How to apply eyeliner? Step by step from the thin line to the kitten

A good design can give an up to any look, right? But if you don’t know how to apply eyeliner or don’t have much practice, the result may not go as expected.

One side is thicker than the other, the heights are different… At that time, every detail makes a difference!

Thinking about it, we brought a step by step of how to pass eyeliner, what is the best format and tips to facilitate this process.

Are you curious? Then check out the full text below:


Types of eyeliner

It is important to emphasize, first of all, that applying eyeliner correctly is a matter of practice.

The more you exercise and train the movement, the easier it will happen over time (to help, there are some tips in the evening makeup text ) .

There are some other resources that can also facilitate this process, such as choosing the product that best suits you.

That’s because there are several types of eyeliner: gel, pen, liquid and even Kajal, eye pencil that can be used as an eyeliner. However, these products have differences that we will explain below.

In gel

Some eyeliner can be found in the form of gel, which comes in a small jar. If you choose this option, make sure you are using the correct brush to apply the product.

In general, it should be chamfered or with a fine, rigid tip.

A tip is to go to a physical store and test the color and durability, it can be at hand. This is because some brands have a weaker fixation, which means that the eyeliner can “melt” during the day.


This option has become the “darling” among make-up beginners. This is because both its shape and precision facilitate application.

The option of pen liner is less allows your application to have less chance of smudging or dripping. In addition, its format facilitates storage, that is, you can take it in the bag, in the bag, anywhere.

The product is wild for those who want to leave the line of the eyeliner very thin, because the tip of the pen tends to give more firmness to the hand.


The liquid eyeliner requires greater precision and patience at the time of application. This is because, because it has a more liquid texture, the product needs more time to dry and care to avoid smudges.

However, it can be considered a makeup classic and is widely used by professional makeup artists, as it produces a more intense effect and a more complete coverage.


The eye pencil has an advantage over other eyeliner. That’s because it can be used to either outline or blend the eyes.

But if your goal is really to make the outline more marked, the recommended thing is to look for Kajal type pencils.

Step by step: how to make outlined kitten?

To make a beautiful kitten outline, it is important to have a light hand and precise movements.

If you are having difficulty hitting both sides, a tip is to place a piece of tape just under your eyes.

Another tip, already for people with oily skin, is to apply a neutral color eyeshadow, or powder, to prevent the outline from smudging.

It may seem difficult, but with 4 simple steps you have a perfect outline:

Step 1

You can start by drawing a mental or real line towards the eyebrow.

If you are already skilled with the stroke, the mental line will serve as a guide to make the symmetrical outline in both eyes.

But if you find it difficult to reproduce the outline or firm the line, a good option is to stick a sticker or use some support item. It can be those supports for eyeliner or even a small piece of paper.

Step 2

It is always recommended to start at the outer corner of the eyes towards the middle of the eyelid.

This way, pull a diagonal line, towards the eyebrow, this will be the “kitten” of your outline.

If you experience difficulties with regard to the position of the stroke, a tip is to imagine a stroke leaving the corner of your nose and going towards the end of the eyebrow.

Step 3

At this point, you can finish with a half-stroke, with the outline reaching up to the middle of the eyelid, or stretch it to the inner corner of the eye.

A tip is to do the filling little by little. So, for that, first make the contour. If you make a mistake, it will be easier to correct.

Step 4

To finish the outline, fill in the outline, taking care not to blur or get out of the contours.

After finishing, a nice tip is to give the final finishes with a wet tissue or a cotton swab with base or makeup remover if you have not used tapes or supports.

They are used to correct blots or adjust the outline of the outline, leaving the outline very straight.

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Other techniques of how to outline the eyes

Making an outline does not have to be a mechanical and monotonous thing. On the contrary, there are several types of outlines, in addition to several tricks and tricks that can help you in the process.

With spoon

A super cool and functional tip for beginners in the subject of eyeliner, is to bet on the use of a spoon. It helps both to keep the line straight, as well as to pull the kitten out of the corner of your eyes.

The idea is to use it as a support or also as a template to execute the layout perfectly.

To do this, use the handle (or stem) of the spoon as a support for the kitten. To make it easier, you can support the cable diagonally, towards the eyebrow.

The curved part of the spoon can serve as a support to facilitate that pin up style pull , that is, as the spoon has a rounded shape, you can use this contour to facilitate the outline.

With ribbon

This technique, in the same way as the previous one, aims to act as a ruler, in order to make a straight line.

For that, it is recommended to use a piece of tape (crepe, adhesive, micropore), which should be positioned close to the lower lashes towards the eyebrow.

A nice tip is to use your nose as a reference. Draw a line with the tape, as if it were coming out of the corner of your nose and going towards the corner of your eye, diagonally.

From there it becomes easier to understand how the correct trait occurs.

With the tape glued on that region of the face, which does not necessarily have to be up to the nose, use the eyeliner to make the line, which will be very straight.

With clamp

This technique can be compared to a stamp.

That’s because the idea is to apply the eyeliner to the opening of the hairpin (that part where it has both ends) and literally stamp the corner of the eye.

In this way, the triangular shape of the clamp will draw the kitten’s pull.

Tips on how to make the perfect outline

Applying eyeliner is a task that requires training, but it does not have to be complicated. For this, some tips and techniques can help the process. Between them:

  • Apply a primer or eyeshadow on the eyelids first, this will ensure a greater fixation of the outline;
  • Do not stretch / pull the eyelid too much, because when it returns to natural, the outline may become crooked;
  • Find out which is the best outline for your eye type;
  • Try to use a magnifying mirror;
  • Use both hands to achieve a firmer line. In the beginning, this security to trace the outline will help you;
  • Choose the type of eyeliner that makes it easier for you (pencil, gel, pen or liquid). In the beginning, until you find the ideal, it may be necessary to go testing, but it is important to try and not be afraid to blur your eye;
  • Use a good concealer to disguise the imperfections of the outline of the outline;
  • Try it several times, without focusing so much on the tutorials. It is in practice that you learn!

For those who want to know how to apply eyeliner on top and bottom, that is, bypassing the entire eye, the tip is to always follow the design of the eyes.

How to pass eyeliner on someone else?

For some, passing the eyeliner on to someone else can be even easier than on yourself, as it is something present in the daily lives of makeup artists. But for other people it is not so common and it can be even more complicated.

Regarding techniques and tricks, there is no secret. The same tips apply when you are going to perform on someone else.

You just need to be extra careful, such as avoiding the shared use of makeup and being careful not to apply too much pressure and hurt the other person’s eyelid.

In addition, the use of gloves and proper hand hygiene is important.

A perfect outline is able to further enhance the beauty of the eyes, making them striking. For a basic makeup for everyday life or for a special event, it is one of the most used techniques.

However, it is common that in the beginning it is difficult to get the line right. Here, we put some tips to make this process easier.