Best lip balms: 7 options to buy at the pharmacy

Regardless of the season, be it winter or summer, it is extremely important to take care of the health of your lips. This is because it is a delicate region, with thin skin and very susceptible to dryness. So, that’s where lip balms come in. 

They are responsible for preventing sunburn, dehydration and also peeling of the lips.

But choosing the ideal protector may not be an easy task. In the market there are a multitude of products, with different characteristics and all prices.

So, for you to stay on top of some good options of lip balms, we have separated a short list that will help in your choice.

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See below:


Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Protector

To start our list, Nivea lip balm has two important characteristics. It is able to moisturize the lips for a long time and also bring shine with a light pigmentation.

Fruity Shine is considered a versatile product, as it can protect against dryness caused by the cold, but it is also a good option to use in the summer, since it has a sun protection factor 10, which helps in protecting against UVB rays.

This is a sign that your mouth will be well protected and with a slightly reddish color, with a naturally healthy aspect.

In addition, this lip balm contains fruit extract in its composition, and its flavors can vary between watermelon , blackberry , strawberry and peach.

  • Main ingredients: almond oil, jojoba, shea butter and fruit extract.
  • Quantity: 4.8g.
  • Price: from R $ 11.70 to R $ 19.48 *.

Bepantol Derma Daily Lip Balm

The daily bepantol lip balm protects against exposure to UVA and UVB rays and winds that damage the most sensitive areas.

So, the product guarantees an intense and prolonged hydration throughout the day. With its SPF 30 and ingredients capable of combating dryness, it helps against premature aging.

  • Main ingredients: Dexpanthenol and vitamin E;
  • Quantity: 4.5g;
  • Price: from R $ 24.15 to R $ 40.95 *.

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Lip Ice Cube Lip Protector

Lip Ice Cube lip balm is an extremely versatile product. It has a variety of aromas and a lot of beneficial functions for the lips.

Protecting, regenerating, smoothing, moisturizing and shining are some of them. In fact, the Lip Ice Cube has sunscreen factor 15 in its composition.

It is modern and full of technologies, capable of stimulating the production of collagen (a fundamental substance for the health of tissues) and also giving that perfect, shiny and, of course, well hydrated finish.

It can be found in chocolate flavors with mint, peach and mango , vanilla , strawberry , pomegranate and blueberry .

  • Main ingredients: antioxidant vitamins A, C and E, in addition to shea butter;
  • Quantity: 6.5g;
  • Price: from R $ 15.18 to R $ 25.76 *.

Epidrat Sunscreen Lips

Following our list is the Epidrat sunscreen. It helps to treat dryness and also prevent skin cancer in the region.

The product is hypoallergenic, that is, it has little chance of causing allergy , and has SPF (sun protection factor) 30, which guarantees good protection against sunlight.

Another important feature is that this product has no flavor or aromatic substance and is resistant to water.

  • Main ingredients: Carnauba, shea butter, beeswax and lanolin;
  • Quantity: 5.5g;
  • Price: from R $ 41.65 to R $ 77.50 *.

Avène Cicalfate Lip Balm

Avène Cicalfate’s repairing balm can be used for both lips and skin.

It is specially designed to repair tissues that have suffered damage due to weather conditions and also side effects from medical treatment or chemical processes.

Therefore, it is a product with a very high hydration potential, capable of repairing the most irritated and easily peeling areas, leaving the lips protected and healthy.

In addition, its formula allows the product to last up to 6 hours, being water resistant.

  • Main ingredients: glycerin, sucralfate, copper and zinc sulfate;
  • Quantity: 10mL;
  • Price: from R $ 29.99 to R $ 36.99 *.

Nivea Med Protection Lip Protector

Here is a product synonymous with instant hydration for the lips. Nivea Med Protection is able to create a barrier on the skin, which prevents dryness.

Even having this effect, the product does not leave the lip white or sticky, as it has a fine texture.

In addition, it is lightly scented.

Another important feature is that it also has protection against UVA / UVB rays. Ensuring lips not only well cared for in winter, but also in summer.

  • Main ingredients: wheat germ oil, vitamin E and bisabolol (oil found in chamomile);
  • Quantity: 4.8g;
  • Price: from R $ 13.87 to R $ 19.48 *.

Granado Lip Balm

Finally, a product designed to protect your lips and leave them with a new, smoother and much smoother appearance. This is Granado’s Lip Balm.

It has several versions, with different fruit aromas, which leave a mild taste in the mouth.

Its formula has important ingredients that will be combined against dry and dry lips.

In addition, it is free of parabens (chemical preservatives) and also does not contain any ingredients of animal origin. There are several flavors to please everyone, such as mango , cherry , passion fruit, guarana, guava , pomelo, lemon and tangerine.

  • Main ingredients: olive oil, vitamin E, vegetable waxes, shea butter and olive.
  • Quantity: 13g;
  • Price: average of R $ 23.99 *.

* Prices consulted at Consulta Remédios , in the month of July 2019. Products may change in price without prior notice.

Lip balms should always be part of our daily lives, regardless of the season. The mouth is a delicate region that needs daily care.

So, whether winter or summer, always carry a lip balm with you, they can keep your lips protected and free from sunburn, peeling and even skin cancer.

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