Makeup for small eyes: from drooping eyelids to pulling

Makeup for small eyes can enhance beauty and highlight personal characteristics.

With the right techniques and tricks, it is possible for all faces to be harmonious and beautiful.

There are several ways and tips that can make your eyes stand out more.

Keep reading this text to find out how!


How to enlarge the eyes with makeup?

Some tricks can help to increase the look in different types of eyes, whether they are small, chubby or drooping:

Small, drawn eyes

Common in the Japanese and Chinese ethnicities, the small, drawn-out eyes can be enlarged through makeup tricks!

One of the most common ways is to use the eyelash mask , along with the eyelash curler.

The concave of the small eyes should be marked diagonally, to better highlight the region and give the feeling of spaciousness. Smoke the center of the eyelid, stretching the shadow towards the temples.

Check out the result of a make:

Small, chubby eyes

In chubby and small eyes, a lot of makeup can be used with the concave marked and also go beyond it, to “open” the look.

The concave is the part where, when placing the brush on the eyelid, the fabric slightly “sinks”, right in the region between the eyebrow and the eyelid.

At this point, use colors like dark brown or a light black to mark. In this way, the look harmonizes, becoming less chubby.

Check out the result:

Small, droopy eyes

The drooping type eyes are those that have the corners slightly pulled down.

For eyes that are also small, the ideal is to highlight the upper part, the eyelid, because in this way it is possible to look up.

When using eyeshadow, just apply the dark colors (brown, black) at the end of the eyelid, making a kind of outlined kitten with the eyeshadow.

In the middle, always use a lighter color, to help open the eye, making this contrast.

When finishing the makeup, use the eyelash curler combined with the mascara, to highlight even more.

If you like a glow, put an illuminator in the outer corner of the eye, making a point of light, this also helps to make an up in droopy eyes.

Check out a production:

Small, deep eyes

Eyes that are small in size and deep should avoid dark shadows as they can accentuate the depth.

In this case, the ideal is to use light tones and make light effects. Mix light shadows on the eyelid, for example, a light brown and a light pinkish beige.

At the inner tip of the eye, close to where the tears come out, use an illuminator to highlight even more. You can also use beige or white pencils on the waterline, making the eye look bigger!

Small eyes and round face

Round face with small eyes can be put on to highlight its beauty.

To do this, use and abuse the earthy tones in the eyes, be it the eye pencil or eyeshadow, as they tend to magnify the look and give light color.

If you want to enhance the look, use the eyeliner on the waterline, starting from the middle to the end of the line. In this way the look opens up in a harmonious way.

Check out a suggestion:

Outlined for small eyes: day to day or night

The outline on small eyes needs to be done carefully and always thinking about maintaining a line that is in harmony with the size of the eyes.

For this, the tip is to make a thin line.

Take the eyeliner, it can be gel or liquid, and make a very thin line, close to the upper lashes, lengthening the line for an outlined kitten.

The mascara can enhance the make-up along with a beige pencil on the waterline, to make the look look more open.

If you want to use this make-up for the night , use a highlighter in the outer corner of the eye and a red lipstick to highlight it.

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Walkthrough: simple makeup for small eyes

To do this step by step you will need the following makeup items:

  • White, black and silver eyeshadow;
  • Illuminator;
  • Black and beige eye pencil;
  • Mascara;
  • Curvex.

After making the skin preparation your way, apply the black eyeshadow only at the end of the movable eyelid, lightly and smudging well.

Then, take the silver eyeshadow and apply it in the middle of the eyelid and, finally, the white eyeshadow in the corner of the eye.

The shadows blend together, black with silver and silver with white.

After the shade, take the beige pencil and pass in the water line, apply a little of the illuminator in the corner of the eye to give more shine.

Finally, take the black pencil and lightly pass it under the waterline.

After using the eyelash curler, apply mascara to the lower and upper lashes.

If you want, use a lipstick to close the production!

Highlighting small eyes, whether deep or chubby, and making them more expressive is possible with the right makeup techniques and products.

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