Blackheads: what causes them and how to remove them properly

Do you know those dark spots that usually appear on the face, especially on the nose, forehead and chin? They are blackheads , quite recurrent in oily skin.

Many people are uncomfortable with their presence and are looking for ways to remove them.

They are concentrations of sebum that clog the pores of the skin, due to the production of oil and the accumulation of dead cells in the area.

Also known as comedones, blackheads are one of the manifestations of acne , which can also cause pimples. This is a very common condition, especially in teenagers and people with oily skin.

They are not as difficult to remove as white and milli blackheads (small keratin cyst ). In this text, then, we will see what is good for removing blackheads from the face, what causes them to appear and how to squeeze them. Come on?


What is good to remove blackheads from the face?

It is necessary to be careful when removing blackheads at home, because if done improperly, it can damage the skin and leave spots. The most recommended is to consult a dermatologist to guide the best products or procedures to remove them.

The skin cleansing , which may be taken together with the facial peel, is one of the forms suitable for the treatment. These procedures can be done in aesthetics centers.

However, there are also good options for removing blackheads at home, using some methods that favor skin cleansing, such as:

Black mask to remove blackheads

The black mask for removing blackheads is one of the best known products for removing them. It is a mixture of ingredients in which the main one is activated charcoal, which gives the mask a black color.

It has a thick texture, reminiscent of a glue, and should be applied after washing your face with suitable soap. It can be used on the entire face, except on the eyebrows and around the eyes.

After about 30 minutes, the mask will be dry and it is time to remove it from the skin. As it forms a kind of film adhered to the dermis, just pull it carefully, from the bottom up. Then, the face should be washed again. The procedure can be performed 2 to 3 times a week.

This product provides benefits to the dermis, acting against acne and removing dead cells. Normally, the mask does not remove all blackheads (the deeper ones need other methods), but it is a good form of cleaning.

Some options are:

  • Avenca Blackhead Removal Mask (price: R $ 5.49) *;
  • Ricca Facial Mask 1,2,3 Goodbye Carnations! (price: R $ 8.97) *;
  • Dermage Charcoal Mask Purifying Facial Mask (price: R $ 13.64) *;
  • Beauty 4 Fun Black Purifying Facial Mask (price: R $ 13.95) *.

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Vaporization and exfoliation

Vaporization followed by exfoliation is a very efficient procedure for cleaning the skin, and greatly facilitates the removal of blackheads.

The purpose of using steam on the skin is to open the pores, which dilate with temperature. This vaporization can be done in the bath or using a basin with hot water, exposing the face to the released steam.

After opening the pores, the exfoliation process will be responsible for eliminating the accumulation of dead cells and cleaning the skin. There are many ways to exfoliate, from homemade recipes to specific skin cleansing products, such as exfoliating soaps .

This procedure should be done 1 or, at most 2 times a week. Excessive exfoliation can cause damage to the skin, leaving it excessively irritated and sensitive.

What causes blackheads to appear?

The appearance of blackheads is a consequence of the excessive production of sebum (oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands), which accumulates and clogs the pores, generating small visible and darkened lesions. When infected, these lesions become pimples.

Blackheads are generated by the contact of sebum with oxygen, which causes it to harden and darken, plugging the follicle. They are open blackheads, as the tallow is exposed and not covered by skin.

They are very common on the skin, especially on the nose, forehead and chin. However, in addition to the face, they can also appear in the groin, back and legs.

To avoid the appearance of blackheads, you must keep your skin clean and avoid the accumulation of sebum – responsible for the formation of blackheads. The ideal is to consult a dermatologist to indicate the most appropriate treatment for each case.

How to squeeze blackheads?

It is very common to squeeze blackheads with your fingers. However, this habit can be harmful to the skin, as the finger can transmit bacteria and generate infections at the site.

The most recommended is to carry out a skin cleaning procedure with professionals, who squeeze the blackheads properly and without causing damage or injuries.

However, a good option for squeezing blackheads at home is to use a blackhead extractor, a tool specifically made to remove blackheads. Check out some options:

  • Enox blackhead extractor (price: R $ 10.80) *;
  • Carnation extractor Santa Clara (price: R $ 11.79) *;
  • Blackhead extractor Marcos Boni (price: R $ 13.09) *.

* Values ​​consulted at Consulta Remédios. Prices may change without notice.

Blackheads are the most common manifestation of acne, and almost everyone has some blackheads on the skin of the face.

In this text, we saw what is good for removing blackheads from the face, what causes them to appear and how to treat them.

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