6 makes for holiday parties: ideas and inspirations

The end of the year arrives and the preparations for the holidays excite many people. So much so that it even became a joke the fact of making a super production for dinner in the living room with the family.

Thinking that this is a moment that involves a series of feelings and emotions, the opportunity to be with loved ones and celebrate, it is worth investing in a special production.

And, for those who like makeup, it is usually an important point. Therefore, our team will share tips of what each one likes at the end of the year parties. So, you can get inspired and meet some amazing products to make yours


Makeup made for the new year: by Ana Luiza

I love to invest in makeup, as I really like the process of doing it. So, year-end parties are a great opportunity, as there are usually several moments of celebration. I really like those heavier productions, with shadows and a lot of brightness.

Therefore, I will share the process of this my chosen makeup for the new year:

For those who love a well-loaded makeup, investing in shine and false eyelashes gives a special touch.

I always start with the primer, which should be applied to clean skin (and after all your favorite skin routine, like hydration). Now, I’m using BB Primer, by Vult , because I think it leaves the skin very dry and makes the foundation last much longer without cracking.

For the skin, I like it to have a good coverage, so I love the Pause for Feminices foundation (use # 10). Then, just make the skin corrections and brighten the area under the eyes with concealer (I love Boca Rosa, Payot ), because it is easy to spread and has a very good coverage.

As I invest in a well-designed eye shadow, the risk of product falling on the skin is great. So, taking advantage of the fact that I have to seal the base, I make a good layer of translucent Tracta powder under the eyes. It is worth leaving the skin very white, to be easy to clean later.

Now it’s time to go for the eyes! I apply a transitional shade to the concave – for that, I love Duo Vult n. 14 . Just blend well and it is a great shade to make the base of the eyes.

I reinforce the primer with Ruby Rose , just in the center of the eyelid, and let it dry a little before starting to apply the black eyeshadow (use the one that comes in the Boca Rosa palette , as it has a very good pigmentation). The application is simple, just apply to the outer corners of the eyelid, almost to the center.

Then just smudge taking the shadow to the inner corner. After blending well and leaving the outer corners very black, I put the pigment (I used the one from Vult nº 1 ).

I clean the translucent powder from the skin, seal it well with a sponge and apply the contour. I like to use powder as it is easy to blend and correct. A good option is Boca Rosa , which comes with color options for different shade intensities.

Then, just fix the eyebrow with pencil, eyebrow shadow, pen or your favorite product. I really like to use pencils, like Trac t a , because it gives me more firmness to the drawing.

To lighten the skin, you can use powdered products, such as: Luisance Play The Highlight color A illuminator (but you can use that white glittery eye shadow that you have too!).

Then, you can invest in an eyeliner, to define your eyes well – I like the pen versions, as they give more firmness, like the Tracta Carbon Precision Black . And to finish the eyes, just put the false eyelashes. Some options are Nail Encanto or First Kiss .

In the lipstick, I used the liquid matte of Who said, Berenice ?, red color – I love this product, because it is dry and lasts a long time, not to mention that the red tone is beautiful!

Basic and quick make-up for holiday parties: by Larissa

My makeup process is usually very practical and simple, because I like to get ready very quickly, especially on holidays, when it is common to have to welcome guests.

My priority is to leave my skin (which is oily and acne-prone) even and with reduced brightness. In addition, my focus is to highlight the most interesting point on my face which are my lips. Therefore, I always try to highlight them with strong and vibrant colors:

You can do a super makeup with little production time!

To do the make up, first, I apply Nivea gel facial moisturizer all over the face . It is a little product recently launched by the brand, very useful for people, who like me, have oily skin.

Starting with the eye make-up, I usually use a little foundation on the eyelid and dark circles (in place of the concealer), as it is a very quick way to standardize the region, especially for those who do not have deep dark circles.

Next, I use the romance eyeshadow palette from Jasmyne or Ruby Rose , which contains more neutral colors and lighter pigmentation.

