Bepantol for hair: understand how to use and the benefits

Bepantol derma is a brand that offers quality products that promote the nutrition and hydration of the lips, skin and hair. For this reason, items that belong to the Bepantol derma line are often in high demand.

Some of the most successful items are the aqueous hair restoration solution, which serves to promote ultra hydration to the hair. If you want to know more information, check out the text below!

Does Bepantol for hair work?

Bepantol aqueous solution (or liquid Bepantol) is a product formulated with substances that help to repair damage, restore the structures of the threads and moisturize them deeply so that the locks are shiny and soft again.

These advantages are possible due to the presence of hygroscopic properties, which help in the water retention process by the strands, helping to revitalize the hair roots and, consequently, keep it looking healthier.

In addition, the main ingredient of the product, D’pantenol (pro-vitamin B5), provides the wetting of hair, regenerates hair cells and provides protection from damage caused by external agents, such as sunlight and pollution.

What are the benefits?

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Liquid Bepantol promotes intense hydration of the hair.

According to the brand, Bepantol aqueous solution allows, due to the fresh ingredients present in the formulation, the following benefits:

  • Prevents dryness: the hygroscopic components are ideal to facilitate the absorption and retention of water by the capillary structure, helping to prevent the hair from becoming dry and dull.
  • Compensates for damage: the hair constantly suffers aggressions (chemistry, heat, climatic factors and pollution) that end up damaging the resistance of the strands and, consequently, making them more brittle. Therefore, using the product is a great way to repair these damages and keep them healthy.
  • Capillary protection:  By strengthening the locks and deeply hydrating them, the solution when applied offers daily protection to capillary health, favoring the soft and illuminated aspect of the strands.

How to use Bepantol for hair?

Liquid Bepantol can be used alone or can be added in homemade hair masks to enhance hydration and promote greater hair regeneration. According to the brand, two full caps of the product are needed to have the desired effects.

Thus, it is the preference of the person to apply the solution directly on the threads or to use in the preparation of masks together with other ingredients, equally beneficial for locks, such as:

  • Aloe Vera (definition of curly hair);
  • Corn starch (intense hydration and reduced frizz);
  • Castor oil (healthy growth of locks).

It is worth mentioning that it is important to be careful when choosing items to make hair masks at home so that there are no problems that damage the wires. In case of irritation and / or hair loss, it is necessary to wash them immediately.

Where to buy?

Bepantol aqueous solution can be purchased found in pharmacies, supermarkets and cosmetic stores for the price * of R $ 20 (on average).

In addition to these establishments, it is also possible to make purchases on online platforms such as Consulta Remédios , which allows you to compare prices and order the product at pharmacies in any region to receive at home.