Beard models: styles ranging from short to large

It was the time when it was common to hear that keeping a beard is a sign of sloppiness or rebellion. Currently, the game has turned and she is a symbol of personality and style. In addition to helping to enhance male beauty.

But due to the huge variety of models, it is common for people to be a little undecided to choose.

There are no rules and it is best to use the one that best adapts to the preference of man, however, there are some models that, in general, combine more with each face shape.

So, nothing better and more practical than checking the main beards and choosing the one that best suits you.

To make it easier, we will separate them by size, that is, models with short beards and others with big beards.

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4 short beard models

Starting with the short beard, there are some models that are, in general, closer to the formal and clean appearance, as soon as it leaves the skin of the face more exposed.

Despite being a short size, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to take care of it. It requires as much care as a big beard, what will differentiate is how to care.

For these cases, a good shaving foam, suitable blades and moisturizers must be essential to maintain them in a healthy way.

Follow some short beard models:


The “unshaven” model is one of the most common. In a relaxed way, it is as if you have forgotten the way to the barbershop for a few days and have no trimmer at home.

But it’s not that simple.

Despite the name, this model needs care, especially in size, and it is necessary to trim it with some regularity, always for 3 to 4 days.

You can use a shaver, evenly, or create a gradient in areas with flaws, reducing defects.

That’s because its main characteristic is the very short hair around the entire face, capable of bringing a more rustic look.

But there are also some variations, like beard more sawn or with thinning hair, which are more spread on the face.

It is ideal for men with square, rectangular and oval faces.

Real beard

Royal beard was very common in the 16th century and is returning as a trend. This model is characterized by the hair concentrated on the mustache and chin, but which does not outline the mouth.

As for the face shape, this model combines more round or square ones, as it is as if it were the junction of the mustache and the goatee.

The model is perfect for those men who want to refine the face, leaving the chin more elongated.


As we just mentioned the goatee, nothing better than talking about it next. In this model, the hair is concentrated on the chin and only in that region.

Very common in the 80s and 90s, this beard has stood the test of time and remains very common today.

Although all types of goatee follow the same aspect, with more hair volume in the chin area, there are several types. What differentiates one from the other is the shape, design and length.

Like the real beard, this model can refine the face, even more than the previous model.

As for the square and round faces, it can also combine very well, precisely to give a feeling of symmetry on the face.

Jawline (on the jaw line)

Finally, within the short beard size, is that model known as Jawline. If it is translated freely, it is when the hair is concentrated on the jaw line.

In this style, the hairs are trimmed and drawn, precisely to accompany the jaw. With a gradient finish, this model can be a good option.

For those who suffer from failures in these regions, Jawline can be a great choice, because it concentrates the hair on the chin line, following the entire jaw.

As the hair on the cheek is removed, any flaws there will not be noticed.

It is recommended for those faces in more oval and rectangular shapes.

4 big beard models

After talking about some short-bearded models, it’s time for a big or long beard.

Adopted by many a few years ago, these models are quite successful today. In fact, it is common to observe products and salons specialized in the model.

They are used especially to give that more rustic impression and match any face style.

However, it is necessary to be careful when taking care of them. This is because it is always necessary to keep them clean and hydrated, and depending on the size this may not be an easy task.

Because it is a big beard, care is essential. Oils, shampoos, and creams are excellent weapons to make this beard even more stylish.

But, on the other hand, a well-groomed beard is the envy of any Viking.

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So check out some of the major big beard models below.

Lumberjack or Lumberjack

To begin with, how about we are already talking about the best known. Such a lumberjack beard, or Lumberjack, is one of the most popular and stylish models.

It is characterized by long, well-aligned hairs and thick or rounded tips, while in the cheek regions the hairs are smaller and gradually diminish. This creates a more elongated effect on the chin.

It manages to bring all the boldness to the look, being perfect for faces of square and rectangular shapes.

Full Beard

Next, we have Full Beard, a beard with a large volume of hair and capable of providing a more uniform appearance to the face.

It is recommended for a rounded or triangular face shape.

It is very similar with the lumberjack model. However, the difference is that Full Beard has uniform hair, while lumberjack has a smaller size on the cheeks, precisely to create this elongated effect.


Another very common model of those who use a big beard is the Ducktail, also known as a duck’s beak.

Despite being considered a big beard, its side has a medium length. In the most central region of the face, this style of beard is fuller.

It is very common for people to use it combining with a gradient on the sideburns, which goes up to the hair. Thus, it gives that feeling that the beard tapers at the ends.

That is, ideal for oval or round faces, as it is able to tune the chin.


Finally, we have one of the most daring models so far. The bandholz has unmistakable characteristics: long mustache and long beard.

This model is perfect for men with a more triangular face shape, because due to its full and long aspect, it ends up balancing the look.

It suits well for those who have a more daring style and adventurous spirit. But at the same time, it manages to bring a more classic look.

The beard is on the rise and today it is a common care for many men.

In addition to the model, maintaining hair care is essential for a harmonious face and a healthy beard.

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