Hair implant: how it is done, wire by wire and how much it costs

Hair loss is often a nuisance for both men and women. Often, it can even undermine the person’s self – esteem .

The causes of hair loss can be diverse, such as genetics, alopecia, cases of stress , hormonal reactions, among others.

Baldness, on the other hand, is characterized by the gradual and progressive loss of hair resulting from hereditary factors.

It occurs in women, but it is more common in men, occurring in approximately 50% of men.

For this reason, the hair implant is a technique that can serve as an alternative for cases in which other types of treatment are not possible.


What is a hair implant?

The hair implant is a technique that consists of removing healthy hair follicles from a region of the head to be implanted in areas that present baldness (hair loss).

Hair follicles are a kind of pouch, in which the root of the hair is located. These follicles are capable of producing new healthy hair and making it grow.

Before the procedure, it is recommended that the patient undergo a medical evaluation with a specialist in plastic surgery or dermatology, who will request tests to check the health as a whole

What is the difference between transplant and hair implant?

The terms implant and transplant , although they have different meanings, in this case are used interchangeably. Both in the hair transplant and in the implant , the hair follicles are removed from the patient and transplanted to the baldness areas.

Previously, it was called implantation the procedure that used synthetic threads to implant in the patient. However, these threads are no longer used due to the risk of rejection by the body.

The term transplantation has always been used when the procedure consisted of using natural hair strands.

Nor are more wires from other donors used, due to the risks of rejection and even disease transmission.

However, in cases where the patient has no area with hair on the head, the follicles can be removed from other parts of the body, such as a beard and chest.

It is worth remembering that the texture of the hair will not be the same. The only way to ensure that the hair looks the same as before, is to use healthy hair follicles from the patient’s own hair.

How is done?

The hair implant is done through a surgical procedure, in which natural hair strands removed from the patient (donor area) are inserted in the region where hair is missing (recipient area).

These implanted follicles will form new hair follicles, from which healthy hair will grow after a few months.

Current methods tend to be less invasive and prefer to remove follicles from the back of the neck, which are more resistant to fall problems.

The implantation technique is very popular because it gives a very natural result if done correctly by a specialized professional.



Before performing the procedure, it is necessary that the patient undergoes an evaluation with a plastic surgeon or dermatologist, who will request preoperative exams.

Depending on the professional technique, it may be necessary to shave the strands with a hair machine.

The specialist uses local anesthesia and light sedation on the patient, who remains awake throughout the procedure, but does not feel pain.


The duration of the hair implant procedure depends on the number of follicles that will be needed to cover the desired area.

It usually lasts, on average, 6 to 8 hours and can also be done on two consecutive days, when the area is very large.


After performing the procedure, the patient can return home, but must return to the office (or clinic) to wash the head.

Then, you will be released for daily activities with the exception of physical exercises, sunbathing and chemical procedures on the scalp, such as dyes or progressive brush.

It is worth remembering that, in a few days, the implants will fall. But the follicles cause new hair to grow. These are permanent.

How is the fue technique?

One of the most modern hair transplant techniques on the market is the FUE, from the English acronym “Follicular Unit Extraction”, popularly known as wire to wire.

It consists of extracting the hair follicles one by one, with a special type of circular scalpel called punch . It has a sharp opening at the tip responsible for removing these units.

The follicles are then implanted in the bald area, also individually.

The technique is widely used because the scar is minimal, with only small holes like a needle. Healing is rapid, lasting between 3 and 7 days for a full recovery.

Another point that is very pleasing to anyone who intends to perform the procedure is that it is much less painful than other techniques, such as FUT, which consists of removing strips of scalp with a large number of follicles at once.

Patients, in general, can return to work the day after surgery and in 15 days they can return to regular physical activities without risk.

How much does a hair implant cost?

The value of the procedure can vary depending on the technique that will be used and also on the amount of follicles to be implanted. On average, it can cost between R $ 5,000 and R $ 30,000.

Before and after

The result is very natural and those who do usually like the result.

Check below some images of the result of the hair implant:

Baldness is a nuisance for many and luckily there are several procedures that can resolve it.

Have you ever done a hair implant technique or know someone who performed the procedure?

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