Best body moisturizers: 5 options to choose from!

The human body needs hydration on a daily basis and this also applies to the skin, including the body. The face is the first part to show the signs of dryness, but the rest of the body also suffers from the condition.

In the short term, the lack of adequate hydration leaves the skin rough, red and peeled.

Do you know that hardened aspect of the heel? It’s dryness. Imagine that for the rest of the body!

With daily hydration, the skin gains a silky touch and a healthy aspect. In the long run, the use of moisturizers combats aging and protects the skin from external aggressors.

And don’t think that moisturizers are just for those with dry or dry skin. All skin types need this care, including oily ones!

The ideal is to talk to a dermatologist to indicate which product is best for your case.

Our team tested several body moisturizers and tells you a little more about each one. Check out our choices!


Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream

  • Good for: long-term hydration.
  • Works well on: dry and sensitive skin.
  • Quantity: 453g and 250g.
  • Average price: R $ 99 (453g) and R $ 70 (250g).

The moisturizer is indicated for dry and sensitive skin and promises to relieve the annoyances of dryness. It promises to double the hydration level in four days, as it attracts and retains water.

Its fluid texture looks like a lotion. It does not leave a sticky sensation, even with petrolatum and almond oil in its composition, which is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, reducing the chances of irritation.

It has packaging in a pot, which allows greater use.

Unlike products with a pump or flip-top valve , the jar leaves the contents subject to contamination. So it is necessary to keep it closed and remove the cream with a spatula.


  • Hydration does not come out in the bath, but remains on the skin in the long term;
  • Light texture, easy to apply and not sticky;
  • The pot type packaging allows full use of the product.

Negative points

  • It has parabens in its composition;
  • It does not have FPS.

Hidratante Body Lotion Victoria’s Secret Coconut Sunshine

  • Good for: leaving skin soft, hydrated and perfumed.
  • Works well on: normal to dry skin.
  • Quantity: 236mL.
  • Average price: R $ 75.00.

Coconut Sunshine moisturizer is a limited edition of the Victoria’s Secret brand. It moisturizes gently, avoiding irritation or burning when applied to a more sensitive area or with wounds.

The product, in addition to leaving the skin super soft and silky, has a wonderful and soft fruity floral fragrance that lasts for hours on the body. It has notes of coconut, jasmine, orange and passion fruit, which make the aroma more citrus.

Its packaging is super charming and practical. It fulfills its role as a moisturizer very well, avoiding dryness of the skin, and still provides great absorption, without leaving the dermis with that sticky sensation.


  • Light texture;
  • Delicious fragrance;
  • Does not leave skin greasy;
  • Leaves skin scented for hours.

Negative points

  • The product may not be as effective for dry skin, as it promotes gentle hydration.

Nivea Soft Milk Bath Moisturizer

  • Good for: being used on colder days or when we don’t have time to apply body cream.
  • Works well on: all skin types.
  • Quantity: 250mL.
  • Average price: R $ 18.00.

The Nivea Soft Milk Bath Moisturizer is the perfect product for those very cold days or when we don’t have time for skin hydration, as the product was specially developed to be used during the bath.

It offers intense hydration with action that lasts 24 hours, so you keep your skin hydrated and perfumed without much effort.

Its use is very simple, just apply to the skin during the bath, wait a few seconds, and then rinse.

Still, its formula brings all the nourishing power of shea butter. It gives deodorant action and results in a smooth and silky skin without the need to apply any cream after its use.


  • Developed to be used during the bath;
  • It is dermatologically tested;
  • It has texture that adheres quickly to the skin and leaves a soft scent.

Negative points

  • If your skin is very dry, it is necessary to use a product with more potent nutrition, as this cream does not meet expectations in this regard.

Johnson’s Body Lotion Deo-Moisturizing Lotion Dream Skin

  • Good for: moisturize your skin at night before bed for a delicious relaxing sensation.
  • Works well on: all skin types.
  • Quantity: 200mL and 400mL.
  • Average price: R $ 10.00.

Nothing better than being able to relax right after a long day at work, isn’t it? In those moments, Johnson’s Body Lotion moisturizing skin of dreams manages to be your best friend.

It has a formula specially developed to keep the skin soft for up to 24 hours, without leaving an oily feeling.

It also has the exclusive AromaRelax fragrance, responsible for ensuring the delicious feeling of well-being.


  • The aroma of the cream remains throughout the night, and can be noticed the next day;
  • It has a light texture that is quickly absorbed by the skin;
  • It is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, so you can use it without risk.

Negative points

  • Its packaging does not allow the product to be used until the end.

Nativa SPA Lemon and Patchouli Moisturizer

  • Good for: moisturizing, refreshing and perfuming the skin.
  • Works well on: all skin types.
  • Quantity: 200mL and 400mL.
  • Average price: R $ 37.90 (200mL) R $ 54.90 (400mL).

The deodorant body moisturizer Lemon and Patchouli from the collection Nativa SPA, from Boticário leaves the skin hydrated and soft from the first day of use.

Thanks to the purified drops of quinoa , it helps in the production of collagen, responsible for the young and healthy aspect of the skin.

Its light texture prolongs the feeling of cleanliness and refreshment provided in the bath.

It can be used in the morning or at night, before bed. With a mild fragrance, the moisturizer does not hinder the use of other products with perfume.


  • High absorption;
  • Does not leave skin greasy;
  • Gentle fragrance;
  • Vegan.

Negative points

  • Despite having a light texture, it is more liquid than creamy. So, attention is needed when passing the product through the body, or it will be used more than necessary.


* The average prices quoted were obtained through research in  Consulta Remédios , made on 06/19/2019. Values ​​may change.

Finding the perfect body moisturizer for your skin type can often be a difficult mission, as each person has specific needs.

However, with these tips, it will be easier to take care of your skin properly and choose the ideal product for her.

Have you ever used any of these moisturizers or recommended another that is not on our list? Tell us your experience in the comments!

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