Check out: 7 products that will be a trend in 2021

Every year some products have seen a trend, both in the world of fashion and cosmetics. Some go viral for its innovative proposal, others have been on the market for a while and, suddenly, explode in popular taste.

Thinking about it, we separated 7 products that are possible trends for the year 2021. See:


Beauty trends for 2021

In the last year, the popularity of “ natural beauty ” has grown a lot , which was evident from the fashion of increasingly lighter makes , for example. Whoever liked this trend, can be happy because everything indicates that it should continue to rise.

In addition to natural beauty, experts in the world of beauty also point out that in 2021 there should be a greater preference for sustainable items . In this sense, we can include cruelty-free products (free from animal cruelty), vegan, with natural ingredients and also those that have biodegradable or recyclable packaging.

Thus, the tendency is that there is a greater concern not only with beauty itself, but with the impact that it produces, especially on environmental issues.

And speaking of concern, some experts indicate that people are increasingly concerned with what they are using, paying more attention to the ingredients and assets of the products. Therefore, transparency in the formula is also a major trend for 2021.

Two other trends are versatile or multi-function items, in order to ensure greater practicality in daily use, and personalized products – those that have exclusive formulas and customized according to their characteristics and needs.

Now, thinking properly about products that will be on the rise, we have separated some options so that you can get to know better and think about whether or not you will join the trend:

Bar shampoo

Shampoo and conditioner bars are products that have the proposal to completely replace traditional ones, being a much more sustainable option. This is because they do not have plastic packaging (highly polluting) and, in addition, they are vegan.

Bar shampoo is a sustainable alternative to replace conventional ones.

That is, they do not use ingredients of animal origin and are also not tested on animals.

They work in much the same way as normal shampoos and conditioners. In the case of shampoo, just moisten the bar and rub on the scalp until it forms foam. The bar conditioner, on the other hand, must be damp directly on the ends of the hair.

It is worth mentioning that the formula of these products is also a highlight, as they are free of parabens, sulfate and silicone . Therefore, they can be used even by those who use the low poo practice (little or no shampoo).

One of the main brands that manufacture this type of products is BOB . On the brand website, the kit with shampoo + bar conditioner can be purchased for R $ 75 * , or you can buy individually (R $ 38.50 for shampoo and R $ 42.50 for conditioner).

Despite the price, the brand indicates that the shampoo yields 60 washes and the conditioner 90.

* Prices consulted in January 2021. Prices may change.

C vitamin

It is not new that vitamin C is currently a well-known beauty item and has become more and more popular. Well, since natural beauty remains high, there will also be an increasing trend in the use of products that treat the skin .

The goal is to have a skin with healthy and beautiful appearance for longer, in order to reduce the use of makeup to camouflage imperfections.

In this sense, vitamin C remains highly recommended by dermatologists, because it is one of the most powerful assets when it comes to preventing premature aging , leaving a uniform tone in the dermis and even lightening blemishes.

There are several options on the market, the ideal is always to seek the guidance of a professional in advance, in order to know which one is best for you. Check out some of them and the prices *:

  • Vichy Liftactiv Vitamin C Facial Whitening Serum (10mL) – from R $ 167 to R $ 200;
  • Adcos Derma Complex Concentrate Vitamin C 20 (15mL) – from R $ 120 to R $ 135;
  • Skin.q Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum Who said Berenice (30mL) – R $ 119;
  • SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic Antioxidant Serum (15mL) – from R $ 259 to R $ 300;
  • Bioderma Pigmentbio C-concentrate Whitening Serum (15mL) – from R $ 157 to R $ 209;
  • Dermage Improve C 20 Antioxidant Serum (30g) – from R $ 180 to R $ 240;
  • Serum Eucerin Hyaluron Filler Vitamin C Booster (8mL) – from R $ 87 to R $ 130;
  • La Roche-Posay Salicyli C10 Anti-Aging Facial Serum (30mL) – from R $ 189 to R $ 240.

