Tips for taking care of beauty at home: skincare and hair

During Covid-19’s isolation period it is natural to be feeling more anxious or worried than normal. This can, among other things, make you lose the desire to take time out for yourself.

However, taking a moment for self-care can help you relax a bit and still take care of your beauty. Here are some tips on how you can do this without leaving your home :


Make a homemade spa day

Who has never dreamed of spending a super relaxing day at a spa ?! It really looks great to have several treatments for your personal care and still be able to rest your mind for a while.

But, contrary to what many think, you do not need to go to beauty centers to have that moment of tranquility. It is possible to do many of these things at home, which is even more important during isolation – considering that people should only go out in necessary situations.

To have your home spa day , you can think of things you like first. That is, if you prefer facial, body treatments, etc. Try to do it completely, separating a few hours (according to your availability) from your day for this.

So, for example, you can start by wearing comfortable clothing or even a robe (or dressing gown). Then, just start your relaxing spa day .

A suggestion is to select some songs to listen to or even videos and series to watch while you are doing the care. In addition, you can try to leave your phone a little aside, to avoid external concerns during your moment of relaxation .

Here are some tips for procedures you can do at home – always remembering to choose the ones you like best, to make everything more pleasant:

Facial care: exfoliation and mask

Taking care of your skin daily is important to keep it healthy and looking good. However, on a day reserved for a homemade spa day , you can deepen your care.

A good suggestion is to use that day to do procedures that should not be done every day, such as exfoliation and facial mask .

The ideal is to perform the exfoliation with an exfoliating soap or with some chemical peeling product (a type of cream that when massaged into the skin, removes dead cells) – such as Vitamin C Liquid Peeling from The Body Shop.

That done, just choose the facial mask of your choice and apply it on the face following the recommendations on the packaging. Some options are:

  • Garnier Skin Active Pure Charcoal Detox Facial Mask ;
  • Nivea Hydrating Facial Mask 1 Minute Urban Detox ;
  • Máscara Facial Antioleosidade Dermage Clear Mask;
  • Máscara Facial Neutrogena Purifying Boost;
  • Máscara Facial Needs Face Vitaminas.

When removing the mask, you can enjoy a gentle massage on the face, increasing the feeling of relaxation and even helping to make a small facial drainage.

Hair wetting

The wetting is a technique performed with vegetable oils that help nourish and restore the wires, leaving them with more vitality, shine and health. Oils such as coconut or sunflower, for example, can be used.

There are also some industrialized options that can also be used for this purpose, such as:

  • Elseve Extraordinary Oil ;
  • Óleo Nutritivo Dove Pure Care Dry Oil;
  • Capillary Oil Bio Extratus Nutritive ;
  • Moroccanoil Light Treatment Oil .

To moisturize it is quite simple: just apply the desired oil to the entire hair, avoiding going straight to the root and concentrating more on the ends. Then, let it act for at least 1 hour. When removing, just wash as normal.

Many people like to do this treatment at night, leaving the oil on their hair during sleep and washing their hair in the morning.

Scald feet

Scalding feet is an ancient procedure, used to provide relaxation and cleanliness. This is because our feet are the support base of the body, and it is common to feel pain due to tiredness or stress from day to day.

According to some oriental traditions, there are nerve endings in the feet that are associated with different organs in the human body. Thus, the pressure and heating of these regions can provide immediate reflexes regarding the sensation of tension and pain, for example.

To do this, you need a basin with warm water and some aromatic salts – you can also include a few drops of essential oil, such as fennel or another of your choice.

Then, just immerse your feet in water up to the ankle and leave them like this for at least 15 minutes. Enjoy the feeling of relaxation and tension relief at that moment.


How about taking this time to take care of your hands too ?! You don’t necessarily need to paint your nails or take out the cuticle if you don’t want to.

The idea is for you to pay attention to this area that we don’t always have time to take care of. Then, enjoy and apply a cream to moisturize the cuticles and hands as a whole, making circular movements – as if massaging the palm of the hand.

A suggestion is to take the time to cut or file your nails, applying a strengthening base or some care product. Thus, they will look healthy and beautiful.

Body skin care: which products to use?

Many people have the habit of always doing facial care, however, they end up forgetting to take care of their body skin as well.

This is something very important, as our skin as a whole needs hydration and care to always stay healthy and look good. Otherwise, it is normal for it to become dry, whitish and can even cause premature aging.

So try to take some time out of your day to take care of your body skin as well. You can do this after or during the bath, for example.

There are some body oils suitable for bathing, which can help you on colder days or when you are a little lazy. Among the options, we can highlight some such as:

  • Bioderma Atoderm Bath Oil ;
  • Eucerin PH5 Bath Cleansing Oil ;
  • Davene Classic Nature Bath Moisturizer ;
  • L’Occitane Almond Moisturizing Bath Oil .

If you want to bet on hydration after bathing, we also have some product tips that can make this moment even better:

  • Cerave Body Moisturizer ;
  • Hidratante Corporal Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Cream;
  • Nivea Mousse Body Moisturizer ;
  • Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream ;
  • Hidratante Corporal Neutrogena Body Care Intensive.

Another tip is to take advantage of the time to take care of the body to gently massage your skin, so that it becomes even softer and helps in the feeling of relaxation – which can be especially good at night, collaborating with the time of sleep.

Tips to make your hair healthier at home

Taking advantage of the moments at home to take care of your hair is something that can be very useful, especially if you have some kind of chemical in the strands – dye, discoloration, progressive, etc.

This is because it is normal for more intensive treatments to take longer than usual. So, since during the isolation period by Covid-19 we need to stay most of the time at home, perhaps it is a good opportunity for this care.

Some tips and procedures that you can put in place are:

  • Make wetting – as mentioned in the previous section, the wetting need at least 1 hour to take effect on the hair. Then, you can apply the oil on the wires while doing some household or professional chores at home, for example;
  • Try to make a capillary schedule – the schedule varies according to the needs of each hair , but in general it always involves a treatment in each wash (hydration, reconstruction or nutrition). It helps to maintain healthy hair;
  • Avoid flat iron, babyliss or dryer – the heat is very harmful to the wires, even using a thermal protector. Try to take advantage of periods at home to detox these procedures;
  • If you want to let your hair grow , you can apply castor oil to the root – it is a process similar to moistening, but the oil should be concentrated on the scalp, with massages to stimulate circulation.

Self-care is something that can greatly influence self-esteem and even reduce tensions, anxieties or stress. In the face of a chaotic moment like a pandemic, it is normal for these issues to affect you.

But, if taking a few moments to take care of your beauty is something that makes you feel good and happy, investing in it can make things a little easier.

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