Tips and care for each type of male hair

If you are one of those who think that taking care of hair is “a woman’s thing”, it’s time to rethink it!

Male hair requires treatment as much as female hair, because as the strands are thicker and the layers less thick, the owner of the hair can have undesirable surprises if he does not take care of it properly, such as oiliness, dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis .

To avoid these and other little surprises, we have separated some very important tips for your hair to show off beauty and health out there!


Wash the wires daily

According to experts, as most men have short hair, the tendency is that it is more oily than that of women. Therefore, to prevent the strands from looking dirty and badly taken care of, make it a habit to wash them every day. And this practice is not just to leave the oiliness with a low index, because it also prevents fungi and microorganisms from settling on your scalp and ending up having a party there.

Now that you know that you should always wash your hair, pay attention to how it should be washed. That’s right, it’s not enough to just go under the water, you need to use some specific products for your hair and avoid some others.

Way in the hot water

There is no doubt that a hot bath is relaxing, but for the hair it is a danger! The hot water directly on the scalp, in addition to drying the strands, contributes to the oiliness of the hair only increases. Then write it down: the correct temperature for washing is warm to cold.

Use the specific shampoo for your hair type

There are many types of hair out there, just go out on the street to check it out. There are oily, straight, curly, long, short hair … And thanks to the cosmetics industry, there is a specific shampoo for each one of them. Be sure which one is yours and rock it!

Escape the 2 in 1 shampoos, as they do not have the same effect as when using the shampoo and conditioner separately.

No use of female shampoo on your hair, as, as we explained, men’s hair is not the same as women’s hair. Therefore, male hairs need actives that only the proper shampoos for them can offer.

Thin and volume-free hair

Shampoos for this type of hair have substances that give more volume to the strands, as they fill the air space between them.

Frizzy hair

Curly hair is usually very dry, so the shampoo needs to have a very good moisturizing action. And that is exactly what you are going to look for in the packaging, right?

Curly hair

For curly hair, you need a shampoo that disciplines curls. Usually, these types of shampoos are unisex, but that’s okay, as they work the same way!

Falling hair

Anti-hair loss shampoos are enriched with amino acids and vitamins that strengthen the hair and its root, and its use is indicated for every day.

Several brands have this type of shampoo, Dove Men Care and Kerium La Roche are just some of them.

Very oily hair

If you feel that your hair is greasy even after you wash it, choose products with ingredients that regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands and that, at the same time, have a refreshing action. For this, bet on Dercos Shampoo Sebo-Corrector , a product formulated for men and women who have oily hair.

Unruly hair

If your hair is not in the place where you left it initially, bet on products that have assets that fight the frizz of the strands.

Grey hair

Pay attention to always make use of specific products for gray locks, such as Ox Men Gray. If you do not use them, the wires may turn yellow.

Hair washed more than once a day

So that your hair does not suffer any damage, choose a mild shampoo that has a moisturizing action, thus preventing the drying of the hair. Our tip is the Fisiogel Stiefel Shampoo.

Do not use conditioner as often

The conditioner is a product that needs to be used only on the ends of the hair, because if it reaches the root it can leave the scalp more oily. As it is an almost impossible task to apply the conditioner only on the ends for those with short hair, the ideal is that the product is not used as often – twice a week is already great! But if you have long hair, you are free.

After washing your hair, it’s time to fix it

With your hair washed, you need to dry it, comb it and fix it. But, like washing, these steps also need to be taken care of. For example: to dry the hair, do not use the dryer a lot, as it can damage the wires. So, prefer the old and good towel, but dry the threads from the ends to the root, and without much pressure so as not to break them.

To straighten the strands the way you want, use a wooden comb with wide teeth, as it allows static neutralization of the hair. After combing, it is recommended to use finishers , such as the Bozzano Fixative Gel Extended Action and the Charming Special Black Shaping Ointment .

But be careful in the quantity, because when used in excess and not removed from the hair in the correct way, some residues remain there, causing unnecessary oil and dirt. The tip is that, from time to time, you wash your hair with an anti-residue shampoo, so that those unwanted residues leave the hair at once.

Last but not least, if you are always exposed to the sun, sea water or chlorine in the pool, use sunscreen for your hair and then, during the bath, wash the hair well and rinse it with neutral water – that is, desalinated.

Avoid excessive use of caps, caps and hats

In addition to the style they provide, these items are a great solution for when your hair is in those famous bad days. But the extreme use of them causes suffocation in the scalp, making the strands even more oily. And don’t use them, under any circumstances, with wet hair, because then the oiliness situation gets even worse.

Get treatments often

Do you think we’re done with the tips? Far from it, we still have some more for you, boy! Check it out:

Take care of your food

The first treatment you should do is from the outside to the inside, that is, take good care of your food, as it helps to make your hair always healthy and beautiful. To do this, invest in a diet rich in protein , iron, minerals and B vitamins .

Invest in moisturizing treatments

Another type of treatment that you should do is the one for the hair. As the threads are subject to the effects of external agents, moisturizing them with the right products every 15 days or so is a great option.

The “enemies” of every man

Every man has some kind of enemy, but there are two that are common to all: baldness and dandruff. That’s why we decided to help you with that too. Turn on the tips!

Avoid falling the wires

First, it is necessary to keep in mind that baldness is genetically determined. Therefore, if your father, grandfather or uncle are already treated by the family as “the bald man”, you can be sure that your destiny is practically compromised. But, it is also important to know that there are other factors that can induce baldness in addition to heredity: use of anabolic hormones, scalp trauma and emotional disorders, such as stress .

If you treat the problem early, you can avoid excessive hair loss! The use of anti-hair loss shampoo already helps in the prevention, but the specific treatment for baldness should be done with a dermatologist, as only he will know how to indicate the best products and treatments for you. The products most used by men are minoxidil and finasteride , but nothing to use them without consulting a specialist first, huh ?!

Get rid of dandruff

A problem faced by most people, dandruff is characterized by scaling on the scalp, oiliness in the hair and an unpleasant smell that, if left untreated, will not go away on its own.

Therefore, always use a shampoo and an anti-dandruff conditioner and always dry the wires before going to bed. In addition, it is important that you also take care of your hygiene and food. Remember that several factors can influence the health of your hair.

Don’t forget to keep the cut

The ideal is that you cut the locks every 6 weeks, because when they are cut frequently, several benefits are brought to them, such as softness, shine, suppleness and beauty. Always prefer to cut with a specialist, because in addition to knowing exactly what is best for your hair, it will always be on top of trends.

So, did you like it? If you have any other tips that are not here, send them to us. We will love to meet new things!