What’s the best lipstick you said, berenice? Check the options

Did you know that April 13 is the day of the kiss? To celebrate the date, nothing better than a kiss session with that special someone.

But to attract suitors and improve self-confidence, it is better to put on lipstick: everyone wants to kiss a beautiful mouth!

In order not to spoil the moment, the lipstick cannot be sticky or transfer. So, choose a resistant product that does not mark the face of others.

The color is up to you, because what matters is that you feel good.

We gathered 12 options of lipsticks from who said, berenice? to help you choose the best finish!

Who did you say, berenice? is a cool brand that encourages people to feel free using whatever they want.

Choose your favorite color and texture and rock!


Liquid lipstick mate who said, berenice?

The liquid matte lipstick is the perfect option for those who do not want to waste time with touch-ups.

Ideal for several occasions, it offers long-lasting and intense pigmentation, composing the make with a lot of style! Its finish is more dry, ensuring a velvety finish to the lips.


The Bordoli is a very dark purple, perfect for those who like to dare to make the colors and compositions. Its use is ideal for the night, but nothing prevents you from using it on a daily basis too!

With 5.6ml of pure highlight, the lipstick matches all skin tones. Ensures well-marked and outlined lips, as well as a long lasting.

You can find this lipstick at Consulta Remédios for values ​​between R $ 28.43 and R $ 37.90 * .

Red Meier

You know that open red that has no error? This is the Méier Red!

It is ideal for occasions that demand a certain glamor, as the red brings the traditional highlight to the make.

It comes with a brush that makes it easy to apply. Combines with all skin tones and has a 5.6 ml packaging. The price proposed by the brand is R $ 29.90.

This beautiful color pays homage – as its name says – to the Méier neighborhood, in Rio de Janeiro. It is part of the exclusive collection of QDB with actress Taís Araújo.

In total, the line has 6 colors: Taís Wine, Meier Red, Nude Ballet, Stage Orange, Real Pink and Red Root.

Love them

For lovers of pink and more purple tones, Amorli is a great alternative to take in the bag!

The name says it all: it has the color of blackberry , almost close to a wine tone.

Because it is a darker lipstick, it is perfect for those days when you are in the mood to dare and highlight your mouth.

That tone is one of those universals, you know? It looks beautiful in all skin tones and, because it is a more closed tone, it brings that classy look to the look of whoever is wearing it.

Ah, like all dark lipstick, the application can bring some pranks, but the brush helps in this mission. It’s 5.6 ml of pure love!

And at Consulta Remédios you will find Amorli with the best prices: its value range is from R $ 28.43 to R $ 37.90 *


For Pink lovers, Rosadili came to make your make up even more beautiful and flashy!

The tone is a closed pink with a reddish background, a super different color from others on the market.

You know that lipstick that, wherever you go, people go on repairing and asking to find out which one it is? Rosadili is like that!

Therefore, having this lipstick in your collection is an asset for those days that you are inspired to attract looks.

The color is super intense and well pigmented, spreads well in the mouth and is super uniform, which is very important for darker lipsticks.

Like the brand’s other liquid matte lipsticks, it comes with 5.6ml of product in the packaging.

Oh, and you can also find it at Consulta Remédios for R $ 29.90 *!


The Aboborali color is the ideal color for girls who like the different! That’s because it brings a dark and very alive orange tone, which is not usually in the mouth of all women but, still, it is wonderful!

This is that great lipstick to go for a walk in the park or else to compose that stylish look.

With just one application the color is already super intense, without the need to apply more layers.

The price stipulated by the brand is R $ 29.90.

Metallic liquid matte lipstick who said, berenice?

Metallic tones are perfect for ballads. In addition to being modern and attracting attention, they highlight the lips, giving that effect to Angelina Jolie. The liquid lipstick dries quickly, has a delicious sweet smell and leaves the mouth dry, without losing the metallic effect.


Marronluz is a color for modern women, without fear of daring. It is a striking blend of wine and copper. It looks great on any skin tone, and stands out in everyone!

This tone is great for going out at night, especially if you want to get your date’s attention .

Apply carefully, to cover the entire mouth: it is a striking color and everyone will notice if you miss painting a little bit of the lips.

The price suggested by the brand is R $ 29.90.

Liquid vinyl lipstick who said, berenice?

Do you know that “love apple” glow? This is the effect that liquid lipstick with vinyl finish provides to the lips.

It offers an intense shine that gives the impression of a varnish.

In addition, this type of lipstick does not leave the mouth sticky, as it creates a protective film on the lips.


Marronil vinyl liquid lipstick offers a comfortable application with high coverage. The color is intense and super pigmented, in addition to being easy to apply!

