White hair: tips and care for a powerful gray

There are those who still believe that pulling a white hair causes another 3 to be born, but science guarantees that this will not happen. But there are also those who are taking on the gray hair and displaying it with great pride.

It does not matter if they still appear shy, in a small amount, or if they have mastered all the hair: they need special care so that they remain healthy and beautiful.


Why does the hair turn white?

The main responsible for the appearance of one (or several) strands of white hair is the absence or reduction of melanin. It is a protein produced by cells called melanocytes and responsible for the coloring of the skin as well.

Melanocytes are located in the hair bulb, which is the end of the hair from which the hair is born. These cells distribute melanin granules as the cold grows – and that is what gives color to the hair.

Over the years, this production decreases and, as a consequence, there is less melanin in the hair. What can happen in a few wires or in many.

This reduction is related to genetics, which makes some people notice a white thread while still young. But in general, it is around 35 to 45 years old that they start to appear.

There are other factors that can contribute to the acceleration of the process, such as stress , poor diet and other chronic diseases. But even so, each organism will react in a different way and it is difficult to know for sure when the hair will turn gray.

What makes the hair white?

Genetics is the main factor responsible for white hair, because with age comes the reduction of melanin production. But some other factors may be related to the early reduction of protein:

  • Bad eating habits;
  • Intense and frequent stress;
  • Chronic diseases;
  • Alopecia;
  • Smoking.

Is having white hair in youth a problem?

Having white hair indicates that there is a change in the IRF4 gene, which regulates the production of melanin by malanocyte cells. In general, the factor that causes white hair before 30 is genetics, but there may be blame for food, stress and even other diseases. So, if they appear early, it is worth doing a dermatological evaluation.

How to make your hair all white?

Anyone who wants to bet on the gray look can invest in some tactics to make all their hair white. If they have already started to appear, but are still subtle, you can invest in some procedures such as lights.

They will help to increase the amount of white highlights throughout the head. In addition, the lights are made along the strand – which helps to avoid that white marking only at the root of the hair.

Or technique for those who already have a little more gray hair is the use of shampoos tinting, which will make the white or gray more evident.

Those who do not want to wait for the natural whitening (which can take some time), can invest in paints and bleaches, but the practice must be done in the salon and by people trained to avoid weakening the hair.

How to care for white hair?

White hair requires more attention as soon as it suffers more from UV rays. In addition, it is common to have more dryness and porosity, leading to greater fragility.

Thus, investing in specific products can give strength to care. Tinting shampoos are good options to prevent them from turning yellow over time, but it is worth the moderation, as this product can damage the structure if used excessively.

The focus should be on hydration and replacement of nutrients, which can be done through hydration ampoules, reconstruction masks and even oral multivitamins, as long as these are guided by dermatologists.

Whether or not to assume the white wires is up to you. But, regardless of that, the Healthy Minute helps you to take care of the health and beauty of the wires!

Tell us what your hair routine is!