Hello and welcome to Hickey Solution. My name is Veronika and founded “Hickey Solution” in an attempt to pass plain and working solutions of Health, Fitness and Skin care related issues.

Hickey Solution was established in 2014 with an goal to make Health and Skin Care simple. The primary objective of Hickey Solution is to help people lead a stress-free and healthy life. Getting well researched and tested solutions to problems are the main key point. Skin problems can cause one to have a dramatic life full of insecurities and lack of confidence.  By using the solutions offered here, you can be assured of pure beauty.

I am passionate about fitness, health and wellness and try to create researched, high quality, empowering and evergreen content. I try my best to keep it updated but If something is outdated then please care to let me know.

My Story

I’ve had a passion for writing since I was a young girl. In college days of my life I was a freelance writer & part time health blogger. I also contributed in college magazines. I was editor of my college newspaper.

After working as part time guest author and freelancer for many years, I’m now living out my dream of writing full time. I currently work from home as an independent writer on my couple of blogs, free-lance writer, content writer, blogger and editor for some magazines and social activities.

Besides that, I am a professional beautician specialized in skin care seeking to help individuals get solutions to their skin problems. Awareness creation on different issues and solutions is my top priority.

Having a healthy and natural skin is one confidence booster and a way to feel contented.  My interests are majorly in natural remedies as a solution to fitness and skin problems. Natural remedies are less harmful to your health and critical for those with sensitive skin.

 Why I Started This Skin Care Blog?

In my teenage years, I was a victim of different health maladies.  The doctors and experts could not explain them or diagnosis them.  The only place I could seek help was in natural health. This platform is one stop for the many people whose unique problems haven’t been ventured.  The natural remedies for my health problems became a long lasting solution. The problem had been disturbing me for a very long time. The natural cure spearheaded my passion for learning more about natural health. I carried out research on alternative natural health remedies for any health problem.

Sometimes back my worry was why I was getting some spots on my skin.  The urge to get rid of it was so intense, and that led to my study.  After a lot of research and undertaking several tests, I decided to create this blog.  The blog kicked up on 2014 as a way of sharing my findings and passion for herbs. At Hickey solutions you will find:

  • Explanations of various skin ailments
  • Causes and symptoms
  • Natural treatment of different skin problems
  • Advice and ways of taking care of your skin
  • Pictures of various ailments and herbs
  • Various questions and answers in regards to health care

Adopting the habit of using natural remedies is one way to avoid discomfort and disappointments. Using the right and tested remedies is an ideal way to go. Thank you for stopping by my websites home page. My hope is that you will be together with me in the journey for the pursuit of healthier and comfortable living!

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