What is the best hair mask? 8 options for you to test

Moisturizing your hair is one of the best ways to make it always healthy, with shine and softness, right?

Depending on the type of hair, the mask to be used can be specific, to provide what the hair needs most.

Treatment masks are divided into hydration, reconstruction and nutrition. The three types are beneficial and have their particularities:

  • The hydration ones , as the name already suggests, have moisturizing substances that prevent dryness;
  • The nutrition ones replenish the nutrients that the hair fiber needs to stay healthy;
  • The reconstruction ones return the natural properties to the hair.

With so many options of masks on the market, it is difficult to choose which one will be best for our hair type, isn’t it?

Thinking about it, the Healthy Minute decided to help in your search! Our team gathered 8 masks (tested by us) that can be used to turbine your wires.

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And don’t worry, because we have listed several options, from the cheapest ones to those that involve a larger investment. Just look:


Deep Nutrition Coconut Oil – Origin

  • Good for: those looking for a cost-effective mask.
  • Works well on: dry hair.
  • Quantity : 500mL.
  • Average price: R $ 15.00 *.
  • Mask type: nutrition.
  • Action time: 3 to 5 minutes, or 30 minutes for best results.

This treatment mask has vegetable oils, such as argan, macadamia and avocado, in addition to coconut oil (which gives the cream its name). Due to the presence of these oils, it is rich in vitamin A, D and E, which promote the strengthening of the hair fiber while moisturizing the hair.

The mask is great for those with dry hair and who need good nutrition. It also works perfectly for hair that has recently undergone chemistry.

It is possible to use it in two ways: during the bath, after the shampoo or after washing the hair, in order to obtain more hydration to the strands that are broken / dry.


  • Affordable price;
  • White colored cream (good for light hair);
  • Ensures good hydration.

Negative points

  • For those with oily hair, the cream can make the strands heavier;
  • For the product to take effect, it is necessary to use a good amount of cream, gloving the hair.

Meu Liso # Muito + Liso – Salon Line

  • Good for: those looking for a mask to relieve frizz and embarrassment.
  • Works well on: straightened wires that need a little help when brushing.
  • Quantity: 300g and 500g.
  • Average price: R $ 15.00 *.
  • Mask type: hydration.
  • Action time: 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the thickness of the wire.

For those who like aligned hair and with a “passed out” effect, the Meu Liso Hydration Mask # Muito + Liso is ideal! The product has corn starch, wheat protein and amino acids, ingredients that make the strands smoother and free from frizz.

It is indicated for straight hair, whether straightened, natural or relaxed. In the test on straight hair, the product did very well! When removing the product, you feel the melted wires and, when brushing, the task ends up being easier. However, it does not prolong the brush time, it just makes the task easier.

The only problem is that, if you straighten the hair and have a little curly root, the mask will not be as effective. It will aid in the clearance and fainting effect, but it does not match the curly part with the smooth part, nor prolong the brush effect.


  • It is consistent and creamy, guaranteeing that hydration;
  • Leaves hair passed out;
  • It has 2 size options;
  • It helps to reduce the frizz that always appears on brushed / flat hair.

Negative points

  • It is not effective on curly hair;
  • It does not prolong the smooth effect of the brush;
  • It has a slightly sickening smell.

Deep Hydration – Tresemme

  • Good for: those who want a quick hydration.
  • Works well on: hair that needs to restore softness without leaving a heavy appearance.
  • Quantity: 400g.
  • Average price: R $ 15.00 *.
  • Mask type: hydration.
  • Action time: 3 minutes.

Do you know when your hair is dull and in need of good hydration, but you don’t have time to go to the salon or join those longer processes? This mask will give you that super powerful little hand.

It promises hydration and softness of the strands without leaving that uncomfortable aspect of weight, even in the most oily hair, because its composition allows the use in all types of hair. It also controls the frizz and you will notice the difference when combing, because with the immediate softness that it provides, the threads are not tangled.

It has a texture that is not very thick, but it is also not very fluid, spreads well on the hair and still gives a good performance. It also helps to prolong the result of the treatment done in the salon.


  • Promotes hydration in a short time;
  • Leaves hair lighter when combing;
  • It does not weigh and can be used on oily hair;
  • It has a mild fragrance.

Negative point

  • Depending on the thickness and degree of dryness of the hair, it may not provide the desired level of hydration, requiring the help of other products.

Mask Faints Hair Forever Liss

  • Good for : those looking for a mask to combat frizz and reduce the volume.
  • Works well on : damaged hair that needs intense hydration.
  • Quantity : 350g and 950g.
  • Average price : between R $ 35.00 * (350g) and R $ 80.00 * (950g).
  • Mask type: hydration and reconstruction.
  • Action time : 5 minutes.

If you have dry and opaque hair, a deep hydration is ideal for the health and beauty of the hair to reappear. The Fever Hair Mask Forever Liss promises straight, passed out and super hydrated hair, in addition to having Brazilian keratin, panthenol, collagen and a synergy of amino acids in the formula.

In the test on straightened hair, the mask delivers what it promises: passed out hair, reduced frizz and a lot of shine. The only problem is that it has keratin in the formula and, therefore, it cannot be used very often, as it may end up drying the hair. The ideal is to use the mask every 15 days.

