How to keep healthy hair at home? See tips

Taking care of the health of the hair can be a big challenge, especially during the hustle and bustle of everyday life. So, why not take advantage of the quarantine , or those days at home, to invest in hair health and maybe even establish a care routine ?!

We know that not everyone has the opportunity to stay at home only during this period, many still need to go out to do their chores. However, as many of the extra and leisure activities have been interrupted, we are staying in our home longer.

Thinking about it, check out the following tips and see which ones you can apply in your day to day:


Maintain the hygiene and nutrition of the wires

There are those who say that washing your hair is bad (and it really can). However, not washing enough can also be harmful to the health of the hair.

This is because excess oil, accumulated when hygiene is lacking, can cause problems such as itching and hair loss .

Therefore, it is essential to keep your hair always clean for it to be healthy. This is a basic care that mainly involves the scalp. However, it is also necessary to take care of the length of the wires.

In this sense, you can invest in masks or ampoules of hydration, so that in addition to clean, your hair also remains soft and well nourished. Here are some products that can help with this:

  • Super Vichy Dercos Rebounding Capillary Ampoule ;
  • Pantene Pro-V Strength and Reconstruction Treatment Ampoule ;
  • EuMe Strength & Growth Hair Mask ;
  • OGX Argan Oil Of Morocco Treatment Mask ;
  • Concentrated Mask Salon Line Maria Natureza Power of the Chestnuts .

Start a capillary schedule

The capillary schedule is a method that aims to restore life and health to the strands, varying according to the needs of each hair.

It is not a procedure with immediate results. They are long-term care and that really aim to treat the hair in a deep way – the first results usually appear in the first weeks.

As the name suggests, this is a timeline. First you identify the level of damage to your yarn and then organize the method for your needs.

Basically, the capillary schedule consists of three stages: hydration , nutrition (or moistening) and reconstruction .

What is an official, adapted Capillary Schedule, how to do it, products

You can take advantage of the quarantine period to establish this habit. Since with each wash, one of these steps must be done – which takes a little more time than usual.

As mentioned, you can set the steps according to your hair’s needs. But, if you want, you can follow the order of the “official” schedule:

  • 1st week: Hydration, Hydration and Nutrition;
  • 2nd week: Hydration, Hydration and Nutrition;
  • 3rd week: Hydration, Hydration and Reconstruction;
  • 4th week: Hydration, Hydration and Nutrition.

Remembering that each step corresponds to a wash. So, if you wash your hair more than 3x a week, choose 3 washes to perform the procedures – one each day .

Take the opportunity to leave your hair in its natural shape

The biggest villains of the hair are the chemical procedures (dye, progressive, discoloration, etc.) and the excessive use of heat : flat iron, hairdryer, babyliss .

Even though they are extremely harmful to the health of the hair, these processes are part of the routine of many people.

So, how about taking advantage of the isolation period to let the hair stay in its natural form? Of course, you don’t have to abandon all procedures if you don’t want to.

But invest in small changes. For example, when you’re at home, instead of drying your hair with a hairdryer, try letting it dry naturally – even if it’s not every wash.

Another tip is to avoid the elastic hair clips, as they can break and sensitize the strands. So, try to take advantage to let your hair loose when you can.

If you can avoid at least one of these habits and, along with that, maintain care such as hydration, it is already a big step. Surely your hair will be much healthier!

Maintain healthy habits

Care must always start from the inside out. So, there is no point in spending hours in the beauty salon or doing home care on the wires if you do not take good care of your health. Check out how to take care of your hair based on good eating habits and good sleep:


A good diet reflects directly on the health of the hair, nails and skin. So the opposite is also true: a diet that is low in nutrients is harmful.

When our body lacks enough nutrients (such as vitamins , proteins and minerals), the strands tend to get weaker and this can even increase hair loss.

So, anyone who wants to keep their hair strong, soft and shiny needs to have a good diet and drink plenty of water (at least 2L per day).

In addition, experts indicate that the ideal is to invest in proteins (milk, eggs, meat or vegetable proteins) and natural antioxidants (fruits and vegetables). It is also important to avoid foods high in fat!


When we don’t sleep well, our hair is also affected. Especially for those who already suffer from hair loss problems, which is often related to hormonal factors.

So, when we can’t get enough sleep, our body can’t properly regulate hormones. In addition, it also fails to act to resolve inflammatory processes – such as seborrheic dermatitis , which affects the scalp.

It is also worth mentioning that not sleeping well can raise stress levels , a great villain for the health of the hair, since it is one of the main causes of hair loss.

So, try to keep your sleep regulated, following the 8-hour-a-night orientation. This way, you keep your hair healthy and your body more balanced.

Control other external factors that can harm hair

As we saw in the previous topic, eating and sleeping can help keep your hair healthy. However, they are not the only factors that can change the health of the hair.

Emotional imbalances, such as stress and anxiety , are great villains of our health, and can also affect the skin, hair and nails.

Among the most common causes of hair loss, for example, is stress. So it is very important to try to avoid situations and / or a very stressful routine.

In addition, it is worth reinforcing what was mentioned in the previous topic: control external interferences in your hair, such as chemical procedures (dyeing, discoloration, straightening, etc.) that are very harmful to the hair.

That way, establishing a hair care routine and avoiding external factors, your hair will certainly look much more beautiful and healthy!