Facial harmonization: combination of treatments for the face

The options for procedures to bring more beauty and health to the skin are numerous. Combining treatments, products and care routines, it is possible to maintain or recover a young, revitalized and strengthened dermis.

But with so many possibilities and purposes, there is no way, only a professional evaluation can indicate what the skin needs and what is the most appropriate treatment. Among these new ways of combining treatments is facial harmonization.

Whether to hydrate, stimulate, recover or just keep the tissue firm, it is with the help of a thorough assessment that you can see what this method has to offer!


What is Facial Harmonization?

Facial harmonization is the combination of aesthetic procedures that seek to improve facial aesthetics, reduce expression lines, soften dark circles and facial marks, in addition to helping to enhance facial features, making it more harmonious.

The processes that are part of facial harmonization are: bichectomy , botulinum toxin, lip filling, skinbooster, botulinum toxin for gingival smile and rhinomodeling.

It is possible that treatments are complemented with other procedures, for example, with tooth whitening and collagen biostimulation.

How is facial harmonization done?

Before the procedures are performed, it is necessary to schedule an evaluation with the chosen professional, report all the details you want to highlight and the details that are uncomfortable.

After the evaluation, some photos are taken and then the professional will make a study of the patient’s face and suggest which are the indicated procedures to obtain the desired result.

For each patient, a type of combination of procedures will be indicated that best suit what is necessary to obtain a more harmonious and satisfactory image. The process may vary according to the procedures performed:


Bichectomy is used to thin the face. It is performed under local anesthesia and lasts around 30 minutes. Its technique consists in removing the fatty tissue called Bichat ball that is found in the inner region of the cheeks.

Before, it is necessary to perform some tests, such as a coagulogram. It indicates how the small incision made to remove the Bichat ball will coagulate and heal.

An incision is made inside the cheek to remove the Bichat ball, the postoperative period is quiet, requires the use of antibiotics and mouthwash with antiseptic, rest is not necessary.

This surgery can be performed in an office or operating room, depending on the criteria established by the dental surgeon or plastic surgeon chosen.


Skinbooster is a quiet procedure, in which hyaluronic acid is injected to hydrate and revitalize the skin. Its use improves the aspects of the dermis providing intense hydration because it acts in deeper layers of the skin.

Its application can be performed with the use of topical anesthesia, but this depends on the sensitivity of each patient.

Botulinum Toxin

Botulinum toxin is applied with a fine needle to specific muscles in each region, depending on which wrinkles you want to soften. An anesthetic cream can be used before application to reduce discomfort.

Its action blocks neuromuscular stimuli and temporarily paralyzes the muscle.

The procedure lasts around 20 minutes, there is no scar, the recommendation after application is not to massage the area for 4 hours.

Its effects are temporary, because after a few months the body begins to produce new connections for muscle stimulation, causing the blockage created by the toxin to have no effect. A new application must then be carried out.

It is indicated to start treatment with botulinum toxin after 25 years old when small expression lines start to appear, preventing the marks from becoming deeper over time.

Lip filling

Application is performed by the outer corners of the mouth and also on the cupid’s bow (“V” lip), right after injecting the hyaluronic acid the professional will perform the modeling of the lips by pressing them until they are with the desired outline and volume.

The technique is simple and quick, performed with hyaluronic acid and performed with needles or microcannulas.

The volume of hyaluronic acid used varies from the size of the proportion indicated for the lips of each person, so it is necessary to evaluate before applying the method.

The precautions after application are basically to avoid solar radiation to avoid the formation of stains, as it is absorbable by the body, it is recommended that applications are made annually to maintain the effect on the lips.

Botulinum toxin for gingival smile is quite similar to the traditional application. Botulinum toxin is applied inside the upper part of the lip, causing partial paralysis of the muscle that contracts the lip during the smile.

Remembering that lip filling is not the same as Lip Lift. This is a surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia, performed by a plastic surgery professional.

In it, a portion of the upper lip is removed, reducing sagging and decreasing the appearance of “drooping lip”, and after that, a filling with hyaluronic acid is performed.

Rhino modeling

Rhinomodulation is a technique where some substances are used, such as hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite to fill small imperfections and assist in the remodeling of the contour of the nose.

Applied with needles in specific regions of the nose. A preview of the procedure can be performed with saline to get a sense of the result. Its execution is fast and does not require previous care, its result is immediate.

The fillers used are absorbed by the body, which indicates that this procedure must be repeated in 12 months for the result to be maintained.

What is the purpose of each procedure?

Bichectomy is used to thin the face and in treatments for people who bite the inside of the cheek.

Skinbooster is indicated for men and women at all ages, being able to:

  • Improve the appearance of dark circles;
  • Treat acne blemishes;
  • Assist in stimulating collagen production;
  • Reduce light wrinkle marks.

Botulinum Toxin can be used both to improve facial aesthetics, as well as to reduce bruxism , which is characterized by the grinding of teeth, and also for the treatment of migraine .

In addition, its uses include:

  • Reduction of wrinkle lines;
  • Decreased expression lines.

Lip filling is indicated for lip enhancement creating a better ratio between the mouth and the shape of the face, in addition to highlighting the contour of the lips and improving the volume of the lips.

Hyaluronic acid is also indicated for other treatments, such as:

  • Treatment for dark circles;
  • Decreased Chinese mustache ;
  • Deep acne scars;
  • Cellulite.

The botulinum toxin for gingival smile, on the other hand, helps to reduce the exposure of the gum during the smile, providing a more balanced smile.

Rhinomodulation aims to assist in improving nose lines and correcting imperfections in nose lines and contours, in addition to defects in anterior rhinoplasty.

Modeling can also be performed on the jaw area that is used to:

  • Emphasize the contours of the jaw;
  • Balance the proportion of the jaw and chin with the other portions of the face;
  • Reduce tissue sagging.

Indication: when to do facial harmonization?

Facial harmonization is indicated when the patient is not satisfied with the aspects and contours of the face. It is indicated to improve the balance of the face and bring an enhancement to the natural beauty of each person.

What are the risks and contraindications?

In bichectomy, attention is paid to the recovery process, in relation to coagulation and healing.

In addition, the procedure is irreversible and, in some face formats, does not have much effect. This is because the oval face, due to the bone and muscular structure, can sometimes cause the removal of the Bichat ball to have an imperceptible result.

In the case of rhinomodeling there are some risks such as infections due to application on very thin skin. Only qualified and qualified professionals can do this procedure.

Rhinomodulation is contraindicated for pregnant women, people who are allergic to components of the injected product, immunosuppressed and people who have some kind of nose injury or who have an implant in the region.

Botulinum toxin is not suitable for children under 18 years of age. In general, it has no contraindications. Because it is a reversible method and a product absorbable by the body, it is considered a safe and reliable technique when performed by trained professionals.

Immunosuppressed should not perform invasive procedures due to the risk of developing some inflammation or rejection of the applied product.

Pregnant women can perform the procedures as long as they have a medical certificate with authorization.

Diabetics can apply as long as their glucose is controlled, but it is recommended to present a medical certificate with authorization to perform the procedure.

Which professionals can do these procedures?

Among the professionals who can work with injectables in the field of aesthetics are:

  • Dermatologist doctors;
  • Plastic surgeons;
  • Dentists qualified for aesthetics;
  • Biomedical aesthetes;
  • Pharmacists with expertise in aesthetics.

However, for the procedure of bichectomy only dental surgeons (ã) dentists can apply.

Before choosing the professional to perform these procedures, a survey should always be carried out to find out if there is qualification and training.