Because, since I don’t have much experience with the use of eyeshadows, I bet on more wild colors to apply – that way I avoid very marked eyes.

I chose 2 colors that contrast with each other (in this case brown and beige) and one that is sparkling to illuminate the region.

I started by applying the transition shade (beige) all over the eyelid, then the strongest shade (brown) to blend the concave. Finally, I applied the sparkling shadow to the inner corner of the to create a spot of light.

You can make the application very light, as the intention is that the colors create a smooth gradient.

Right after, I took an eyeliner brush and wet it with water (just a few drops), and apply a little of the black eyeshadow close to the lashes, pulling it out of the eyes – this, to give an eyeliner effect, but very faint .

After that, it’s time to use one of my favorite products, the eyelash mask ! As I don’t really like false eyelashes, I try to use a product that gives more volume in a natural way.

So, I applied Ruby Rose’s curl & volume mask from the root, which makes the lashes bulky and curved.

When completing the make-up in the eye area, I used a moistened handkerchief to remove those bits of shadow that end up accumulating below the eyes.

Then, I prepared the skin by applying the liquid foundation with matte effect from Vult (in my case, beige nº4), which is very easy to use and offers a coverage that leaves the skin uniform and very dry.

In addition, I think the product has a long duration, being ideal for the whole night of the party.

To finish the skin, use the basic compact powder from Vult (nº 4) – I just love this product, on days that I’m in a hurry I usually use only it, as it covers some spots and leaves it very dry and with a super natural appearance.

Finally, the most important part (for me): the lipstick. I particularly prefer strong tones with a matte effect to prevent it from getting over easily, especially at the end of the year, where I usually eat various delicacies throughout the celebration.

I chose Ruby Rose matte liquid lipstick (cocoa nº 295), which is very practical to apply (dries quickly), it leaves the lips well marked and lasts for a long time.

Make “beautiful” to spend Christmas at home: by Mel Novais

Particularly, I’m not a big fan of elaborate makes . Even the most basic ones give me a little laziness, I prefer everything that is more practical and that leaves a very natural aspect . The famous “ make de bonita”, with that aspect of “I was born like this”.

So, thinking about my basic and practical side, I decided to share with you how I usually do this type of makeup. It is a great option for those who are going to spend Christmas in the living room, but want to be beautiful!

A practical, easy makeup and with incredible result for the festivities!

First, I start with my skincare routine , which makes all the difference to make your skin beautiful and healthy.

For this, I clean my face and apply Minéral 89 Vichy , a facial strengthener that hydrates the skin without weighing it down, leaving it very soft and luminous in the right measure.

With these two basic steps in place, I can go on to makeup. I always like to start by applying a primer in the T zone (forehead, nose and chin) and a little bit on the cheekbones, to disguise the pores – I usually use Benefit’s The Porefessional.

I am not in the habit of using foundation, because my skin has no spots or acne , but if you don’t live without this product, how about opting for a lighter one, like the Vult Fluid Base ? Thus, it maintains that more natural aspect of make .

In my case, after the primer, I go straight to the concealer, applying only to the area below the eyes (with a damp sponge) to cover dark circles. One of my darlings is Vizzela (I use number 4), which has a good coverage and fixes well on the skin.

If you are not going to use foundation, just like me, take care to choose a concealer of the exact tone of your skin, so that it is not marked and different from other areas of the face.

To seal and leave everything in place, I use a loose powder and apply it with a fluffy brush, the Vult HD Banana Face Powder can be a good option. But, if you prefer, you can also opt for some compact, taking care not to tear off the concealer when applying the powder.

Then, I apply the blush, always opting for one that has good pigmentation, to last longer. One that I like a lot is the Blush Fit Me Maybelline , in peach color.

This color looks natural and is well suited to different skin tones. To apply, I use a very cute brush, as it spreads better and does not concentrate as much product in a single area.

Finally, I really like the eyelash mask, one of my favorites is the Colossal Volum Express , by Maybelline. Although many people don’t like the waterproof version, I love it, because it doesn’t “melt” and smudges over time.

