Nail Strengthener: 7 bases and oils for healthy nails

The fear of many women is being ready to go out, perfect clothes, neat hair and … Crac! Broken nail. From one second to the next it looks like they’ve turned into paper.

If this happens with a certain frequency, it may be a sign that they are weak.

For these cases, the ideal is to consult a dermatologist, because what may be happening is the lack of vitamins , being necessary to replace them with the help of the professional.

But a way for you to alleviate this problem may be the nail fortifiers. They act by making them more resistant, creating a protective layer on the surface, so that they become stronger and break less.

Based on this, we have separated for you some nail strengthener options and the main information, for example the present assets, types of packaging and the price.

Nail Strengthener Lakesia

To start with, let’s start by talking about Lakesia’s nail strengthener , an important ally against nails that break easily. It is a transparent product and with a very practical and quick application.

Its entire formulation is developed through nanotechnology, which guarantees better product results, such as hydration and fortification.

To use just apply on the nails without enamels twice a day and that’s it! Repeat the process daily to have strengthened nails.

It is a product based on oils of tea tree oil , cloves, lavender and cinnamon, which will be responsible for taking care of nails, making them stronger and healthier.

  • Available in: 7mL packs .
  • Price: from R $ 32.16 to R $ 52.10 *.

Pink Granado Nail Strengthening Oil

Soon after, a product from Granado: Granado Pink Nail Strengthening Oil . Brand well known for manufacturing dermocosmetic products.

Because it is a strengthening oil, it ensures rapid absorption, making the properties and nutrients reach all layers of the nails.

The application of the product is simple and practical, as its packaging is a mini-dropper. Just a little droplet on the nail (preferably without enamels) and cuticles for it to take effect.

After this process, the ideal is to massage so that it is well absorbed.

The product will act directly by replacing the silicone and keratin in the region, increasing the resistance of the nails.

In addition, the fortifier does not contain parabens and is free of animal ingredients.

  • Available in: 10mL packages ;
  • Price: from R $ 26.31 to R $ 36.95 * .

Nail Moisturizing and Strengthening Pen

Here is another product with great chances of being the best friend of women for those situations where the nail breaks. It is a moisturizing and nail strengthening pen from Mantecorp Unedrat .

It is a very versatile product, easy to apply and that will surely have a little place in your things.

To apply, pass the pen over the nails and cuticles. Then, avoid putting your nails in contact with water, and if this happens, pass the pen in place.

According to the manufacturer, the product is capable of repairing nails that are already fragile, brittle, whitish or that are peeling. That’s because it contains substances like D-panthenol, shea butter and vectorized silicon.

And it is worth remembering that when we talk about repairing them, it also means that the product is moisturizing your nails. Making nails and cuticles more resistant and healthy.

  • Available in: packs of 2.5mL .
  • Price: from R $ 59.90 to R $ 92.80 *.

Mavala Scientifique Nail Hardener

Next up is Mavala’s nail hardener , that is, a product that is as differentiated as possible. It is neither an enamel nor a base, but a liquid solution for the nail, capable of hardening them quickly.

When applying the product, it penetrates the nail plates, joining the three layers of them, making them more resistant.

It is perfect for those people who suffer from soft, peeling and brittle nails.

So to use the product, you must apply the product only on the free edge of the nail from the center to the tip, not allowing the product to touch the cuticle and wait 1 minute for absorption to happen.

It is important to remember that the indication limit for use must be respected, twice a week .

  • Available in: liquid ( 5mL ) and pen (4.5mL) versions.
  • Price: from R $ 83.99 to R $ 103.25 *.

Impala Horse Hull Hardening Base

The hardening of the base Impala is an option with a more affordable price, but it has a highly strengthening power.

Like the previous product, it is also able to penetrate the nails. Due to its formula rich in moisturizers, it restores the most damaged layers of nails and still leaves them with that slight shine.

Rich in repairing properties, the base contains substances such as macadamia oil, vitamin E , B vitamins, vitamin C, wheat hydrolyzate, keratin and D-panthenol.

The application must be done passing the base of the center to the tips of the nails. After that, just repeat the procedure 1-2 times a week .

  • Available in: 7.5mL packs .
  • Price: from R $ 4.20 to R $ 6.39 *.

Fungirox Fort Nail Strengthening Enamel

The Fungirox is also excellent option for those who want nails hydrated and strengthened. In addition to helping to restore your nail, it also has antifungal and antibacterial actions, which help maintain the health of the region.

This means that in addition to having strengthened and resistant nails, it will also be free of fungi and bacteria, and consequently, with better health.

With keratin, panthenol and vitamin F, the daily application of this product should be done on clean and dry nails, preferably at night.

This is because, after application it is recommended to stay up to 6 hours without washing your hands, to prevent the product from leaving the water.

  • Available in: 7mL packs .
  • Price: average of R $ 64.90 *.

Dermage Nail Force Strengthening Base

And finally, we have the strengthening base of Dermage Nail Force , responsible for creating a protective barrier on the nail, both against physical and chemical aggressors.

With strengthening and protective substances in its formulation, such as calcium, keratin and PTFE (substance responsible for creating a protective film on the nail), Nail Force is free of allergens and promotes hydration and resistance to the nails.

In addition, the foundation also has a simple application, being necessary to apply 3 times a week.

The nails must be clean and without enamel, however, to make a new application, you do not need to remove the Nail Force base, in which case you can go over it.

  • Available in: packs of 8mL .
  • Price: from R $ 36.41 to R $ 58.39 *.