Skinimalism in make and skincare: trend for 2021

If you, like other women, are lost when you see skincare or makeup tutorials due to the “thousand products” used, a new trend in the world of beauty called skinimalism may please you.

It gained strength throughout 2020, due to the search for a more practical and basic beauty routine on inspiration sites, such as Pinterest.

However, many believe that it reflects a transformation in the aesthetic world and will gain even more followers this year. Check out!


What is Skinimalism?

In the skinimalism trend, “less is more”.

Skiminism refers to the combination of two terms, skin and minimalism. This is a concept that means using only what is necessary, eliminating any type of excess.

The idea is widespread in areas such as clothing, decoration and household items, as a way to optimize the use of natural resources and create a more sustainable world.

However, now, the minimalist concept is invading a new field, with the skinimalism trend, that of beauty.

According to the trend report on the Pinterest website, phrases such as “how to have naturally glowing skin”, “everyday natural makeup” and “homemade skincare” had a large volume of searches on the platform.

Thus, the definition of skinimalism was born to help those who want to adopt a more practical and light routine for skin care (the famous skincare) and also for makeup.

We can consider one of the biggest benefits of this tendency to reduce the amount of cosmetics used, which helps in creating a leaner and simpler beauty routine.

There is also the incentive it promotes for a lighter and more natural looking skin, since it will no longer be necessary to apply several layers of products daily.

Therefore, all those items applied to the face with the intention of hiding what is considered “defects” must be removed to make room for others that can provide hydration and naturalness to the skin.

How to adopt Skinimalism?

The first step in adopting the skinimalism style is to recognize your skin type. So it is possible to identify what it needs and what products are really essential to benefit it.

This consequently reduces the excessive purchase of cosmetics and the time devoted to routine care.

It is important to emphasize that the priority of the sknimalism style is to promote a care routine that, in addition to being simple and practical, can provide a hydrated and illuminated complexion without the need to make it “perfect”.

Therefore, seeing makeup as a way to enhance and complement the natural and healthy aspect of the skin is highly encouraged.

Tips for Skinimalism

Some tips that can help those who want to adhere to skinimalism are:

  • Taking care of food: everything we eat ends up reflecting on the health of the skin, because it is through food that our body receives the nutrients it needs. Therefore, having healthy eating habits is essential to having a naturally radiant skin;
  • Consume more water: constantly hydrating yourself with water throughout the day is another fundamental habit to have healthy skin, since water replenishes the entire epidermis, promotes elasticity and hinders premature aging;
  • Set aside time to take care of the skin: The skin (as well as nails and hair) is exposed to several factors that can damage and compromise the healthy aspect of it. Thus, having time available to care for and maintain the skin’s health is very important;
  • Understanding that there is no perfect or ideal skin: normalizing the presence of spots, pimples, freckles, among other details on the skin is a way to improve self-esteem and not feel pressured to be within an aesthetic standard.

How to have a naturally lit skin?

Using hydrants frequently is one of the secrets to naturally lit skin.

To have a light and naturally lit skin, it is necessary to invest in facial treatments (which can be easily done at home) that provide this effect.


Exfoliation aims to remove dead cells that accumulate over the days on the face, leaving the place “available” for the appearance of new cells.

This causes the skin’s appearance to be renewed and consequently appear lighter and brighter.


Moisturizing the skin daily is one of the biggest secrets for a radiant skin, as it helps in the external replacement of nutrients that promote firmness and shine to it.

There are several moisturizing options to buy, but it is necessary to be attentive if the product is suitable for your skin.

Therefore, remember to read the label to know the substances it contains in the formulation of the product and consequently if they will be efficient for you.

In addition to facial moisturizers, others that are specific to the eye region can be used, as this ensures a harmonic illuminated effect.

Which products are worth buying?

There is no rule regarding the products to be purchased and used, however, those who want to be in line with this new trend, can opt for cosmetics that are rich in wildcard substances.

Like vitamins C and E, which are powerful antioxidants, they stimulate collagen production and help to potentiate the effect of sunscreen (important for skin protection).

In addition, you can also add makeup items with a 2 in 1 effect to the routine, that is, those that promise two (or more) benefits in 1 cosmetic only.

For example, foundations that provide coverage, hydration and even help control skin oiliness. Or lipsticks like lip tint that can be used on both lips and cheekbones to color them.

