How to moisturize your hair: powerful tips for each type

Loose, light and shiny hair: would this be a dream? Hydrated wires are not that difficult to achieve. Just follow a capillary schedule to the letter and use good products.

In this text you will find some really cool tips to get the long dreamed of hydrated hair


What is hydrated hair?

But after all, what is a well-hydrated hair? Hydrated wires are those that have good water maintenance, so they are strong, shiny and do not fall frequently or break.

To identify dry and dehydrated hair, just listen to the strands. Yea! Listen to your hair.

If, when you run your hand, your hair makes a rough sound, or when you rub the strands they look like they are about to break, in this case it is dry hair.

The appearance of dry hair also gives them away. A lot of frizz and that volume without definition are indications that your hair is in need of a little help.

Hydrated wires make almost no noise! If when you pass your hand, you feel that the strands slide smoothly between your fingers and still have a soft touch, this is properly hydrated hair.

We have to remember that a routine of care not only with the wires is necessary in these cases.

Maintaining a good diet with a variety of vitamins and minerals, staying hydrated and using the right products for your hair type are ways to keep your locks looking good.

Shiny hair also indicates good hair health, but be sure to identify when your hair is oily. Threads with a lot of oil tend to get that wet hair look, while the shiny ones have a light from the roots to the ends. You notice this right after I got out of the shower and dried your hair.

How to know when to hydrate?

When the wires go through some chemical process or you use the dryer, flat iron and babyliss a lot, the hair loses its natural moisture – that which comes from inside the hair fiber.

These actions affect the natural moisture of the yarn. Always take your hair: the touch is the main way to know when they are in need of some measure.

Oh, and don’t forget to listen, too. Rub lightly on each other and notice if the sound is from hydrated wires that slide easily or they are practically screaming for hydration.

We can hear your hair here saying: hydrate me, please!

What is the difference between wetting, hydration, reconstruction and nutrition?

Ok. My hair is dry, but what do I do? There are 4 ways to act at that moment: hydration, moisturizing, reconstruction and nutrition. Discover here the difference of each one and what your hair needs:


Unlike what some people say, all hair needs hydration, be it chemical, smooth, natural, curly and even oily!

The hair fiber has natural moisture, which makes your hair look hydrated. Throughout the day, factors such as wind, sun and the simple bath will remove this natural water and leave your hair drier.

Hydration replenishes this lost water, which is why it is so important. Extremely dry hair can break and fall more easily, so it is necessary to keep your strands always hydrated.

To do this, set aside at least one day of the week to hydrate. Masks and moisturizing creams are your great allies right now!

One of the ways to use these products is during the bath. After washing your hair with shampoo, apply the cream all over your hair, avoiding the root. Fill the wick well and let it act as long as it is indicated on the packaging. Then rinse well and finish your wash with a conditioner.

It is important to follow this sequence, respecting the action and each product. The shampoo opens the hair cuticles and cleans them. The mask comes with all its hydration and penetrates the fiber. Finally, the conditioner acts by sealing the cuticles, ensuring a more effective action in its hydration.


Our hair is made up of 90% keratin – a fibrous protein that is present in various parts of the body, especially hair and nails.

When we do a lot of chemical processes, such as straightening, relaxing and even dyeing, we lose a good part of the hair mass.

Nutrition is especially for that! It returns its mass to the threads and replenishes the essential lipids for the good maintenance of the threads. Always opt for products with many vitamins and minerals, as they leave your hair nourished and shiny.

Look for masks that are especially for this and apply to clean hair after shampoo. Pass the mask through all the hair, gluing strand by strand. Leave the time indicated on the product label and then apply the conditioner.


Reconstruction consists of the capillary mass replacement process, especially indicated for those who use a lot of chemical in their hair.

It replenishes the keratin that was lost during these processes. But always remember to read product labels when it comes to reconstruction and choose products that contain keratin in their composition.

This process is also carried out with reconstructive creams and masks, look for a product that is ideal for your hair.

Masks can be applied in the bath or outside. After cleaning the hair is the ideal time to apply the product, as the cuticles will be open and ready to receive the vitamins and minerals of the cream.


Humidification, on the other hand, is carried out with essential oils, that is, oils that are not produced by the body but are necessary.

This process restores the vitality of the threads and leaves them with an incredible shine. It is especially suitable for curly and curly hair, as the waves prevent the natural oil from reaching the ends, needing a palliative measure for this.

