Men’s curly hair: models, cuts and care

male curly hair


The men also joined the wave of taking on the curls. With each passing day, we see several models and styles to enhance the curves of the threads.

If in the past curly hair was mostly used very short or straightened, today that has changed.

Many men have adopted long or medium hair.

Regardless of size, it should always be well taken care of and especially well hydrated.

Based on that, we decided to separate some male models and curly haircuts. Check it out below.


Curly male models and haircuts

Male curly hair allows you to choose which type of cut you like best, be it short or long.

In addition, the model and some treatments, such as gradient and discoloration, can make all the difference.

See below each of the examples cited:


Short curly hair is a look adopted by many, mainly due to its versatility.

Even if the wires are trimmed frequently, the curls can remain and even be well valued. To do this, just pay attention to the cut

For example, those with more trimmed sides and with a higher top, such as military cuts, may be good options.

The curls can be subtly spread out or they can be shaped with specific products for this type of hair, such as ointments and gel.

The ideal is always to look for products that can further texturize your hair, without making it heavy.


Longer curly strands are perfect for those who like to flaunt their curls. The advantage is the versatility of the length, as soon as the hair can be left loose or abuse the hairstyles, such as buns.

In these cases, peaked or asymmetrical cuts give naturalness to the strands, which can be left loose or stuck.

A great example is the High Bun bun, which basically consists of pinning the hair on top of the head and arranging it according to preference. Thus, you can leave the wires well aligned, looser and even fallen into wicks.

It is simple and practical to do on a daily basis, the wires are organized and the volume controlled with little effort.

But loose wires are also a hit with curly hair. With a stripped and natural look, leaving the strands loose allows hair to move, enhancing the curls even more.


Very popular for some time now, the gradient also combines with curly male hair. Being a wild cut, which can maintain a classic style as more daring, with razor cuts.

It consists of a more voluminous top and the side wires gradually scraped.

And the model is not just for short hair, because the mediums also have a turn.

With the side in gradient, and with the longest curls on top, which can be loose or tied like a bun, your hair is in the model that we call disconnected volume.

Here, a type of cut that stands out a lot is the medium fade, which gives a lot of value to the curls.

With lights

They are a good option to give that little change, which can be more subtle or more radical.

Whether it’s just part of the hair or even all the curls, the highlights can have different shades.

Caramelized, platinum or lighted, and you can also mix the tones.

They are great options to give a different touch to the bangs, around the curls, just a lock and throughout the hair.

How to care for male curly hair?

Taking care of male curly hair may not be an easy task and, therefore, it is necessary to take some care at that time. So, we decided to separate 3 tips on how to properly care for the wires. It’s about identifying your hair type, choosing the right products and also hydrating.

See below.

Identify the type of your bunch

First of all, it is important that you know that there are different structures of hair strands, which will vary according to the curl of the curls.

They can be type 3A, 3B and 3C. Going from the bunch with more open curvature to the more closed and smaller ones, respectively.

As soon as you observe this, it will be easier to understand your hair and also choose the best products for it.

Choose the right products

After identifying the type of your bunch, that’s when doubts arise. Which product to use?

The ideal is always to opt for products formulated for curly hair, as they have ingredients that moisturize and reduce frizz.

Another essential tip for those who have curls is Leave-in, a cream without rinsing, which should be used right after washing. With few droplets in your hand, and a good distribution through the hair, it will leave the hair soft and light.

In addition, there is also the option of using a curl activator. In the same way that Leave-in is used, the activator must also be used right after washing.

It will be he who is responsible for not leaving his hair with that appearance of sticking together or curling.

As soon as you spread it well through your hair, the curls become looser and well defined.

Invest in hydration

And lastly, there’s no secret, it’s time for hydration. To have beautiful and healthy curly hair, it is important to always replenish nutrients and hydration.

Due to the curvature of the strands, natural to the curls, the oil that is produced by the scalp cannot reach the ends. Therefore, this region tends to become more dry.

This requires greater hydration during the day. So, the tip is to bet on masks, creams and finishers to use after washing.

A male curly hair can be well cut, with several details and matching your face, but if it is not well hydrated and healthy, this can be a nuisance.

The ideal is to keep the two things balanced: the look of the cut and the health of the strands.

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