Skinimalism in skincare: how to take care of the skin at home?

For skinimalism, it is possible to have a well-groomed skin using few cosmetics.

Taking care of your skin at home can be a simple and uncomplicated task, just by selecting essential cosmetics that will renew and make you healthier.

This helps to make the care routine leaner and more practical, without the need to spend hours doing various treatments.

Some of these more basic cares are:

* Prices consulted in January 2021. Prices may change.


The make-up remover has the purpose of removing all the makeup used on the face, this makes the skin free to “breathe”.

In addition, it prevents components present in the formulation of makeup from damaging the skin and causing the appearance of acne and blemishes.

Some makeup remover options (with price *) are:

  • Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleaning Handkerchief (R $ 19 *);
  • Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Solution (R $ 52 *);
  • L’Oréal Paris Micellar Water (R $ 16 *);
  • Água Micelar Neutrogena Purified Skin (R$19*);
  • Nivea 3 in 1 Demaquilante Cleansing Handkerchief Moisturizing Action (R $ 17 *).

Facial mask

Anti-aging, detox, moisturizers, anti-greasiness, to close pores. There are countless options of facial masks that can be used.

Among the available options are:

  • L’Oréal Revitalift Filling Facial Mask (R $ 16 *);
  • New Face Cosmetics Amazon Anti-aging Facial Mask (R $ 19 *);
  • Ruby Rose Clay Pink Face Mask (R $ 30 *);
  • Dermage Soothing Green Facial Mask (R $ 14 *);
  • L’Oréal Paris Detox Facial Mask Pure Illuminating Clay (R $ 25 *).


Serums are easy to absorb liquid options that promote hydration, whitening, cell renewal, among other benefits to the skin.

In general, the product can be used on any type of skin (except if it is allergic), even on oily skin, as it helps to reduce sebum production on the face.

Some alternatives are:

  • Hydrabene Whitening Multicorrective Facial Serum (R $ 80 *);
  • Sérum Facial Bioderma Hydrabio (R$75*);
  • Sérum facial wants Vitamina 100 Pure (R $ 28);
  • Sérum Facial Laenita Water Bomb Ampoule (R$75*);
  • Nivea Cellular Filler Facial Whitening Serum (R $ 42 *).


Sunscreen is very important to protect your face from damage caused by exposure to the sun.

Therefore, invest in a good sunscreen suitable for your skin type and with a sun protection factor (SPF) above 50.

Some even contain coloring pigments that promote coverage, serving as base substitutes.

Some options are:

  • Episol Color SPF 70 Sunscreen (R $ 51 *);
  • Anti-Aging Sunscreen La Roche-Posay Anthelios AE SPF 50 (R $ 80 *);
  • Prot and tor Solar Eucerin Facial Oil Control SPF 60 (R $ 60 *);
  • Protetor Solar Vichy Ideal Soleil Clarify FPS 60 (R$57*);
  • Protetor Solar Facial Neutrogena Sun Fresh FPS 70 (R$50*).

Skinimalism and make: how to make a natural make-up for the day to day?

To make makeup more natural for everyday life, according to the skinimalism trend, priority should be given to items that are more practical and with more neutral colors.

However, everything will depend on what each person likes to apply and which cosmetics are best suited to the type of skin they have.

Prepare the skin

When the skin is already moisturized and lightened due to the care routine, it becomes much easier to prepare the skin for make-up.

The first step is to prepare the skin for application, so use a moisturizer of your choice and a good sunscreen. Then, a fluid foundation with light coverage like BB cream and a compact powder in its shade can be applied.

And finally, a blush for those who like the “coradinho” effect.

Highlight the look

To highlight the look, just a mascara that stretches and adds volume to the lashes is enough, but those who want to increase the look can use an eyeliner pencil to make the famous “kitten effect”.

Make your mouth more neutral

For the lips, only a cocoa butter or lip gloss can be used, which helps in moisturizing and protecting the lips.

However, those who want to add a slight color to the mouth can opt for lip tint, which is a useful pigment to color the lips (or cheeks) in a natural way.

The Skinimalism trend promises to rock this year, as it demonstrates that to feel beautiful it is necessary to be comfortable “in your own skin” and not seeking to reach unattainable standards disseminated on social networks. To access more articles like this, select the Beauty tab !