Another important factor is that the Forever Liss Fade Hair Mask should not be applied to the root region, as it may end up adhering to the scalp and generating oiliness – consequently, falling. Respecting these rules, your hair will be passed out and beautiful!


  • Leaves hair well melted, aligned and with reduced volume and frizz;
  • It has a creamy consistency and does not fall out of the pot when turned down;
  • It can be used in all types of wires, even those with chemistry, as it does not interact with other procedures.

Negative points

  • If applied close to the root it can end up generating oiliness (depending on the hair);
  • It can cause fall in oily hair;
  • Because it has keratin, it cannot be used often.

Silicon Mix – Next

  • Good for : those looking for a mask that returns the softness and shine of the hair.
  • Works well on : little damaged and dry hair, which needs good hydration.
  • Quantity : 225g.
  • Average price : R $ 40.00.
  • Mask type: hydration.
  • Action time : 2 to 3 minutes.

Silicon Mix is ​​that darling mask of bloggers. It is the perfect product for those who want healthy looking hair that is very soft to the touch.

In addition to silicone, the product formula includes keratin and ceramides. These assets help to restore the elasticity of the hair, decrease the breakage and restore the integrity of the strands.

Because it has a lighter texture, the application of this mask is super easy and can be done during the bath. Just let it act for a few minutes and the effect is noticeable almost instantly.


  • It has an affordable price for an imported product;
  • Untangle the threads as soon as it is applied;
  • Greatly increases the shine of the hair;
  • Leaves hair for days.

Negative points

  • It can leave a heavier appearance on the threads if they are more oily and the mask is not applied correctly;
  • It may not be as efficient on very damaged hair, which needs a more potent effect;
  • It is more difficult to find, especially in physical stores.

Inner Restore Intensive – Senscience

  • Good for : those looking for a mask that guarantees a deep repair of the threads.
  • Works well on : very damaged hair, with frizz and thick strands.
  • Quantity : 150mL and 500mL.
  • Average price : between R $ 170.00 * (150mL) and R $ 250.00 * (500mL).
  • Mask type: reconstruction.
  • Action time : 5 minutes.

Inner Restore Intensif is the ideal solution for hair that needs a treatment shock. That is, if your hair is extremely fragile, dry and frizzy, this mask can be the best way out.

The formula has several powerful ingredients, such as hydrolyzed keratin, arginine, panthenol and vitamins (A and C). All of this makes the hairs strong and healthy again. But it is worth remembering that the presence of silicone and glycerin can make the locks become heavier if the product is used very often.


  • It yields a lot because it is consistent and very concentrated;
  • Leaves hair very soft and aligned;
  • It greatly decreases the breakage and frizz;
  • Helps repair cuticles, reducing split ends;
  • Leaves hair very fragrant.

Negative points

  • High price;
  • In thinner hair, it can leave a heavy appearance on the strands.

Perfect Blonde – Origin

  • Good for: moisturize and lightly tint blond hair.
  • Works well on: yellowish blond hair.
  • Quantity: 500g.
  • Average price: R $ 16.90.
  • Mask type: tinting.
  • Action time: 5 to 10 minutes.

The Perfect Blond Mask is indicated for people who dye their hair blond or make locks and need to neutralize the yellow tones caused by the contact with heat (flat iron, hairdryer, babyliss).

According to the manufacturer, the mask acts in the replacement of capillary mass and reduction of porosity, in addition to providing repair and deep nutrition in the most damaged hair.

This dark blue cream does not stain your hand, so you don’t need to wear gloves. It also has a light blueberry scent: fruit that is present in the composition.

For wires that are darker yellow, coming close to orange, the mask does not work 100%.

It is ideal to be used weekly, to remove the yellow from the hair in less quantity. While neutralizing the unwanted tone, the mask also moisturizes the hair leaving it soft.


  • Good cost-benefit;
  • Moisturizes while neutralizing the yellow of the strands.

Negative points

  • In very yellow or orange hair the cream does not neutralize the tones 100%;
  • It is necessary to use a good amount of cream to glove the thread.

Specialist Blonde – Amend

  • Good for: tinting and moisturizing hair.
  • Works well on: blonde hair that is yellowish or orange.
  • Quantity: 300g.
  • Average price: R $ 30.00 *.
  • Mask type: tinting.
  • Action time: 3 to 5 minutes.

This mask is suitable for people who dye their hair blond or make locks. If you want to neutralize the yellow or orange tones of the threads after the action of time, you can bet on it! Its composition has amino acids and antioxidants that offer shine, strengthen and recover hair at the same time.

With a well pigmented purple color, it is necessary to wear gloves when handling the cream, as the pigment present in the product can stain your hands. The ideal is to apply the mask after the shampoo, because the de-yellowing action acts very fast and you need to monitor the tone you want, so that it does not end up leaving the gray hair (lead).


  • Yields a lot (a small amount of product already has an effect on the threads);
  • Neutralizes unwanted color while moisturizing.

Negative points

  • Intense purple pigment, can stain your hands (wear gloves);
  • It can lead to hair failure if left to act for more than 5 minutes.


* The average prices quoted were obtained through research in Consulta Remédios , made on 02/08/2019. Values ​​may change.

Taking care of the wires can be very easy when choosing good products. Take advantage of our tips and find the best mask for your hair!

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