11 factors that may be the cause of your hair loss

The hair loss , a condition known as alopecia , can occur for many reasons, including:


Medication use

Some medications can cause temporary hair loss, such as chemotherapy drugs, birth control pills, blood thinners, blockers to control blood pressure, among others.


Any type of stress , be it physical or emotional, can cause hair loss for a period. After everything has calmed down, the strands tend to grow again.

Chemical products

Using too many chemicals in your hair can also cause it to fall out. Washing frequently, making progressive brushes or dyeing too much weakens the hair, making it easy to break.

Underlying diseases and conditions

Hair loss can be influenced by other diseases that are manifesting, in fact a symptom is a symptom of another problem. Examples of diseases that influence hair loss are:  anemia ,  thyroiditis , lupus , among others.

Postpartum hormonal reaction

Pregnancy is a process that affects the woman’s body a lot, and is also a type of physical stress to the various hormonal reactions caused in the body.

After the birth of the child, the female body undergoes a renewal process and it is common for the hair to fall as a result. But after the period, the strands grow back normally.

Bad eating habits

Failure to maintain a balanced diet of  proteins , vitamins , iron and zinc can cause hair loss due to the lack of these components, essential to the body’s functioning. After replacement, the wires tend to grow back without any problem.

Genetic inheritance

When parents have hair loss from a young age, it is likely that their children will also suffer from it. Genes influence a person’s predisposition, causing possible hair loss in both men and women.


When menopause begins, many hormonal changes occur that can affect the development of the hair strands, subsequently causing hair loss.

It is a hair loss that is usually temporary. With the use of indicated products and food, it is possible that the wires will grow back.

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Trichotillomania makes people feel the urge to constantly pull their hair out. Some people are unaware of the problem and unconsciously pull their wires during some activity.

In some cases it is not only the hair strands that are pulled out, but also eyelashes, eyebrows and even nose hair. Trichotillomania is seen as a mental disorder that has treatment.

Too much vitamin A

Everything in excess ends up being bad for our health. Overdoing drugs or supplements for physical training that contain vitamin A can cause hair loss.

It is necessary to observe the reaction of the hair, and if it is found that the loss of hair is due to excess vitamin A, it will be necessary to reduce consumption.

Ringworm on the scalp

Ringworm is an infection caused by fungi, which appear on the hair causing a lot of itching and causing the hair to fall.

This type of disease can be transmitted from person to person, through the sharing of combs, towels, hats and other objects that have contact with the hair.

This case can be treated and the hair grows back without problems.

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