Health and beauty: tips to enjoy the carnival without stress

Now if it is not him, that holiday known throughout Brazil and awaited by several revelers on duty: the carnival!

The time has come to choose the costume, to remember the lyrics of the marchinhas, to put on makeup and to put the block on the street, isn’t it?

But before leaving for the party, we have separated some tips for you to enjoy the days of revelry without harming your health and beauty.

Let’s get the tips?


Protection never hurts

Many carnival parties are held in the hot sun, after all it is summer. So, the first tip involves sun protection!

Use facial sunscreen before applying makeup and, depending on how your costume is, remember to apply sunscreen to parts of the body exposed to the sun. This helps prevent burns and even skin cancer .

When in doubt which protector to choose? We help you!

Ah! And it is not just the cold that damages the lips. The heat also causes them to crack, in addition to favoring burns.

So, bet on lip balms. A good tip is to opt for the colored versions to enhance the look.

Check out some product options:

  • Protetor Solar Facial Neutrogena Sun Fresh
  • Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Protector
  • Sundown Sunscreen

Hydration from the inside out

Amid the revelry, don’t forget to hydrate yourself. If you are going to consume alcohol, mix the drinks with water to avoid dehydration. Also increase the recommended water intake per day, because sweating is excessive at this time.

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In addition to good cold water, it is worth opting for isotonics, natural juices and coconut water.

It is worth remembering that skin hydration is also important to prevent dryness and keep the beauty up to date.

People who have very dry skin, for example, can use more powerful creams. Some product options even help to combat aging and sagging. Just look:

  • Nivea Q10 Plus Antiseptics Day Facial Cream
  • CeraVe Body Moisturizing Cream
  • Cicatricure Firming Body Cream

Comfort first

Avoid wearing shoes that can hurt your feet and cause blisters, calluses and plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the sole of the foot).

Also remember that our skin needs to breathe! When we wear clothes that are too tight, we can promote the development of varicose veins, cellulite and pain due to poor blood circulation.

So, choose shoes and clothes that are comfortable.

A good tip for the feet is to use insoles and protectors, check out:

  • Calcanheira Dr. Scholl’s For Her
  • Bunion Protector Ortho Pauher
  • Nexcare Foot Protective Tape

Make with good duration

Due to sweat, makeup can smudge or leave the skin more easily. So, opt for some wild products that help in the duration of the make and are multifunctional.

Oily skin? Find the perfect base!

How about exchanging the base for BB Cream? You can also use primers to hold eyeshadow, waterproof mascara to keep from melting, long-lasting lipsticks and even makeup fixation sprays, if you prefer.

  • BB Cream L’Oreal
  • Primer HD Vult
  • Maybelline Colossal Volum Express Eyelash Mask
  • Dailus PRO 12 Hour Liquid Lipstick

Hair in the wind? Nothing like that!

Depending on your fantasy, try to give preference to hairstyles that leave the strands stuck or at least a good part of them. Sweat, after hours in the sun, also reaches the hair and can impair the look.

Use the braids, buns and accessories to enhance the look and not disturb your party. Ah! Also have in your bag some hair clips or elastic band for any emergency:

  • Ricca Hair Band
  • Triss Clips
  • Marco Boni Hair Clip

After the revelry, take a rest!

At the end of the party, when you get home, don’t let laziness and tiredness let you sleep in makeup.

This can be detrimental to the health of the skin, causing problems such as acne , allergies, dark circles and premature aging.

So, use products like make-up removers to remove any makeup residue that exists – especially from the eyes, which can be more easily allergic.

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After removing all makeup, wash your face with mild soap and apply a tonic to make your pores breathe. Before sleeping, apply a moisturizer of your choice to help your skin recover.

Here are some product tips:

  • Nivea Biphasic Demaquilante
  • Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Soap Deep Clean
  • Simple Smooth Facial Tonic

After all these tips and advice you can enjoy the holiday without worrying about your health and beauty!

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