What is the best foundation for oily skin? 6 options for you to test

Oily skins are the majority in Brazil. After all, we live in a hot and tropical country, right? But the strange thing is that it is not so long ago that brands started to invest in specific products for this type of skin.

However, as the world of makeup continues to evolve, girls with mixed, oily and / or acne-prone skins can start to relax, because it has become much easier to find a product that pleases them!

Thinking about it, the Healthy Minute decided to make your search even easier. Our team has assembled 6 bases (tested by us) that can serve you.

Oh, and don’t worry, because it has national and imported options , with prices that don’t exceed R $ 80!

Look at which products were selected:

Are you curious? Then check out the reviews we have prepared!


1.Base Matte – Ruby Rose

  • Good for : those looking for a base with good coverage and good value for money.
  • Works well on : skin with blemishes, but without acne or sensitivity.
  • Quantity : 29mL.
  • Average price : R $ 23.

According to Ruby Rose, this is a foundation ” that offers a natural matte finish, in addition to having an incredible coverage and high durability, making the product not easily leave your face “. But, does our team agree?

For those looking for a cheap base for everyday use it is ok, but for those who need a product that has good durability, it is not recommended. Its matte effect lasts for about 4 hours and, depending on the skin, can crack in some areas of the face.


  • Price;
  • Good coverage.

Negative points

  • Dense texture, not recommended for those who like to leave the skin with a more natural appearance;
  • It has fragrance, which over time can cause pimples and allergies;
  • It can dry out in some points of the skin, making expression lines more visible;
  • Does not contain sun protection factor;
  • 10 color options.

2. Supermate Liquid Foundation – Who Said Berenice?

  • Good for : those looking for a matte base that does not crack in the face.
  • Works well on : skins that suffer from oiliness throughout the day.
  • Quantity : 30mL.
  • Manufacturer’s price : R $ 49.90.

According to Who Said Berenice? this foundation promises a matte effect without drying out, “leaving the skin dry , velvety and uniform, without cracking. In addition, it is easy to apply and has quick drying ” . It has an oil-free formula, resistant to water and sweat, and does not accumulate in the pores.

The Supermate Base stays well on the skin, without drying out. It has a creamy texture with easy spreadability and quick drying. But because it is water resistant, it requires a good makeup remover to remove.

Coverage is medium, but covers (very) skin imperfections well, and lasts all day. In the test on mixed skin, at the end of the day it melts a little in the oily area of ​​the nose and forehead, but nothing that spoils the look.


  • Does not crack the skin;
  • Comfortable matte effect;
  • Resists water and sweat;
  • 20 color options.

Negative points

  • Difficult to remove without a good makeup remover;
  • Does not contain sun protection factor.

3. Matific Liquid Base – Nature One

  • Good for : those looking for an average coverage base for everyday life.
  • Works well on : skin with light spots.
  • Quantity : 30mL.
  • Manufacturer price : R $ 64.

This base is indicated for normal to oily skin. According to Natura, it has a “ light texture and oil-free composition, with a matte effect. Controls and reduces oiliness, for up to 8 hours ”.

In the test we did on mixed skin, the base had a good result. Its coverage is medium and very natural – it covers skin spots, fine lines and light dark circles. But, if you have pimples, this foundation is not enough to disguise it. The matte effect lasts about 8 hours on the skin, but on hot days it gives out a little in the oily areas.


  • Controls oiliness;
  • Good duration and coverage;
  • Contains sun protection factor (SPF 15);
  • 18 color options.

Negative points

  • Durability decreases on hot days;
  • Does not cover pimples.

4.Base Líquida TimeWise – Mary Kay

  • Good for: those looking for a matte base with medium coverage and a light finish.
  • Works well on : acne-prone and / or sensitive skin.
  • Quantity : 29mL.
  • Manufacturer price : R $ 64.

For Mary Kay, the product “is the perfect anti-aging foundation for combination to oily skin, providing a visible reduction in the appearance of pores, fine lines, wrinkles and skin imperfections “.

If you suffer from the dreaded pimples or have sensitive skin, you can rest easy. This base is non-comedogenic (does not clog pores). Tested by the Minute Healthy team on acne-prone skin, TimeWise does not accentuate the problem.

It is matte, so it keeps the skin dry for a long time. Ideal for daily use, it also softens the appearance of pores, leaving your make with a more natural finish.


  • Light finishing;
  • It has no fragrance;
  • It is fluid and has good spreadability;
  • It has beneficial assets for the skin, especially anti-aging;
  • It transfers little;
  • 17 color options.

Negative points

  • Burst with flash (can make you very white in the photos);
  • It has tube-shaped packaging, which means that you will not be able to use the entire product when it is at the end;
  • It does not cover 100% very apparent imperfections, such as inflamed pimples and very dark spots;
  • Does not contain sun protection factor.

5. SuperStay Liquid Foundation 24 Hours – Maybelline

  • Good for: those looking for a medium coverage base and good durability.
  • Works well on : oily and acne-prone skin.
  • Quantity : 30mL.
  • Average price : R $ 62.

SuperStay is a long-lasting foundation that, according to Maybelline, ” provides high resistance to movement, heat, humidity, sweat and touch”. Its formula has no fragrance and oils.

Despite being liquid, it has a thick texture, which makes it easier to apply. In addition, the base provides a matte effect that brings security and is super comfortable on the skin. It is a good choice for those who value durability, as there is no need to touch up with powder.

SuperStay can be used both for a natural look and for more elaborate make-ups.


  • Good durability;
  • Do not crack;
  • Contains sun protection factor (SPF 19).

Negative points

  • It has no dosing nozzle, which can cause product waste;
  • 8 color options.

6.Base ColorStay Combination/Oily Skin – Revlon

  • Good for : those looking for a base with natural finish and medium coverage.
  • Works well on : mixed skins with few spots.
  • Quantity : 30mL.
  • Average price : R $ 77.

For those who are looking for an imported base, with a price that fits in their pocket, this may be a good option. According to Revlon, ColorStay “ does not stain, does not smudge and does not transfer, which guarantees a feeling of comfort for hours ”. In addition, it is oil-free and promises to last a whole day, controlling excess shine and oiliness.

Do you know that combination of smoothness and uniformity? In this product, it works. Although we have not confirmed the duration of 24 hours, the base holds well for up to approximately 10 hours, has good coverage and a delicate finish – without that super dry effect.

ColorStay also disguises small imperfections well, including fine expression lines, without needing a lot of product.


  • Excellent spreadability, it is very easy to apply;
  • Do not crack;
  • Good durability, even on hotter days;
  • It transfers little;
  • Average coverage;
  • It has no strong smell;
  • Contains sun protection factor (SPF 15).

Negative points

  • It does not cover dark spots, dark circles and inflamed acne so well;
  • In the oily areas of the face, it does not hold the oil so well throughout the day – If you like a more dry finish, the translucent powder can help.
  • The packaging, even with an applicator, makes it difficult to leave the product when it is running out;
  • Despite containing 42 color options, not all shades are available in Brazil.

Where to buy?

You can find the bases listed here (in addition to many other options) in pharmacies, cosmetics stores and online stores all over Brazil. But have you ever thought about saving using a price comparison? In Consulta Remédios you will find the best offers of online pharmacies that deliver in your region!