Sunscreen for oily skin: 5 products for the best protection

Regardless of the season we are in, sunscreen is essential to take care of our skin. Whether in the hot summer sun and even on the coldest days, sunscreen should always be part of our products for daily use.

This is because its function is extremely important for the skin, as it creates a barrier that prevents damage from the sun’s rays.

However, for people who have oily skin, sunscreen can often be uncomfortable. It is common to hear complaints due to the feeling of heavy and heavy skin when applying sunscreen.

This means that oily skin asks for sunscreens with specific characteristics for it, that have more fluid and lighter textures, and with actives capable of controlling oiliness.

So, it is always important to look for a suitable product, paying attention if it is non-comedogenic (does not close the pores), oil free , dry touch and matte effect, as they are ideal formulas for oily skin, as they control oiliness and reduce shine .

But, to help you, we have separated 5 options of sunscreens especially for those who have this type of skin.

Check it out below!


Vichy Capital Soleil Dry Touch Sunscreen

Vichy’s Capital Soleil sunscreen is an excellent option for those who want to have their skin protected from the sun, but at the same time without that oily appearance.

This is because one of its characteristics is that it has a dry touch, that is, it does not stimulate oiliness.

Another important feature of this product is that in addition to protecting from UVA and UVB rays, it also has two actives (silica + zinc particles) capable of absorbing and controlling oiliness, further extending the dry touch.

  • Texture: cream gel;
  • Available in: SPF 50 ( 50g ), SPF 50 ( 40g ) and SPF 30 ( 40g );
  • Price : from R $ 46.95 to R $ 84.24 *.

RoC Minesol Oil Control Sunscreen

Then, the RoC sunscreen, which is an Oil control product . This means that the product has in its formulation substances called regulatory sebum, that is, that control oiliness.

It is a protector with a very light texture, making the skin absorb substances faster.

In addition, the formula is oil free (manufactured without the addition of oils) and non-comedogenic, that is, it does not clog pores and also helps against premature aging.

  • Texture: cream gel;
  • Available in: SPF 30 ( 50g ) and SPF 70 ( 50g );
  • Price from R $ 50.65 to R $ 93.50 *.

L’Oréal Expertise Dry Touch Facial Sunscreen

L’Oréal’s sunscreen guarantees excellent protection against UVA and UVB rays, repairing and reducing the damage caused by sun exposure, such as premature aging.

It has a quick effect capable of taking care of your skin in a short time. That’s because its texture is light and easily absorbed, making it easier for the product to penetrate the skin.

  • Texture: cream gel; 
  • Available in: SPF 30 ( 50g ) and SPF 60 ( 50g );
  • Price: from R $ 33.23 to R $ 60.48 *.

Nivea Sun Dry Touch Anti-Sunscreen

Following, Nivea sunscreen, a product intended for daily use and which also has high protection against UVA and UVB rays.

In addition to protecting, it is also able to control and reduce the glare caused by oiliness, and prevents aging due to sun exposure.

So, have you ever imagined being able to make the most of the summer, without worrying about the appearance of your skin? Not even the sea or the pool will be responsible for removing the product’s protective layer, because this sunscreen is highly resistant to water.

For those with oily skin, what draws the most attention in this product is the ultralight texture, with a dry touch, and its oil free formulation .

  • Texture: cream;
  • Available in: SPF 30 ( 50mL ) and 60 ( 50mL );
  • Price: from R $ 28.50 to R $ 45.58 *.

Episol Sec Sunscreen

The sunscreen of the Episol line is always a darling of people who have oily skin. The product has a formulation that gathers antioxidants capable of protecting the tissue from damage from infrared radiation and against UVA / UVB rays.

For those with oily skin, the good news is that Episol has a very fast action, so that right after application the product is already acting on your skin. Its non-comedogenic formulation allows the pores not to become clogged.

Another factor that draws attention is that due to the technology Très Sec, the product ends up absorbing the oiliness of the face and giving that finish a dry touch and the famous matte effect of the skin, that is, very dry.

  • Texture: cream;
  • Available in: SPF 30 (100g), SPF 45 (100g), SPF 60 (100g), SPF 99 ( 60g ) and SPF 60 ( 60g );
  • Price: from R $ 56.90 to R $ 102.50 *.

* Prices consulted at Consulta Remédios , in the month of July 2019. Products may suffer price variation without prior notice.

Whoever has a skin with great oil production needs to use a specific protector for it.

Thus, a suitable product will help to control oiliness, reduce the glare on the face and of course, protect against the sun’s rays.

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