Capillary cauterization: what is it and how does it act?

Very damaged hair often needs more than a simple hydration to recover it. Cauterization is an important ally at this point. Considered a deeper hydration, it can act more intensely.

Also known as capillary plastic, it acts as a healer for the cuticles of the wires. Cauterization is used to seal and recover the elasticity of hair fibers. This process causes the hair to leave out the frizzy and frizzy aspect.


How it is made

Cauterization can be performed by people with the most varied types of hair. When done in the salon she follows a few steps:

  • An anti-residue shampoo is used to wash hair and open its layers;
  • After washing, it must be dried and then separated into wicks. After that, the collagen-based cream should be applied and left on the hair for up to 20 minutes;
  • The product is removed by rinsing and keratin is applied to each strand of hair. The hair must be dried with a hairdryer and, soon after, the flat iron is ironed. This process helps to make the product enter the yarn more easily;
  • Finally, a silicone oil is passed to make the strands less rebellious.

It is important to note that cauterization does not straighten the hair, but moisturizes it more intensely.

Cauterization or hydration?

Some points differentiate hydration from cauterization and indicate when one or the other is needed:


  • It can be done every 15 days;
  • It needs little time;
  • It is the most suitable for hair without chemical;
  • It can be done at home;
  • For slightly damaged hair.


  • It must be done after strong chemical processes such as a progressive brush to aid in hair recovery, but not on the same day;
  • For extremely damaged hair;
  • It cannot be done regularly, such as hydration. There must be an interval of 45 days between one and the other cauterization.

At home x in the lounge

Although it seems like a simple process, cauterization needs to be done by a professional, so that no damage is caused to the hair. The exact quantities are measured by them, as well as the time the products and devices are used on the hair.