Chinese mustache: fillers and creams to reduce marks

Aging is a natural process of the human being and, like it or not, everyone will go through it.

It is also natural that over the years some lines of expression appear or become more evident, as is the case with the Chinese mustache.

These brands, which bear this name because it resembles a stereotyped mustache of the Chinese, are one of the most common signs of aging.

Usually, they start to appear after the age of 30, when there is a natural loss of fat in the region and the skin begins to have greater sagging.

For those who are uncomfortable with these signs, the good thing is that there are several creams, tricks and aesthetic procedures that help to prevent, treat and soothe them.

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What is a Chinese mustache?

The Chinese mustache is the popular name for the nasolabial or nasolabial fold , these lines that extend from the side of the nose to below the corner of the mouth .

They are common within the aging process of our body and can be present in men and women in the same way.

It is more common that they start to appear after the age of 30, when the production of collagen is no longer as great as before, but it can also happen to appear in adolescence.

Although it occurs due to the flaccidity of the skin, this is not the only factor that interferes with the appearance of these expression lines.

It may be a problem more present in some people than in others due to genetic reasons, smoking, exposure to the sun and poor diet.

When it comes to the Chinese mustache, it is important to keep in mind that this is a mark of expression that is not the same in all people, and can have different depths.

This happens due to several aspects, such as the action of gravity, the position in which the person sleeps, the habit of speaking with many expressions, bone atrophy and reduction of muscle fibers in the region.

For people who feel very uncomfortable about the marks on the face, there are options for prevention and treatment, such as creams, aesthetic procedures and homemade recipes.

These wrinkles, however, are not the same marks that people with more protruding cheeks can have.

In these people, the lines of expression may be more present, but unrelated to the Chinese mustache.

People who are uncomfortable with this feature of their face can have a bichectomy as a treatment . But this is something that must be thoroughly analyzed and discussed with a doctor.

What is nasogenian groove?

The nasogenian groove is nothing more than a synonym for Chinese mustache, as it refers to the same thing: the expression marks that form around the nose to the corner of the mouth over the years. This mark can also be known, popularly, for bitterness wrinkle.

Causes: What causes the Chinese mustache?

One of the main causes of the Chinese mustache is the flaccidity of the skin, which happens within a natural process due to the lower production of collagen made by the body. However, it is not the only factor that interferes with the appearance of these brands. Others can also worsen or cause these wrinkles. The main causes are:

Lack of collagen

With aging, our body starts to produce a smaller amount of collagen fibers and thus the skin ends up losing its elasticity and firmness, which makes the expression lines stronger.

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Genetic factors

Genetics and hormonal changes, as well as the passage of time, also interfere with the appearance of these wrinkles, and may be responsible for anticipating their appearance in younger people.

Bad eating habits

Taking a nutritious or poorly balanced diet can result in premature aging or weakening of the skin. Therefore, a bad diet can favor the appearance of the Chinese mustache.

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Unprotected sun exposure

The sun is very important for our health because it stimulates the production of vitamin D. However, in excess, and without the use of a sunscreen, it ends up accelerating the aging of the skin.

Therefore, it is common for the effects of this exposure to the sun over the years to begin to appear after the age of 30, through the appearance of the Chinese mustache or spots, for example.

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Among the various harms of smoking , premature skin aging is one of them. With the amount of toxic substances it has, the cigarette harms the health of the skin too, causing loss of elasticity and shine.


In addition to the effects of time, the action of gravity also interferes with the appearance of these grooves. Over the years, the deep tissues of the face and the fat on the face descend and help to make the Chinese mustache even more evident.

Chinese mustache in adolescence

The Chinese mustache, in most cases, appears only in women and men who are over 30, due to the loss of collagen and aging of the skin. However, it can also appear in adolescence.

In these cases, the appearance is more related to genetic factors, considering that some people have skin types that are more susceptible to early expression marks.

In addition to genetics, the Chinese mustache in young people and teenagers is also related to lifestyle habits, which can lead to an early loss of collagen.

This includes smoking, exposing yourself to excessive and unprotected sun, consuming alcohol and having an inadequate diet.

The treatment in adolescents and young people is the same, requiring a professional assessment to understand which will be the most appropriate for each case.

Chinese mustache on man

Despite being a more common complaint among the female public, due to the aesthetic pressure they suffer, the Chinese mustache is also a problem that affects men.

For the same reasons, this expression mark can also become a nuisance for them.

The causes and treatments, however, do not differ.

However, there are some differences between female and male skin that can interfere with the depth of the Chinese mustache and the moment they appear in men.

For example, because the male skin is thicker and contains more collagen, the Chinese mustache, in general, appears later than when compared to women.

However, there is no pattern, as other factors can influence it.

How to take?


There are several ways to treat the Chinese mustache, the main ones involving cosmetic procedures and creams:

Aesthetic procedures

The main aesthetic procedure for removing the Chinese mustache is facial filling .

They are usually made by professional estheticians or plastic surgeons. In general, they are performed with hyaluronic acid.

However, there are several other procedures that can help, such as peeling (physical and chemical), radiofrequency, focused ultrasound and infrared, for example.

