Red hair: tips for maintaining the perfect color

Have you also thought about investing in a red tone for the locks? Hair with coppery colors has already conquered many famous and is successful there. But before betting on a redhead to call yours, know that the shade requires a lot of care to maintain that effect Marina Ruy Barbosa.

The Healthy Minute gives you the path of stones for you to get the perfect color and kill the shine, without harming your hair health. Check out!

What are the precautions before dyeing red hair?

Before dyeing the threads, it is necessary to keep in mind that the redhead requires constant maintenance. Whether to disguise the roots, which are very visible with the difference in tone, or to prevent fading, monthly retouching (sometimes even fortnightly) is an essential part of the routine. So, prepare the time and pocket to keep the color healthy.

In addition, who has dark hair may need to discolor first, since the pigments adhere better to the light strands. If this is the case, avoid doing the procedure at home: consult a professional to ensure the best result and not damage the wires.

Another important point is to make your hair healthy before dyeing. This is because the procedure is already aggressive, so the coloring in the damaged strands can further damage the integrity of the hair fiber, resulting in breakage, split ends and even chemical cutting.

Not to mention that the result is more beautiful when the hair is soft, shiny and healthy, right?

So, invest in hydration treatments and, if necessary, reconstruction to restore locks to health. Cut the dry ends, which are more susceptible to damage, and make sure your hair can handle the chemical before dyeing, doing the strand test.

Finally, pay attention to stains: red dyes release more pigment than the others, staining sheets, towels and even the skin. If you have already decided that you are going to invest in the redhead, be prepared to leave a trail around (or provide dark towels and sheets to minimize the damage).

If you are going to dye your hair on your own, protect your skin with moisturizer, wear old clothes during the application and prepare yourself for the shock of seeing your bathroom dyed red.

Tiles, unlike wood and fabrics, usually do not stain with paint, but it is good to be prepared to clean up any spills immediately. Therefore, protect furniture and objects, and restrict the application to a less delicate place, such as the shower box.

How to care for dyed red hair?

You took courage and dyed your hair red: now what? The first step is to replace your shampoo and conditioner with specific products for colored or red hair. This is because common versions can remove pigmentation and damage the effect.

It is still important to include masks and treatment creams in your routine, as they revitalize the shine, prolong the color, and also prevent the dryness and weakening of the hair fiber.

If you use a hairdryer, flat iron, curling iron or other heat-generating devices, you can also benefit from thermal protectors. They prevent the temperature from robbing the health of the wires.

The frequency of touch-ups will depend on your hair and your preference – it is also worth asking for the colorist’s opinion. Evaluate how long the desired shade lasts in your locks and schedule to touch up the root or length as needed.

For the length, just one toner can be enough to renew the color. As for the roots, it may be necessary to visit a salon to ensure a uniform appearance.

With experience, you can gain practice to do everything at home, but it is always recommended to seek professional help for a better finish.

How to make copper red hair?

Although the term red refers to orange hair, there are many shades that are under the umbrella of color. Think of the red-haired people you know: Ed Sheeran’s pale color is very different from Rihanna’s cherry red, which has nothing to do with Lana del Rey’s auburn, but all are considered red.

To help you decide on the right shade, consult the color guide for your chosen brand, which can usually be found online. You can select your favorites and compare each one with your skin, noting which one best suits your style. There are no rules, what matters is that you feel good.

If your choice was a coppery red, a dyeing option is henna. A dye of natural origin, it is more durable than ordinary ink and less aggressive, and can be used during pregnancy (provided that it is endorsed by the gynecologist / obstetrician).

Henna is often used as a base for other shades, but its purest version allows only a coppery shade, although the end result varies depending on the base of the hair. Blondes are like a blank canvas, while browns and blacks interfere more in pigmentation.

Copper redheads are a good option for those looking for a more natural result. Look for lighter colors, or for techniques such as strawberry blonde , which combines red with golden highlights for a very smooth finish.

How to make red hair reddish?

Now, if your goal is cherry red or garnet, intense dyes are the best. Tones like the classic 6.66 create a striking effect and adhere better to the strands, for a striking result from the first coloring.

Escape homemade recipes like lemon, vinegar or beet juice in the shampoo. These products do not go through the processes necessary to be safe for hair and skin, so the risk of an adverse reaction is high. In addition, there is a great chance that the result will be uneven and even tarnished.

So, search for safe dyes in intense tones and don’t hesitate to pay a visit to the salon. Doing a radical change at home can make the cheap expensive with the possible necessary corrections.

Do you need to discolor the strands to paint red?

Usually, yes, but the answer will depend on the shade your hair is in. Blond and light hair dispense bleach, as the pigment already adheres well. Browns, blacks and other dark tones need to be discolored, otherwise the dye will not stick.

As the discoloration itself is already aggressive, the application of the dye next tends to harm the hair even more, so avoid doing the procedure at home. In addition, a professional assessment prevents you from doing any unnecessary procedures, or failing to do an important step.

Are there specific products for red hair?

Not only are there specific products for red hair, but you should invest in them to maintain the luminosity of the color. Even the common brands sold in supermarkets have lines aimed at maintaining the tone.

And not only the products that need to change, but their habits as well. No washing your hair with hot water (she is one of the people responsible for sending your color down the drain), and avoid washing it every day. That’s because the shampoo agents, in addition to the water itself, gradually remove the pigments, so extend the interval between washes to prolong the tone.

Now that you know the care that the redhead requires, how about knowing some products to preserve its luminosity?


  • StudioHair Shampoo Smooth, Dyed and Red;
  • EuMe Red Hair Shampoo ;
  • Amend Red Revival Red Shampoo ;
  • Haskell Shampoo Matizador Red Extend Color ;
  • Joico Color Endure Sulfate Free Shampoo .


  • Conditioner Elseve Colorvive ;
  • Amend Copper Effect Conditioner ;
  • Lokenzzi Color Explendor Conditioner ;
  • Conditioner Wella Invigo Color Brilliance ;
  • True Hue Senscience Conditioner .


  • Shock Treatment Bio Extratus Color Memorization ;
  • Forever Liss Mask Color Red Toning Mask ;
  • Surya Color Fixation Mask ;
  • Revlon Professional Interactives Color Sublime Treatment Cream ;
  • Kérastase Réflection Chromatique Treatment Mask .

Finishers and thermal protectors

  • Garnier Fructis Combing Cream Wipes Damage ;
  • Nazca Defrizante Thermal Protector Ravor ;
  • Amend Creme Color Reflect Color Shielding ;
  • Leave-in Stephen Knoll Color Shining Essence;
  • Finalizador Schwarzkopf Bonacure Oil Miracle Talent 10.

If you already use a specific product for red or colored hair, tell us in the comments!

So, are you more confident to change the tone of the locks to a powerful redhead? With the right tips, you guarantee that incredible color to rock around. If you have any questions, leave your question in the comments!

If you have already made a radical change in the color of your hair, share your experience with us! We love receiving new tips.