And of course, you can’t miss a lip tint , I always use the Lip Tint Payot Boca Rosa red . It is great to give a lip color and does not come off easily.

If you still want to add a touch of make-up , you can use a highlighter to make it look more festive, which goes well with Christmas. One that I think is super beautiful is Dailus Faces of the Moon nº 02 (new moon) .

I hope you bump in their make “beautiful” to the end of year parties!

Nude makeup for the new year: oily skin with acne: by Amanda Moreira

I take advantage of special occasions to make a more elaborate make up. So Christmas and New Year are festivities in which I like to set aside time just for production, something that matches the clothes I chose. This time, I opted for nude tones for the New Year:

Nude makeup is versatile and perfect for all occasions!

My skin is oily and I am currently undergoing acne treatment, so I use products that are suitable for this type of skin that is more sensitive.

I start by cleaning my face with La Roche-Posay Effaclar Concentrado Facial Cleansing Gel , to remove greasiness. After drying the region, I apply VCBella Micellar Water with the help of a cotton wool, which helps to remove traces of pollution.

Finally, I apply Avon Clearskin Moisturizer Facial Cream (another option is Nupill , which also has a gel texture), which has a light coverage and moisturizes my skin without leaving it oily.

I start the skin with the Vichy Idéal Soleil Base Effect . The product is a sunscreen with a base effect, with a very liquid texture and easy to spread. I apply it all over the face, without forgetting the beginning of the neck (jaw area) with a cat tongue brush, avoiding waste.

I start the eye region, with the shadow. I started with a lighter one on the entire eyelid, and applied the darker shade on the outer corner to the center. For a perfect smokey eye, I love the Vult Brush No. 03 , as it has two modes of use: with a bristle tip or foam.

When applying eyeliner, I like to do the kitten stroke. I use the Dapop Chrome eyeliner, which is waterproof and has a great life. A good option is also the liquid eyeliner from Vult , waterproof and with application brush.

After two minutes, the eyeliner has dried, and with the help of an eyelash curler I prepare the lashes to apply the Maybelline Eyelash Mask, which is waterproof, lengthens and adds volume, giving “a lift to the look”.

I apply the blush Belle Angel with a brush with bigger and fluffy bristles, from the cheek bone towards the hair, I chose a very light pink tone.

I also put the Glitter Eudora Soul on the cheek bone region, giving it a more festive look, the glitter has a bright pink tone and comes with an applicator. Another similar option is the Glitter Vult Glitter & Go , which can be applied to various parts of the face, and is available in three colors.

The Translucent Matte Twoone Onetwo Powder helps to seal the skin, so I went all over the face in small amounts (another option is the Tracta Finishing Powder ).

I finished the make-up with the application of the Eudora Lipstick in a pink tone and matte texture, which because it is a pencil is very easy to apply and contour the lip, besides not smudging easily. Another option is Vult We Love Tint Liquid Lipstick , the nude pink “contatinho” light pink.

My final tip, which is good for any make up, is to take in your purse and apply a Ricca Oil Removal Handkerchief, which removes the accumulation of oil from the face, without removing the make up! Keeping the skin free of oil.

Make glow for parties with a lot of sparkle: by Julia

I love makeup with an intense shine, especially at parties: a good illuminator gives an instant tchan to the look, even if you don’t have time to make a good look. For the holidays, then, I think the sparkle is all about it, since it is elegant and festive in the right measure. Just look:

The illuminator gives an end to the final production. It is great to enhance the face with a lot of glamor!

Before starting makeup, I do my skincare routine , which involves cleaning the skin with Darrow Nutriol Soap   and moisturizing with Fisiogel Facial Serum (I love illuminating, but the best shine for me is that healthy, hydrated skin).

If the event is daytime, I finish with a layer of Skelt Sunscreen , which also acts as a primer.

On the skin, I prefer the moisturizing bases, which do not mark the lines of the face. I used the BT Multicover by Bruna Tavares, which is actually a multifunctional liquid concealer, but it works well as a base. My color is L20, the second lighter, which has a pink undertone.