They are best indicated for the prevention or treatment of initial marks, as they help to improve the production of collagen and reduce sagging skin.


Creams can be both treatment and prevention. Dermocosmetics that have active ingredients that stimulate the production of collagen and that delay the premature aging of the skin, such as hyaluronic acid and retinoic acid for topical use, are usually indicated.

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Chinese mustache filler


Facial filling is one of the most sought after options for those who want a more immediate and lasting treatment. It is more suitable for people who have deep marks, usually with older age.

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The main types are filling with botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid:


Treatment with botulinum toxin, or botox , is done to fill the space between the fat and the skin, which ends up forming the Chinese mustache.

By stimulating the cells responsible for muscle contraction, the application helps to soften these marks.

Although it is a treatment that helps to soften the Chinese mustache, it is not definitive and the value can be high. Generally, the effect lasts between 4 and 6 months and can be done for an average amount of R $ 2000 per session.

The application is made through the injection of botulinum toxin in the region, usually with little use of topical anesthesia.

For this reason, it is a procedure considered practically painless, of quick accomplishment.

The frequency and number of sessions must be evaluated by the responsible professional, according to the needs of each client.

Hyaluronic acid

The filling with hyaluronic acid can be done to help minimize the superficial or deeper lines of the skin.

It is also applied like botox, through a needle, causing the groove region to be filled and the Chinese mustache to be reduced.

It is usually a quick procedure, lasting an average of 15 minutes. The effects of this type of filling are immediate, but swelling in the region is common at the beginning.

To see the results, you may need to wait around a week. It is also not a definitive procedure, but it lasts longer than botox, between 16 to 20 months. The cost of this procedure is also usually high, costing an average of R $ 1000 each session.

Does home treatment work?

The effectiveness of home treatments varies according to several factors.

Depending on the depth of the Chinese mustache, homemade treatments may not provide the expected results, with the use of specific dermocosmetics or aesthetic procedures, such as filling, being more recommended.

However, the existing homemade tricks can be a complement or a way of preventing these expression marks.

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Can you eliminate a Chinese mustache with a spoon?

It can help. However, it is not a miraculous and immediate tip. In fact, the use of the spoon serves to make a facial massage to smooth the expression lines.

The movements performed act as a lymphatic drainage , eliminating toxins and helping to improve fluid retention and swelling.

But, in the case of the Chinese mustache, depending on the depth of the marks, it may not be enough.

In order to give results, moreover, it is necessary to be done correctly, in firm movements and for 10 minutes, on average.

Chinese mustache cream


Chinese mustache creams are generally used as a way of preventing these expression lines, although they are also a treatment option. The main ones are those with retinoic acid, hyaluronic acid and pro-Xylane .

It is also common to treat the Chinese mustache with Adipofill, a cosmetic produced with an amino acid called L-ornithine, capable of increasing the size of the fat cells on the face, which helps to minimize these marks.

Within this product segment, there is a very wide variety. Here are just a few cream options:

  • Retinol HA Advanced Vichy ;
  • Ageaway Dermage Anti-Wrinkle Serum ;
  • Eloisa Medina Natural Plastic Facial Moisturizer ;
  • U.SK Miracle Awake Revitalizing Serum ;
  • Anti-Aging Treatment Vichy Liftactiv Retinol HA Advanced .

Facial gymnastics and exercises for Chinese mustache

In addition to preventing the Chinese mustache with the use of creams and other habits, it is also possible to perform some exercises that help to soften or prevent these expression marks.

Carrying out a specific exercise routine works the facial muscles and prevents sagging.

Ideally, these exercises should be done every day. With that frequency, it is possible to see subtle results even in the first month.

However, it is important to say that the focus of these facial gymnastics is on strengthening the muscles of the face and do not directly interfere with the skin.

The results obtained are a consequence of the improvement in muscle tone, functions and stretching that these exercises stimulate.

Some examples of exercises are:

Exercise 1

With your mouth closed and your lips clenched, place the tip of your tongue against the cheek mucosa (teeth must be separated or half open)

As if it were a movement to push the lips forward, contour the entire region of the mucosa (around the opening of the lips).

This is a movement that can be done in a repetition of 10 times by turning the tongue in one direction and 10 times in the other.

Exercise 2

With your lips closed, covering your teeth, try to smile broadly and stay that way for about 10 seconds. Then, relax your face again for a few seconds and repeat the movement about 10 times.

Photos: before and after

Check out the before and after aesthetic procedures for smoothing the Chinese mustache:

It is worth mentioning that the results vary according to the characteristics of each person and the indication of treatment must be made by a specialized health professional.

How much does a Chinese mustache fill cost?

The amount of padding to treat the Chinese mustache depends on a number of factors. This is because there is more than one type of facial filling and the variation of the technique interferes with the price.

In addition, the clinic, the professional and the region of the country can also influence the value.

Therefore, an average price is quite difficult to define.

Fills can be found in values ​​between R $ 100 to R $ 300. However, there are fills carried out at much higher costs, between R $ 1000 and R $ 2000.