shell ;
  • Breastfeeding Shell The BestMilk Savemilk ;
  • Chicco Breast Shell ;
  • Breast Protector MAM ;
  • Philips Avent Nipple Protector .

Cheap gifts for mothers day

Even when we are short of money we like to give gifts to special people.

That is why we have separated here some tips of gifts with lower cost, between R $ 20 and R $ 40 reais. To search for other brand and price options, it is possible to consult perfumery items on the Consultation platform that may please moms. Check out:

  • Nail Polish Mavala Mini Color ;
  • HD Vult Liquid Concealer ;
  • Blush Tracta HD Ultrafino;
  • Intensive Body Moisturizer Mamydrat Pregnant Women ;
  • Liquid Lipstick Who Said Berenice? Mate ;
  • Body Splash Mahogany Scented Bath .

Creative gifts for moms: a cool way to gift

To surprise moms on this special date, people often look for creative gift ideas. However, the choice depends a lot on the style of each person.

Knowing your mother’s tastes and preferences, putting together a creative gift with perfumery products can be simple and there is no right step by step.

One idea is to put together a kit with products that she would like to win or already uses and put in a beautiful and decorated package or basket.

For vain mothers, for example, putting together a kit with makeup, accessories and cosmetics options can make you very happy. Some tips are:

  • Revlon enamel ;
  • Lipstick Who Said, Berenice? Mate Velvet ;
  • Maybelline Sensational Eyelash Mask;
  • Blush Clinique Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balm;
  • BB Cream L’Oréal ;
  • Neutrogena Deep Clean Make-up Remover Biphasic Fluid.

For those who prefer to buy ready-made kits, you can also find them:

  • Rose Kit Mahogany English Rose.

Origin of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day did not always have the same meaning as today, although it has been an important date since the first celebrations.

It was in Greece that the date appeared, with the celebration of the mother of all gods, the goddess Rhea (or Reia). For her, tributes were made, gifts and services were given.

However, the date became official only in the early twentieth century, in the United States, when in 1905 a woman named Anna Jarvis started to fight for the officialization of the celebration.

She, however, was never a mother, but decided to insist on the officialization of a date in honor of mothers when hers passed away.

Anna Jarvis’s mother was called Ann Reeves and it was her work that she did during the American Civil War that inspired her daughter to fight for the tribute.

In 1850, in the state of West Virginia, Ann Reeves organized a group of women who cared for soldiers and worked on improvements in the health system. Those days were called by her “Mother’s Day”.

In 1911, the date was adopted in all North American states and since then the celebration has spread to other countries.

We have separated some tips to help those who are looking for a nice gift for this special date.

Regardless of the style and personality of moms, if you look hard you can find the ideal gift at an affordable price!

We wish all mothers a happy Mother’s Day!