After making the skin, I go to the eye area. I used a copper shade on the eyelid and a golden shade on the inner corner, both from The Balm Alternative Rock Volume 2 Makeup Palette . The colors are neutral, but shiny.

To lengthen the eyes with the effect of foxy eyes , I made a very short and thin line at the end of the eyelid with the Colossal Gel Pencil in an earthy brown color. So, it’s the eyelashes’ turn. My choice is the Maybelline Colossal Volume Express , which allows you to build layers and gives an effect of false eyelashes.

I have naturally thick eyebrows, so I don’t usually fill them in, but I use Maybelline’s Brow Drama in Deep Brown to “brush” the strands and make them look more beautiful. One layer is enough.

When I finish making up my eyes, I apply another layer of concealer (the same one I used on my face as a base) on dark circles. This helps to cover any shadow residues or other products that may have accumulated in the region.

I go back to preparing the skin, this time with the Vult blush on the apples in a peach tone. Then, whimsy in the illuminator: I apply a golden shade of The Balm The Dew Manizer ‘Squad Illuminator Kit in the region at the tip of the nose, in the cupid’s bow and in the C of the cheeks, distributing well for the shine to be intense.

To close with a flourish, I invest in a gloss. I used Gloss Payot Boca Rosa in #divaglossyariana color that has a pinkish nude tone and creamy texture with a shiny finish.

The secret of nude gloss is that, in addition to being elegant, it does not smudge as much or get ugly when it comes out. Perfect for parties where food and drink are an essential part! Another tip is to invest in light tones (for the whole face!) That don’t attract attention when they blur, so you can dance and have fun without having to worry about touch-ups.

Make to spend Christmas on the couch: by Amanda Bach

I usually take advantage of the end of the year parties to be able to renew the profile picture on social networks, and this year I will bet on red lipstick and a light outline.

As my skin is clear, the red lipstick (which already matches the Christmas decoration) gives a special highlight and leaves the make with a more festive look:

The red lipstick gives a very special touch to the production! Next to the outline, it gives an incredible result for a party.

And to do this makeup I started washing my face with the Cleaning Mousse by Nupill Firmesse Intense , which besides being very practical is ideal for a gentle cleansing. After that I hydrated the skin with a very thin layer of Nivea Nutritivo Facial Moisturizing Cream .

So I left for the base. In my case, I used the number 2 of the Ramona Pro Vegan Base which has a matte effect and leaves the skin very natural. I spread it well and then I passed the stick outline of Who said Berenice? that has a dark side and a light side. This product is being my favorite at the moment as it is very practical.

I sealed all the skin well with the Translucent Powder from Tracta or from Miss Rôse and then I applied a blush to give that “health look” on the cheekbones, I am really enjoying the Blush from Twoone Onetwo, because besides being quite the color that I like (Light Rose) it’s still vegan and natural.

Do not forget the illuminator that in this case I used the Ruby Rose liquid illuminator of Pretty 1 color to give that shine just above the cheeks and also on the tip of the nose.

After that I made an eye more drawn to the brown and red, I used the shade of the Pink 21 Divine palette. .

So I came back with the illuminator and with my finger I just deposited a little of the product in the corner of my eye, to give this shiny effect.

With the make-up almost ready, I made that outlined pull with the Ruby Rose gel eyeliner using a very thin brush. Then I applied a layer of Tracta’s Eyelash Mask .

And to finish that beautiful red lipstick. I used the Vult We Love Tint Liquid Lipstick in Mozão color. It comes with a side of matte lipstick that lasts a long time, and on the other side it has a top coat to give an intense shine.

With it you can choose to leave only matte or apply the top coat to give shine. I chose the shine because I thought it matched the makeup more.

The intention is to make you feel comfortable in the way you like the most!

Did you like the inspirations? You can find most of these products, and several others, at Consulta Remédios! Thus, it is much easier to make a year-end production!