Bioglitter: ecological alternative to shine a lot in the carnival

Carnival is synonymous with a lot of party, fantasy, fun and, of course… a lot of glitter! But do you know how to take advantage of this moment to shine without harming the environment and your health?

We have the solution!

More and more sustainable solutions are gaining space and people’s attention. Reusable straws and / or made from biodegradable materials, for example, have already become a fever here and around the world.

Today you can buy your own stainless steel straw, bamboo, paper and even edible materials kit online, without even leaving your home. And with glitters, it’s no different.

There are several options for you to purchase and even make your own biodegradable glitter.

Do you want to know a little more about this subject? Then check out our article!

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After all, what is the bioglitter?

The “bioglitter” also came to be known as “eco glitter” or “organic glitter”. They are similar to traditional glitter, however, made of products that do not harm nature or the skin.

They are usually produced with varied natural ingredients, such as rock powder, cellulose, salt, agar agar (powdered algae gelatins), natural dyes, among others.

They can also be made at home or found on the market and sold by several Brazilian and foreign brands. They have several options of textures, colors and sizes, to please all tastes!

Why use biodegradable glitter?

The two main reasons that answer this question are: traditional glitter can cause damage to both the environment and health, you know?

Just look:

Harm of glitter to the environment

When taking the glitter off the body, during the bath, the glitter particles trickle down the drain and, because they are too small to be filtered by the sewage system, they end up reaching the seas and rivers.

Traditional glitter is made of plastic, the biggest pollutant in the ocean. Considered a “microplastic”, it can easily be ingested by animals, damaging the entire development and the food chain.

In addition to plastic, it has other materials in its composition. Materials that may be involved with chemical processes, which make the product’s decomposition time even longer.

Harm of glitter for health

In addition to being a villain of the environment, traditional glitter is also not very good for you.

As we said before, glitter is a microplastic. Depending on the brand, it may not have been created especially to be applied to the skin.

Stationery glitters, for example, were developed only for school and craft activities.

Therefore, it is essential to make sure that the chosen glitter has been approved in a strict quality control and does not have toxic or inappropriate ingredients in its composition.

It is very important to be very careful when applying glitter, especially on children and in the most sensitive areas, such as around the eyes. It should not be used in areas previously irritated or on wounds, as it can worsen the risk of contamination.

It is also important to remember the time to remove the glitter, as it is an action that requires a lot of care. Never rub the area, as this friction can cause irritation and injury.

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Learn how to do it at home!

Instead of buying the bioglitter, you can make your own cosmetic in an eco-friendly way! Cool huh?

Learn how by following these two recipes:

Bioglitter with agar

Make the base with agar or colorless gelatin

You can use vegetable gelatin (agar-agar) to assemble the base of your make up. These products can be found in the market or in health food stores.

Mix the base with the dye

Time to use your biodegradable dye and make a paste out of it. You can choose compounds like turmeric, spirulina , annatto or beet powder, for example.

If you want to achieve a brighter effect, add mica powder as well. It is a natural mineral that gives a wonderful glow effect to the make.

Wait for the mixture to dry

After mixing the base with the dye, pass the final solution in a thin layer under a silicone mat and wait until it is 100% dry. Don’t be in a hurry: this process can take up to 36 hours.

Grind until you get your ideal glitter!

After the paste is completely dry, grind it in a mixer and you’re done: you already have your biodegradable glitter!

Bioglitter with salt and dye

Separate salt and dyes

Use half a teaspoon of table salt and food coloring in the colors you desire.

Use mica to ensure the shine!

Use half a teaspoon of silver mica, which is the naturally glowing natural mineral that will guarantee the glow effect on your glitter.

Dye the salt and mica separately with the dyes

Put the salt in one pot and the mica in another. Drop the amount of dye you want in each of the jars, mix well with a spoon and wait to dry naturally in the shade.

Usually, the mixture takes between 1 and 2 hours to be completely dry

Ps: the mica absorbs the dye a lot, so you will need to drip several drops until you reach the desired tone.

Use Shea butter to stick the glitter to the skin

After drying, the mixture with the mica will be super shiny! The salt will be less, but it also has an incredible effect on the skin.

To fix and do your makeup, use shea butter or another biodegradable fixative and you’re done! Your bioglitter is done!

Where to buy?

To help you further, we have separated 6 options of Brazilian brands that sell bioglitter. Run that there is still time to guarantee yours before the revelry!

The coolest thing about all this is that the values ​​of biodegradable glitters are also super democratic: they range from R $ 6.50 to R $ 50.00.

Just choose your favorite (or yours)!

Who Said, Berenice?

Who Did You Say, Berenice? already has options for bioglitters to make your carnival more incredible. There are two versions:

  • Multifunctional Glitter : in the form of a very fine powder, it was specially made to be used on the body and hair. Ensures an incredible effect in the sun and will leave you even more lit in the revelry!
  • Liquid Glitter : available in 6 (beautiful) different colors, it is super easy to iron and can be used on the eyes, face or mouth to leave you full of shine.

Pure Bioglitter

One of the pioneers in the market, she is from Rio de Janeiro and has the base of her glitter developed in seaweed and mica. All products are made by hand and without any compost of animal origin.

Pura Bliogitter makes glitters in bigger pieces, with exotic colors. It also offers a shiny biogel paste, which helps to fix the product on the skin for longer. You can buy online or at points of sale throughout Brazil.

Glitter Glitter

Glitter Glitter is a company from São Paulo that produces 100% vegan and handmade bioglitter. The cool thing is that it offers several different models of brightness: in the spray bottle, in flakes (which needs to be fixed with fixing gel, also sold by the brand) and liquid.

If you are from São Paulo, you can pick up your order directly at the office, but if it is from another location, just buy online!

Giltra Bio

Giltra Bio from Rio de Janeiro develops his products from cellulose. They receive metallic printing and also oils that moisturize the skin.

The coolest thing is that part of the profit from the sales of the products is reverted to help projects that defend the causes of the oceans. Cool huh? You can buy through the online store and support this cause too!

Lua Branca – Natural Flavors

Lua Branca – Aromas Naturais is a virtual store that is hosted on the Elo 7 website. It specializes in selling natural therapeutic cosmetics and, among its products, also offers bioglitter versions. Just order your favorite color!

A do Mato

Lá do Mato is a store specializing in vegan soaps and which also started to produce bioglitters. Among gods products, you can find glitter sprays, which work as a liquid glitter and leave the skin with an incredible shine!