Moroccan brush: does it have formaldehyde? See step by step and products

Straight hair is very popular and there are those who bet on the look. For this reason, the beauty market has invested in straightening procedures for those who want to modify the structure of the hair.

The Moroccan brush ends up being a good alternative for those who want to smooth the hair without damaging it, and also reduce the volume and obtain intense shine.

Do you already know this straightening option? We’ll find out a little more about him below.


What is a Moroccan brush and how long does it last?

The Moroccan brush is a hair straightening method, created by a Moroccan company. In addition to straightening the hair, it moisturizes and leaves hair silky and shiny.

Created by a Moroccan company (reason for the name of the procedure), the effect of the brush usually lasts from 3 to 5 months on the hair depending on the type of hair.

The more curly and dry the threads are, the shorter the duration of the procedure, which will lose its effect as the washes.

Unlike the progressive brush, it is not necessary to wait 3 days to wash your hair after the procedure, this can be done even on the same day if you wish. Therefore, the treatment has conquered the public.

The product does not have a strong smell and the procedure lasts 1 hour and a half on average. In addition, there is no risk of marking the hair if you need to pin it after the brush, as it contains neutralizing actives that fix the smooth shape given to the strands.

To prolong the effect of the Moroccan brush, it is recommended to moisturize the hair monthly, use shampoo and conditioner without alcohol and without salt in the composition.

Depending on the type of yarn, it will be necessary to repeat the process to achieve the desired smooth. In this case, try to make intervals of 20 to 30 days between each application.

What is the composition of the Moroccan brush?

The Moroccan brush has in its composition keratin, aluminum, silicon, silk proteins , clay and cocoa extract. In addition, it has 0.2% formaldehyde, which is the limit allowed by the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA). The brush can be used on all types of hair, including dyed ones.

In the composition it is possible to contain other ingredients, varying according to each manufacturer. Among them are argan oil, cocoa oil, collagen and others.

Moroccan brush has formaldehyde?

In general, the Moroccan brush has formaldehyde in its composition, however, in the amount allowed by Anvisa which is 0.2%, considered not harmful to health.

If you are going to perform the procedure in a beauty salon, it is important to check the product being used, to ensure that you only have the allowed amount of formaldehyde.

Some products sold in pharmacies or cosmetic stores for the homemade Moroccan brush do not have formaldehyde in their composition, as they are intended for non-professionals in the field.

Step by step

It is possible to make the Moroccan brush at home, but it is worth mentioning that it is a laborious process that has several steps.

Ideally, it should be done in a well-ventilated place, because during drying, smoke can come out during the procedure and cause burning in the eyes.

Remembering that this is just a suggestion, as each manufacturer indicates the best way to apply it on the product packaging.

To perform the procedure at home, you will need:

  • 1 Moroccan brush kit (deep cleansing shampoo + hair treatment);
  • Disposable gloves;
  • 1 fine comb or brush;
  • 1 container for pouring hair treatment;
  • Dryer;
  • Board.

Check out the procedure step by step below:


Wash your hair with warm water, using a deep cleansing shampoo (anti-residue) and conditioner.

It is recommended to pass the shampoo more than once, so that there is no impurity left on the hair that interferes with the action of the straightening product.

Rinse your hair thoroughly to remove any product residue. Then, wipe off excess moisture with a towel and dry with the dryer.

At this stage there is still no need to worry about making a brush, just dry your hair to remove moisture well.

Hair preparation

Separate the hair, dividing it into four parts: top of the head, sides and bottom of the hair, and secure them with barrettes.

Before starting to apply the product of the Moroccan brush, it is important to do a wick test to ensure that there is no adverse reaction to the product.

Product application

Start at the bottom of the hair, previously divided. Divide this part again into smaller strands.

Apply the product all the way through the locks, ensuring that the product is well spread from root to tip. This can be done with the aid of a brush or fine comb.

After applying the product to all parts of the hair, let it act for 20 minutes. It is not recommended to exceed this time.

It is also not necessary to rinse the hair at this stage of the process.

Hair straightening with hairdryer and flat iron

After the product has had a long time, dry your hair with a dryer, brushing strand by strand, from top to bottom.

After drying, flatten your hair with the flat iron at 200 ° C. This should be done with thin strands, 6 to 9 times per strand, along the entire length of the strands (from root to ends).

This step is the most important of the process, as it will define the new shape of the wires. So, look for the flat iron.

If you don’t want such a smooth effect, you can skip the board step and stop at the dryer. In this way, the treatment will only reduce the volume of the hair and align the strands.

Attention: If the hair is very damaged and elastic, it is recommended not to overdo the use of the flat iron, to avoid breaking the strands.


After completing the previous steps, it is time to rinse your hair to remove the product. At this point, it is already possible to notice the softness in the hair.

Wire sealing

As an optional step, it is possible to apply a moisturizing or sealing mask after rinsing.

In some brands, the kit already contains the product to seal the cuticles as a step to finalize the Moroccan brush.

After applying the sealant, let it act for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse the hair. Then let it dry naturally or, if you prefer, use the dryer to make the strands more aligned.


The average price of the Moroccan brush in beauty salons usually varies between R $ 100 to R $ 200, depending on the amount and length of the hair.

For those who intend to do it at home, it is possible to buy a Moroccan brush kit in which it contains the products necessary to carry out the procedure.

Check below some products indicated for the Moroccan brush with the respective descriptions and prices:

G.Hair Moroccan Progressive Brush Kit

The kit consists of 1 hair treatment and 1 deep cleansing shampoo. The treatment was developed to reduce the volume and moisturize the hair. Provides a long lasting smooth without damaging the wires, treating and conditioning the hair.

The Deep Cleansing Shampoo is indicated to clean deeply and remove hair residues, opening the cuticles of the hair and leaving the hair ready for hair treatment.

There is the small version (250mL) or the large professional version (1L). The values ​​vary from R $ 41.90 the small, to R $ 249.90 the large *.

Moroccan Exxa Gradient Frizzing Salon Line

The Exxa Moroccan Defrisagem Gradual salon Line is a system that reduces the volume and leaves hair smooth and hydrated. The product is suitable for all types of hair and the result is enhanced with each application.

The kit contains 1 deep cleansing shampoo (90mL), 1 volume reducing gloss (150mL) and 1 sealant (90mL), yielding up to two applications,

It does not contain formaldehyde in the composition. The price is around R $ 37.71 *.

Moroccan Progressive Brush Intensive Abelha Rainha

It gradually minimizes frizz, without damaging the hair fiber, in addition to moisturizing and strengthening the strands. The product also aligns the hair and provides intense shine.

It can be sold separately or as a kit. The hair treatment has 90mL or 300mL versions.

The price ranges from R $ 23.32 to R $ 49.90 for the individual product and R $ 35 to R $ 85 for the complete kit *.

Inoar Moroccan Progressive Brush

The kit consists of 1 deep cleansing shampoo (1L) and 1 hair treatment (1L), and the products can also be sold separately.

The Moroccan brush from Inoar, was developed to reduce the volume of the hair by up to 30% and straighten it, replacing the lost keratin and sealing the strands.

For the preparation of the threads, Deep Cleansing Shampoo is used, which deeply cleanses the scalp. Thus, it eliminates the residues accumulated by pollution and chemical processes and helps in opening the cuticles of the wires.

It is vegan because it has no animal ingredients in its composition and is also cruelty free .

The price varies between R $ 102.00 the individual product and R $ 142.00 the complete kit *.

* Prices consulted at Consulta Remédios in September 2019. Prices may change.

So, did you already know the Moroccan brush? Have you done it or want to do it?

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