How to make a male eyebrow? Tips for removing hair

Just as women are very careful with their appearance, men are also increasingly concerned with the appearance of their hair, beard and also their eyebrows.

Excessive hair on the eyebrows can leave a heavy look and even hide the eyes, making it a nuisance to men. Removing a few strands can make all the difference in harmonizing the face.

So, to maintain naturalness, without leaving them too drawn or artificial, some care and tips are important.

The ideal is to respect the natural design of your eyebrow. Therefore, it is necessary to remove only excess hair.

We have separated for you a step by step of how to make the eyebrow. Check it out below:


Step by step how to make a male eyebrow

For you to make the male eyebrow, it is important to follow some steps:

Respect natural shape

First of all, it is important to observe the natural design of the eyebrow so that the removal of hair does not leave it artificial or very drawn.

Set the limits

With the help of a pencil, or the forceps itself, mark how far you should remove the hair.

First, rest the pencil on the corner of your nose, towards the inner corner of your eyes. If there are hairs that go beyond this mark (the famous monocle), they must be removed.

Then, place the pencil from the corner of your mouth toward the outer corner of your eye. Again, the wires that are lower than the pencil mark must be removed.

Comb Up

With a brush or eyebrow brush, or even your fingers, comb the strands upwards. This will help to identify very long hairs. It is possible to trim those that are very out of the average size.

But care is needed to not make the cut too straight, as this will greatly mark the design of the eyebrows.

Finish with tweezers

If there is excessive hair growth below or above the eyebrow region, it is possible to remove them, leaving the skin area cleaner.

In general, it is easy to know which ones can be removed without worry, as they are thinner and longer than the eyebrow strands.

Tips to do at home

After taking a step by step, there are still some tips for taking care of your eyebrows at home. Check it out below:

  • Always do after the bath, while the pores are open and the wires come out more easily;
  • Use products to clean the skin before pulling the strands. This prevents inflammation.
  • Go to a lighted place, so you will have a better view of the hair;
  • Have the main tools in hand: mirror, scissors and tweezers;
  • Remove only what is necessary, the result needs to be subtle and natural;
  • Finish with moisturizer or even aftershave, they help to hydrate the hair and protect the skin.

Just as we cut our hair, we have to fix our eyebrows. They are important to enhance the look. Because of this, trimming and removing excess is important for a harmonious face.

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