Smoky eye: tips and a simple step by step

The smoky eye is a classic makeup technique, able to highlight even more a party production or even for everyday life.

The “blurring” is nothing more than softening the make-up marks and lines, in this case, the eye make-up. Generally, back and forth or circular movements are used.

To do this, it is possible to use pencil or eyeshadow and invest in the use of brushes, one with a flatter tip to apply and the other more fluffy to smudge.

You will know that you have made a perfect smoky eye when you cannot see where a shadow begins and ends, as a gradient effect.

The color used can vary, with brown and black smudging being quite common, but the nude or colored colors have been gaining space.

Want to know how to do this makeup? Check out the step by step below and essential tips:

How to blur the eyes?

Before you start blurring your eyes, you need to think about what materials will be used and what colors – which can be unique or combined with each other.

Some people like the effect more or work better with eyeshadow, other people prefer to smudge the pencil. So, check out how to do it in both cases:

With pencil

The smudge made with the pencil is very simple, being an option for those who are still a beginner and want to train the technique without needing several shades.

To do this, just use the pencil as if you were going to make an outline. Draw a line close to the lashes and with a harder brush, smudge immediately afterwards.

You need to be quick to smudge because the pencil can dry on the skin very quickly, making it more difficult to spread it on the eyelid.

Regarding the shade, the pencil leaves a thicker or heavier layer, being ideal for those who want a more marked coverage.

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With shadow

One of the classic smokers with eyeshadow is made with three colors (base, intermediate and main), but this can vary a lot depending on the result you want to achieve.

In more elaborate make-up, in addition to the use of eyeshadows, it is also possible to complete with the use of glitter, eyeliner and even the eye pencil.

An advantage of using eyeshadow is that this is a material that spreads and blends very well on the skin, differently from the faster pencil.

Often, for those who are starting to train, the shade can be simpler due to the ease of mixing with other colors and products.

Simple step by step: how to make a gradient?

There are different ways to make a smudge. However, for those who are starting, it is nice to know a simple step-by-step to be followed and from these tips, to improve the technique. Check out how to make a basic smokey eye:

Start preparing your eyes

Before starting the smudge itself, it is necessary to prepare the eyelid to receive the products. This step is important for the smokey to have a good finish and that the fixation is greater.

Some professionals recommend the use of concealers or eyeshadow fixers, but in some cases, this more humid aspect of the skin can interfere when it comes to smudging.

So it is interesting to test which technique works best for you.

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Base shadow hour

The second step is to define the background shadow. For this, it is possible to choose between the most colorful (pink, orange and peach color) and also in the most neutral tones, such as brown.

These colors act as a base for the shadow that will be applied over the top, composing a smoother transition between the tones.

When applying, the ideal is to use a brush with the tip more flat and firm. To apply the eyeshadow, perform “back and forth” movements on the movable eyelid. To smudge, use a cuddly brush.

It is not necessary to apply a lot of base shade to the concave, as the intermediate and main base will cover it.

Pass the middle shadow

The intermediate shade is the transition shade between the background and the main color. There is no rule in the choice of colors, being something that depends on the preference of each person.

All of them can be used in this technique and combined with each other.

Using a fluffy brush, but a little smaller than using the previous step, repeat the application of the shadow on the eyelids with the same movements.

Pass the product to the center of the eyes, spreading to where the darkest shadow will be deposited;

Smoke with the main color

The main color is the most prominent in the smoky. It should be applied to the outer corner of the eye, as if creating a lateral V, bypassing the concave.

With circular movements, blend the shadow until it is mixed with the base and intermediate colors.

The brush most recommended for the application is the brush with a flatter tip, as it helps to better deposit the product in the desired location.

Then, to smudge, it is best to use a more fluffy brush.

It is important that the smudge is done well, so as not to leave any markings. The ideal finish is a gradient, that is, a smooth transition between the colors of the base, intermediate and main eyeshadow.

Smoky at the bottom of the eyes

In the lower part of the eyes, the process is similar to what is done in the upper part of the eyelid, but the ideal is to use smaller and thinner brushes, such as the chamfer.

To make it even more marked, it is possible to pass the eyeliner out of the waterline, to blend as well.

See how the smudging at the bottom values ​​make:

Finish with eyeliner and mascara

To make the look even more striking, bet on the use of a mascara or false eyelashes. It is also a complement to the use of an eyeliner.

Makeup with smoky eye: single or double

When it comes to makeup, there are no rules or standards. Makeup is also creativity and a way of expressing yourself.

Therefore, when making a smoky eye, there are several paths that can be followed.

However, even knowing this, there are some classic models that work well on different skin types, eye shapes and faces.

Some examples are smoky black, brown with gold, pink and glitter. Here are some inspirations:


It is also called a smokey eye , being a wild makeup.

It can be done in a more loaded way, but it is also possible to work with a lighter black smokey eye.

Another suggestion is:

Brown and gold

The golden and brown smokey eye is a very common combination too, which harmonizes with different skin types and eye colors:

With brightness and emphasis on the internal barrel:


This smudge can be made only with different shades of pink, but also in combinations with other colors, such as black and brown.


To escape a little from the more classic smoky, as is black and brown, blue can also be an option. Here’s a template for inspiration:

Smoky eye with glitter

For those who want a brighter finish, there is the option of a glitter smudge:

Betting on the outline highlights the make:

The smoky eye is one of the main makeup options for parties and evening events.

It is a simple, versatile technique that makes the look even more outstanding. Here we show a simple step by step and models of inspiration.

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