Cream for straight hair: what is the best option?

Straight hair has the stigma of needing nothing more than washing and conditioning. As if it were just that and the hair is ready.

Who has never heard that people with this type of hair can not use creams to comb, for example? Yes, this statement is quite common, but the reality is not quite so.

Like any other type of hair, straight hair also needs specific care. This is because it can present particularities such as lack of volume, split ends, opaque wires, among many other issues common to all of us.

So, what cream options can people with straight hair use and what are their benefits?

We will know a little more below.


Does combing cream leave your hair straight?

The combing cream does not straighten the hair by itself, but it can help ensure a smooth effect , which can be enhanced with a few more steps.

One option is to apply a combing cream with thermal protection properties to the still damp hair. Then finish with a hairdryer or flat iron.

Thus, in addition to helping to untangle the strands, the cream will protect them from heat, control frizz and leave a smooth salon finish. It also helps to shape and align the hair.

What is the best combing cream for straight hair?

There is no point in using any styling cream just to add one more product to your beauty routine.

The ideal is to invest in a cosmetic that is aligned with the needs of your hair. The idea is that the product brings benefits to the threads and makes your life easier when finishing them.

For this, the market has several options to meet the most varied needs. Check out some options below:

Elseve Quera-Liso Combing Cream

The Elseve Quera-Smooth Combing Cream has in its formula properties that recover the keratin of the hair, hydrating it deeply without weighing the strands.

In addition, the product acts as a thermal protector, protecting against damage caused by the high temperature of the dryer and flat iron.

It is sold in the market in two versions: for natural straight hair or chemically straightened and is available in 250gr packaging.

The price ranges from R $ 11.62 to R $ 13.69 *.

Perfect Smooth Silk Combing Cream

The Perfect Smooth Silk Combing Cream was developed with a technology that keeps straight hair aligned, making it possible to renew the hairstyle just with the passing of your fingers.

It has in its formulation silk protein, which gives silky and shiny hair, in addition to reducing frizz and not weighing the hair.

The plus of the product is that it contains UV filter, which protects the hair from the sun’s rays. A great option to be used on sunny days and even on the beach.

You can find it in 300mL packaging and the price ranges from R $ 6.99 to R $ 10.99 *.

Pantene Pro-V Extreme Straight Combing Cream

The Pantene Pro-V Liso Extreme Combing Cream has several nutrients in its formulation that moisturize the hair, reduce frizz and help untangle the strands.

In addition, it seals the hair cuticles, preventing moisture absorption, and promises to keep your hair aligned for up to 24 hours. The product does not contain salt.

Available in 250mL packaging and the price varies between R $ 13.99 and R $ 16.99 *.

Tresemmé Antifrizz Combing Cream

The Tresemmé Antifrizz Combing Cream is indicated to control the frizz of straight and wavy hair for up to 48 hours. It aligns the strands without weighing, resulting in a disciplined and shiny hair.

It also protects the hair because it has a UV filter in its formulation. The product is released to those who are adept at low poo , as it does not have sulfate and petrolates in its composition.

The cream can be found in 200mL packaging and costs from R $ 7.50 *.

Monange Smooth Radiant Combing Cream

The Monange Smooth Radiant Combing Cream has, in its formulation, ingredients that moisturize and nourish up to the second layer of the hair fiber.

It restores damaged strands and leaves hair straight and disciplined for up to 48 hours.

Available in packaging with 300mL and costs from R $ 6.99 *.

* Values ​​consulted at Consulta Remédios in August 2019. Prices may change.

Which cream is good for male and children’s straight hair?

Whoever said that a man cannot take care of his hair is very wrong. More and more they are paying attention to the wires and this is great.

The care for them does not change much from those indicated for straight female hair. It is important to observe what the yarn needs and look for a product suitable for the specific purpose.

Male hair is usually thinner because it generally uses less chemical as a dye or straightener. In addition, in general men are more prone to dandruff, oiliness and hair loss.

Check out some cool options for hair creams for men to keep their hair healthy and beautiful:

  • Garbu’s Hair Mister Style Hair Remover ;
  • Root Head & Shoulders Detox Conditioner ;
  • Elseve Hydra Detox Anti-Dandruff Conditioner ;
  • Conditioner Origin for Men Growth .

Children’s hair, on the other hand, is much thinner than adult hair and is less prone to damage caused by pollution, chemicals and thermal heat, for example.

The ideal is to choose products with a clean formulation, without parabens, dyes and that are hypoallergenic. Here are some options:

  • Combing Cream Acqua Kids Smooth and Thin ;
  • Granado Baby Infant Conditioner ;
  • Turma da Mônica Kids Cream To Comb Fine And Delicate Hair;
  • Zoopers Kids Smooth Conditioner.

Tips for a perfect smooth

It is worth remembering that in addition to styling creams, if your hair is in need of a hydration plus – whether it is natural smooth or chemically straightened – it is worth betting on treatment masks.

Here are some options for straight hair:

  • Salon Line My Smooth Hydra-Nutrition Mask # Smoothed & Relaxed ;
  • Lola Liso Smooth and Loose Antifrizz Mask ;
  • Richée Liso BB Cream Hair Mask ;
  • Mask Faints Hair Clay Minas Lisos I want you! ;
  • Noble Smooth Amávia Moisturizing Mask .

It was clear that straight hair also needs care. Hair cosmetics are not only indicated to treat damaged hair, but also to protect and prevent future damage.

It is essential to take care of the health of the hair with care. What is your hair care routine? Tell us in the comments!

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