Ointment for male hair: 6 products for hair care

Hair ointment is considered a great option for the man who wants to finish and style his hair. It is a product that is between the wax and the hair gel, because it gives high fixation (characteristic of the gel) leaving the hair more natural (similar to wax).

Many products work with a matte or dry version, which leaves the hair more natural. But there are also options with shine, similar to wet hair.

The application of the ointment is simple, since they have a softer consistency than waxes, making it easier to spread on the hair.

The fixing time is a striking feature of the product, as the duration is long.

In addition to styling, combing and texturing the hair, the ointments also help in the health of the strands. This is because they collaborate with hydration, avoid frizz and loss of nutrients.

And no matter what your style is, classic, bold or traditional, know that there is a hair ointment that suits you.

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6 ointments for male hair

There are a variety of ointments on the market, with different characteristics, such as matte or gloss effect, in addition to some having greater fixation. Therefore, the choice depends on the purpose and taste of the wearer.

Based on this, we have separated some ointment options and we also tell you what the main characteristics are:

Origem for Men

We have already started with a product that is classic and extremely versatile, capable of bringing that air of a modern man.

The styling ointment Origin for Men is designed for those who want to style, without worrying about how their hair is doing throughout the day. That is, you can pass it in the morning and when you arrive at night you will notice that nothing has changed.

In addition, it also has two models – one with a matte effect and the other with a gloss effect.

The difference is that the matte effect leaves your hair looking dry and more natural. The shine effect, as the name implies, provides a wet effect.

  • Fixing power: long lasting and with great water resistance;
  • Available in: 100g packages in matte and gloss models ;
  • Price: R $ 14.48 *.

Haskell For Him

Following is Haskell’s styling ointment. Its characteristic is to leave the hair with a natural aspect, being able to bring all the style and lightness to your routine, enhancing the beauty of the strands.

This ointment has a matte effect, shaping the threads and giving a dry and opaque result.

The product formulation is enriched with coffee and zinc, which are responsible for bringing more health to the hair, leaving it more hydrated and less brittle.

  • Fixing power: medium;
  • Available in: packs of 55g ;
  • Price: R $ 39.96 *.

Strong Beard Hipster Matte Effect

It is a wild product. It can be used for both hair and beard or mustache.

The ointment is ideal for those people who want more convenience when it comes to taking care of their appearance, leaving the strands modeled and healthy.

It also has a matte effect capable of providing a dry look, without losing the naturalness of the hair and hydration.

  • Fixing power: high;
  • Available in: 60g packaging ;
  • Price: R $ 38.62 *.

Muriel Toning Effect

Here is an ideal ointment for those who want to wear a cooler hair, but who needs more fixation.

Its consistency is more pasty than other ointments, which facilitates penetration in all types of hair.

In addition, one of the differentials is that it contains a light toning effect, able to disguise those white threads that may appear.

  • Fixing power: high;
  • Available in: 120g packs ;
  • Price: from R $ 12.54 to R $ 13.20 *.

L’Oréal Professionnel Homme Mate

L’Oréal’s styling ointment is aimed at men who value practicality, but who also do not leave vanity aside.

So, if you want to have a well-shaped and natural-looking hairstyle, it may be the right choice. Because it will highlight the haircut, giving that feeling that you just left the barbershop.

In addition, the product has a matte effect, so after application, the threads will be free of oil or wet appearance.

  • Fixing power: high;
  • Available in: 80mL packaging ;
  • Price: from R $ 85.40 to R $ 119.90 *.

Paul Mitchell Mitch Barber’s Classic

And finally, we have a more classic ointment, capable of bringing all the elegance to the hair.

The formulation brings substances capable of keeping the curls or undulations well aligned, in a natural way. In addition, the product helps to protect and strengthen the threads, making them more flexible and resistant.

Whether with a comb or with your hand, you can style your hair well, regardless of type.

The ointment leaves a shine effect and blends very well for the most classic looks.

  • Fixing power: medium;
  • Available in: 85g packs ;
  • Price: R $ 99.99 *.

* Prices consulted in July 2019 at Consulta Remédios. Values ​​may change.

When it comes to products for your hair, it doesn’t matter, you will only know which one is the best one to try. But knowing a few tips can help with that choice.

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