Thermal hair protector: 7 products to protect the hair

The thermal hair protector is an essential product for people who use devices such as a flat iron, hairdryer, babyliss or diffuser on a daily basis. As the name already gives a premise, this product protects the hair strands from the high temperatures of these procedures.

It is as if he created a barrier around the wire, preventing the heat from the appliances from drying out and breaking his hair, leaving him with that unhealthy appearance that everyone wants to avoid.

You can already see how important he is, right? However, choosing the best thermal protector is not always an easy task.

In the market, there are countless products and with different characteristics, which makes it difficult to get the ideal protector for your hair.

We have separated some good options to use your flat iron / dryer safely, without fear of damaging the wires and, of course, away from the much feared frizz.

For each product, we list the indication (for which type of hair), presentation (spray, cream, serum), available packaging and price.

Check out the following and find out what suits you and your pocket:


Match Thermal Protector (Apothecary)

The Boticário Match Thermal Protector is a product with a very light texture and easy application. It is responsible for creating a protective layer around the wires and protecting them from the heat of the flat iron and the dryer.

The Bio Extratus Blond Desamarelador finisher has several beneficial functions for the hair.

In addition to being thermal protector, it also contains reconstructive, regulatory and antioxidant functions, which act by protecting the color and maintaining the natural shine of the hair.

It is ideal for hair that is naturally blonde or that has been dyed in that shade, as this product is able to purify hair color, removing those yellowish pigments that often start to disturb the look.

And, of course, it protects from damage caused by appliances (such as the flat iron and dryer) and also from drying out the sun.

  • Suitable for: Blonde, gray, bleached or streaked hair.
  • Presentation: Cream.
  • Quantity: 200g.
  • Price *: from R $ 27.92 to R $ 33.50.

Thermal Spray (Salon Line)

Following our list, the Thermal Spray from the Salon Line is yet another thermal protector option that guarantees the health of the hair against damage caused by heat.

It is indicated mainly before the use of the dryer and diffuser, which are the most used by women with curly hair.

Its formula has a mix of components that protect the threads from damage, such as D-panthenol, aloe vera, coconut oil and also a mix of water-soluble silicones.

Each of them has a beneficial function for your hair, but in general they moisturize, provide vitamins , give shine and even add a touch of class to the finalization of your hairstyle.

  • Suitable for: Curly hair.
  • Presentation: Spray.
  • Quantity: 300mL.
  • Price *: R $ 12.67.

Defrizante Thermal Protector (Nazca)

The Nazca thermal protector is also an excellent option to help with the heat treatment of your hair. Among its functions, the main ones are to repair the hair fiber and align the cuticle of the strands.

The formula of this product has two powerful friends of hairdressers, it is keratin and silicone. They are responsible for repairing split ends and helping to hydrate and rebuild the wires, respectively.

It is also a good product for your pocket. In comparison to the others, it is one of the cheapest products, capable of leaving your hair protected and without increasing the oiliness of the strands.

  • Suitable for: All hair types.
  • Presentation: Cream.
  • Quantity: 240mL.
  • Price *: from R $ 14.09 to R $ 17.91 .

Poker Straight Thermal Protector (Frajo)

The Poker Straight thermal protector is a versatile and essential product for those who straighten their hair on a daily basis. This is because in addition to protecting from the heat damage of the appliances (flat iron, dryer) it also has another function: that of protecting from UVB rays (sun rays).

Its composition is rich in antioxidants and also includes the presence of green tea. They are the ones who will fulfill the role of protecting the hair from damage from high temperatures.

  • Suitable for: Straight hair.
  • Presentation: Spray.
  • Quantity: 50mL and 200mL.
  • Price *: R $ 56.90 to R $ 65.90.

Leave-in Professionnel Nutrifier (L’Oréal)

In this list we also need to mention L’Oréal’s Leave-in. This product is able to perform several functions in your hair, all of them to protect the locks.

The product guarantees an intense and deep hydration of the strands, giving back to the opaque hair that is difficult to untangle the nutrition and hydration lost by daily aggressions.

It is enriched with coconut oil and glycerol, which are two products known to treat dry hair.

  • Suitable for: Dry hair
  • Presentation: Cream.
  • Quantity: 150mL.
  • Price *: from R $ 88.26 to R $ 133.91.

Revlon Uniq One ​​Leave-in (Frajo)

The Revlon Uniq One ​​Leave-in is a wild product and it should be essential not only in the beauty salon, but also in your home.

In addition to protecting from heat damage, it also controls frizz, leaves hair loose, maintains color and protects from UVB rays. You can already see that he is powerful, right?

At the end of it all you will notice your hair with a natural volume, extremely light and perfumed.

  • Suitable for: All hair types.
  • Presentation: Cream.
  • Quantity: 150mL.
  • Price *: from R $ 104.40 to R $ 149.90.