It is still dermatologically tested, to ensure total safety in use.

Marronil is that type of nude that every woman should have in the makeup bag, as it suits every moment.

You can use it to guarantee a lip color on a daily basis or on that makeup where the highlight is for the eyes. But remember, you make the rules!

It is possible to find the product in the liquid version in packaging with 5.6 ml, with the value of R $ 29.90.

Lipstick in bullet mate who said, berenice?

Bullet lipsticks with a matte finish are ideal for those who like the opaque effect, but still do not give up comfort!

Unlike creamy ones, they are also more durable and harder to smudge.

In addition, they are super easy to apply, as they slide through the mouth with ease. You can find several colors available with this finish on QDB!

Very choral

Think of a color that is the face of summer. If it was the Coralíssima lipstick that came to your mind, you got it right! The tone conveys that sunny day air, as it is super lively and cheerful.

Who likes coral tones and with that neon footprint can be playing!

Oh, and he still has sun protection, you know? It is even designed for sunny days! Like all lipsticks in the line, it has SPF 12, so you can be calm during that walk in the park.

But don’t think it’s over, because this lipstick still has several actives that are good for the health of the mouth. Shea butter and vitamin E are some of them. Cool huh?

The price suggested by the brand is R $ 29.90 and the package comes with 4g of product.

Very red

Red is the color of the powerful, and the Red is not far behind. It can be more closed or purer depending on your skin tone and lighting. But it never gets clear!

So it is an option for parties and dinners.

Super pigmented, it covers the mouth with a single layer. The matte effect is really matte, so whoever has dry lips may need a lip balm before lipstick. It is dry and resists well in the mouth, but it is still a bullet lipstick, which needs to be touched up every now and then.

Ah, it’s easy to pass. Precisely because of the dry touch, it is easier to control the application, avoiding smudges. You can find it for R $ 29.90.

Velvet matte lipstick who said, berenice?

The lipstick velvet mate is a produtinho that combines the best of both worlds. But how so? It’s simple: it offers the matte effect with the application of a creamy lipstick.

It is perfect for those who like the opaque effect that matte lipstick provides, but that does not dispense with the comfort that creamy lipstick offers.


Roxuva lipstick offers easy application along with the matte effect that lasts longer.

In addition, it has sparkling points that make the product super different! It also offers UVB protection with SPF 12, care and hydration with vitamin E and shea butter, with coverage that does not need touch-up.

It’s that kind of color for you to use when you really want to get attention, like in a ballad, for example.

It combines with all skin tones, especially when your intention is to leave all the highlight of the make in your mouth.

You can find the product in the bullet version in 3.8g. The price if suggested is R $ 29.90.

Creamy candy lipstick who said, berenice?

The creamy lipsticks are easier to pass and get along with everyone, since moisturize even the most parched lips. They are less resistant, so they need constant reapplication.

The soft texture is comfortable, being the most suitable type of lipstick for those who are starting to make up now.

It is also great for the late ones, as it is quick to pass and fix the blots.


Delicate, Violita is a modern shade of purple that does not overdo it. It is a good alternative to the traditional rose, giving a soft color to the lips without falling into the obvious.

It is a white background tone, so who has dark skin will notice that it is more prominent.

In the white ones, he is more discreet. But it’s still a purplish lipstick, so don’t expect a nude effect.

The color is perfect for everyday life, and goes very well with parks, shopping trips … If you are looking for a relaxing tone, you have found it!

It can also be found for R $ 29.90.

Liquid glitter who said, berenice?

This is a bonus! The liquid glitter is not exactly a lipstick because it is multifunctional: it can be applied to the mouth, face and eyes.

For those who love versatile products, it is a wonderful alternative to carry around.

The colors are beautiful and super shiny, so they will help you to shine wherever you go! A very nice tip is to throw it over the lipsticks!

And you know the coolest thing? Glitter is biodegradable and therefore does not harm the environment! For you to rock without harming the planet.


Do you know that pink lipstick of yours? It will be a hit with Rosalex applied on top! This glitter brings a pink tone and an incredible three-dimensional effect.

Adds depth to makeup and makes it much happier.

It is wonderful to use in the club, in the carnival blocks or, simply, when you want to go out to shine!

It is not difficult to apply and it doesn’t get dirty, so you can rest assured, because you won’t get glitter all over your body.

The brightness of the product is so intense that you can see it from afar and even in photos. Play!

And look how cool: at Consulta Remédios you can find the liquid glitters of Who said, Berenice? for 28.90 *!

It’s a great option, isn’t it?

If you liked the tips, leave your comment and, if you have any suggestions for a product you want to see around here, send it to us. Your opinion is always very welcome!