How to use concealer? Tips for choosing and applying colors

Knowing how to use concealer is one of the most important steps for perfect skin in makeup.

This product is a great ally when putting on makeup, as it allows for different effects and makes it possible to disguise dark circles, dark spots, scars and pimples.

There are different shades of concealers and some colored ones, that is, for all skin types and for different purposes.

When it comes to the common concealer, it can be a shade lighter or darker than the color of the base, it depends a lot on the effect that is sought with the product.

Using a lighter concealer can help brighten, but it can also accentuate dark circles.

In people who do not have many imperfections to cover, the light concealer can end up causing a very artificial effect or making the person pale. Therefore, in general, the ideal is to choose the same shade as the base.

To find the ideal product there is not much secret, being necessary to test different brands and colors.

Check out some tips on how to use this product to have an impeccable makeup!

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How to use colored concealer on the face?

The conventional concealer, chosen according to the color of each skin, usually causes only a lightening effect. When you use it to cover a dark circles, for example, it ends up just being softer, but still noticeable. In some cases it tends to become a light violet.

To cover it completely with this concealer, it may be necessary to apply several layers of product, which may not provide such a good finish. After all, no one likes to have their face with the famous “pasta” aspect.

Colored concealers come as a solution in these cases, as they can hide dark circles, spots and pimples without the need for many layers.

This is because a specific color is able to neutralize the opposite color. The main corrections are orange (salmon), green, yellow, lilac and red.

Understand the function of each of them:

Orange or salmon

The orange concealer or more pulled by the salmon is usually used to cover blue circles under the eyes, especially in people who have much more noticeable spider veins and veins.

It can also be used to disguise gray tones, which can be common in black skin.

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The green concealer is recommended for people who need to correct imperfections such as scars, pimples, spider veins and red spots (from the pimples or around the nose, in the side corners to the nostrils).


This color of concealer can help to neutralize deep dark circles (purple or brown) and also to disguise purple bruises.


The lilac concealer can be used by people who have spots on their skin such as freckles or brownish spots.


Recommended for people with black skin. It can also be used in people with vitiligo , to help give skin pigmentation.

Usage tips for colored concealer

As seen, colored concealer will not always be the best option for the desired finish. It is advisable to use the concealer in the skin color beforehand and, if the result is not good, use the colored ones.

Therefore, for a correct use of colored concealer, some tips are interesting:

  • It must be applied before the base or the common concealer;
  • Sponges or brushes suitable for concealers can be used;
  • Can be applied with fingers, with light taps;
  • It should be applied moderately and in thin layers, until the product completely covers the imperfection. If used in excess, the effect may be the opposite. Rather than disguising the stain or dark circles, it may be able to give an even greater prominence.

Which comes first: the base or the concealer?

With the exception of colored concealers, which must come before the foundation, it is most advisable to use the common concealer only after applying the foundation. This is because it has the function of covering what the base was unable to fully disguise.

When using concealer before, product waste or overuse may occur, since the base is also able to disguise small spots and lighter dark circles.

After applying it is possible to observe well what still needs to be disguised or illuminated by the concealer. Thus, the coverage is more beautiful and has no effect cracked by excess makeup.

Another important point to note is that when using the base, the movements made with the sponge, brush or fingers tend to be more intense. Thus, when applying the concealer beforehand, the person may end up removing it when applying the foundation, leaving the coverage more flawed.

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It is not always possible to notice that the result was not the best immediately, but throughout the day, if the concealer is applied from below, the spots and dark circles tend to become evident more quickly.

Step by step: how to apply concealer in the eye area?

Knowing which product is right and how to use concealer in the eye area is important to disguise dark circles and prevent the product from getting cracked in the region, forming or highlighting expression lines. There are some tips that help to leave the perfect finish. Check out the step by step below:

Make a triangle

Apply the concealer in the desired shade by forming a triangle in the area below the eyes, with your fingers or a brush. It is not necessary to fill this triangle, as this way there is no waste of product.

Spread to the center

With the outline of the triangle done, start spreading the concealer to the center of it. With your finger, tap lightly to spread the product.

The ideal is to avoid back and forth movements, as this may end up removing the product or making it uneven.

Make the eye contour

In order not to create a shadow in the eye area, be careful to spread the products well around the lower lashes, such as an eye contour.

Still in light tapping movements, start taking the product also towards the eyelids.

Apply to the eyelid

It is common for the eyelid to be more pigmented than other regions of the face. Therefore, the concealer can also be used to make the region lighter. The product can be applied to give a better finish when applying the eyeshadow.

Do not overdo the amount of product

In excess, the concealer may end up highlighting fine lines of expression, and may accumulate in the concave. So less is more when using it. The finish should be natural, as if the skin were naturally so.

What is the best concealer color for dark circles?

It depends . The best color of concealer depends on the color of the dark circles. Colored concealers are used for the chromatic effect, which means that they neutralize an opposite color. For example, a person with a more grayish or purple purse should opt for more orange or reddish concealers.

Green, on the other hand, neutralizes more reddish spots, and brown and lilac dark and deep dark circles (brown or purplish).

If the dark circles are lighter, the skin color concealer may be enough to disguise it.

Check out some suggestions of these products and concealer brands that can help disguise dark circles *:

  • Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer: R$ 152,00;
  • Vult Facial Concealer : R $ 9.77;
  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealer : R $ 23.39;
  • Corretivo Revlon PhotoReady Concealer: R$ 34,10;
  • Dailus Color Facial Concealer : R $ 8.46;
  • Concealer Who Said, Berenice? High Coverage : R $ 39.90;
  • Tracta Matte Effect Concealer : R $ 21.96;
  • Revlon ColorStay concealer : R $ 40.41;
  • Vichy Dermablend Stick Concealer : R $ 169.00;
  • Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer Concealer : R $ 149.00;
  • Corretivo Bourjois Concealer Concealer Stick : R $ 56.90.

* Prices refer to searches performed in July 2019, indicating the best value found in Consulta Remédios . All prices are subject to change without notice.

With the makeup ready, it is as if the concealer went unnoticed. Beside a well-outlined and shaded eye, or with a highlighted red lipstick, the effect of the concealer is not as prominent.

However, the role it plays is capable of transforming someone’s look by disguising dark circles, blemishes and scars.

We try to put some important tips on how to use concealer and the different colors available.

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