It is clear that nothing prevents those who have straight hair to moisten, but it is necessary to remove all oil from the hair. Otherwise, the person may have very oily and heavy hair.

Wetting can be done with dirty hair. To do this, pass the oil of your preference from the length to the ends – not at the root, as this makes your hair weigh and look wet afterwards.

Let it sit for a few minutes and then continue with your care routine as normal.

You can also do a night wetting. Simply apply the oil to the dry threads and secure. If you prefer, you can cover the pillow so that it does not get dirty. Leave it on all night and, when you wake up, wash your hair to remove all the product.

Ready! Wires sealed and very shiny. This process also acts to prevent split ends, so if you are already desperate thinking about cutting your hair, bet on a wetting to see the difference.

How to properly moisturize hair: product tips

A very important step when taking care of your locks is the temperature of the bath. No hot water!

It causes premature aging of the hair, leaving it extremely dry. If you are at very high temperatures, it can even harm your skin … So imagine what you don’t do with the hair!

If you can’t stand the very cold water, one solution is to wash your hair in a warm temperature and, in the end, run a cold shower only on the strands, to seal your cuticles and prevent the hair’s natural moisture from being lost.

Ah, creating a good hair schedule for you is essential to conquer the locks of dreams.

What is an official, adapted Capillary Schedule, how to do it, products

Here’s how to moisturize each type of hair and get incredible results:


Dry hair always likes hydration! If your hair is extremely dry, seek the help of professionals who can recommend the right product for you.

Always bet on hydration masks to return water to your hair. Also take turns with nutrition and moisturizing to get even better results.

Products designed for this can be a good option, read the labels carefully and check if they are for your hair type. An example is the EuMe Hydration Mask , which has arginine and aloe vera, important moisturizers that leave the hair silky and soft.

Another product that can help you in this process is the Aussie Moist Mask, which was reviewed by the Minute Healthy team!


Ah, keeping the curls is not easy, right? Curly hair has a tendency to be more dry, as the natural oil cannot reach the ends. So it is always good to bet on good moisturizing with essential oils like castor and jojoba.

Intensive care products can be of great help to curly hair, as they act continuously, preventing the dryness from returning days later.

The Niely Gold Nutrition Treatment Mask , for example, is filled with oils and promises soft, shiny hair.


Straight hair is generally prone to greasiness. However, this does not prevent hydration and wetting of the wires, as the tips can become dry.

Look for products that promise to remove excess oil without drying out the root. And always remember not to put oils or masks directly on the scalp, as this can have the opposite effect of what you are looking for.


Natural or bleached blond hair needs different treatments. If your hair is natural and has no chemical process, you should moisturize it whenever you feel the need.

The discoloration process removes almost all of its capillary mass. In such cases, it is always good to invest in wetting and reconstruction. Always pay attention to the differentiated processes for curly and straight hair.


Male hair is usually thick and bulky, so it is often difficult to tame.

Always look for products for your hair type, antioxidant shampoos clean deeply and leave the hair free from the action of free radicals, removing any residue from gels, conditioners or lotions.

Like chemistry

Chemical hair is the one that needs the most attention. Replacing the lost mass is necessary, as well as its moisture and brightness.

So, make a capillary schedule with all the processes, from wetting to reconstruction. So, your hair can continue with the chemistry, but without losing strength and movement!

Look for products that are especially suitable for chemically treated hair, because in addition to preventing the coloring from going away or that the straight ends, they still replenish the necessary nutrients.

For a good recovery, the Inner Restore Senscience Mask. You can find out more about her by reading her review here at Minute Healthy!

With smoothing

Hair with straightening or relaxation can suffer from breakage. Products that restore and return the dough without affecting the smooth effect can be great friends at these times.

And that’s exactly what the Amend Post-Progressive Smooth Effect Extended Mask promises! Products indicated especially for this are the best for your case.

Regardless of your hair type, be it natural or chemically, straight or curled, hydration is always welcome.

Keeping him healthy is a process that involves a good diet and even a good night’s sleep to always have good results.

Also always remember to listen to your hair and check what it needs. Know your wires and look for products that are indicated especially for your case!

Is that you? Tell us your little secret to treat dry hair: have you used these other methods? The Minute Healthy team will love to know!