* Prices consulted in January 2021. Prices may change.

Fotoprotetor Isdin

The Isdin HydOLotion FPS50 + Photoprotector is a product that brings an innovative proposal: the first biphasic body photoprotector. It is like water, which allows rapid absorption into the skin, without leaving residues.

In addition, this protector also increases the oxygenation of the skin. With this, it promotes cell reenergization and regeneration against oxidative stress caused by the sun. Thus, it decreases the formation of free radicals and prevents premature aging.

It is a dermatologically tested product that has a biodegradable formula.

Thus, it may be a possible trend in 2021. This, considering that besides being innovative, it is also a versatile (protects and treats the skin) and sustainable option.

As for the price *, the Fotoprotetor Isdin HydOLotion FPS50 + (200mL) costs between R $ 50 and R $ 90.

* Prices consulted in January 2021. Prices may change.

Lip scrub

Thinking about the idea of ​​natural beauty, care must be increasingly focused on valuing this aspect, which includes not only facial creams and serums. In 2021, a trend should be to expand the world of skincare for lip care.

Some experts indicate that a product that should be on the rise is the lip scrub , which has the proposal to make the lips more beautiful and pink. So, it is not necessary to use lipsticks, lip tints , gloss or similar – just a good lip moisturizer and that’s it!

The lip scrub proposes to leave the lips with a more beautiful appearance. In conjunction with a good lip moisturizer, it is the perfect combo for this care.

There are still not many options for this product on the market. But one of them is the Koloss Lip Scrub and the Care Lips Scrub Fun Ruby Rose Scrub, launched in January 2021. Both can be found in the price range * from R $ 10 to R $ 15.

* Prices consulted in January 2021. Prices may change.

Jade roller e Gua Sha

Something that rose during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 was the home spa, which can range from simple body care to a beautiful facial massage . For this procedure, only fingers or some accessories can be used.

An example that has become increasingly popular is the jade roller and the gua sha stone . They are tools used to massage the face, performing a small drainage, helping to relieve swelling, reduce dark circles and even prevent sagging.

In addition, the jade stone has natural properties that favor the oxygenation of the dermis and strengthen its natural defenses, as well as minimizing oiliness and acne .

Therefore, the use of these items may continue to increase in 2021, being a trend that favors natural beauty and the use of natural products. At this point, it is emphasized that in order to obtain the desired results, it is important that the jade roller and gua sha are made of legitimate stones.

Regarding the price, a kit with both items costs around R $ 200 * . Some of the brands they sell are: Blink Lab, Océane and BIOVEA.

* Prices consulted in January 2021. Prices may change.

Facial and body oils

The use of natural products must be increasingly present in skincare routines (facial or body). An option that can stand out in the trends of 2021 are oils , either in cosmetic serums or in its pure form.

There are several of them, both for the body and for the face, with specific benefits ranging from hydration and antioxidant action (protects against premature aging), to minimizing oiliness and fighting acne.

Before choosing which one to use, it is important to consult a dermatologist. In this way, the professional will be able to indicate the appropriate option for your skin, guaranteeing the desired effect.

Among those that can be recommended, there are options such as the following:

  • Body Oil Hydramais almonds and collagen – moisturizes, perfumes and gives firmness to the skin, but can also be used on hair to treat split ends, shine and promote growth;
  • Lavender Body Oil WNF – moisturizes, acts as a natural soothing to the skin, prevents premature aging and has a healing action (especially beneficial in cases of scarring or even stretch marks);
  • Bio-Oil Body Oil – takes care of dehydrated skin or with signs of age, as well as treats and prevents stretch marks and scars, in addition to helping in the uniformity of skin tone and lightening spots;
  • Panvel Faces Tea Tree Facial Oil – especially suitable for combination and oily skin, with a tendency to acne (pimples and blackheads), due to its astringent and purifying properties, leaving the skin fresh and without greasiness;
  • Clarins Blue Orchid Facial Anti-Aging Oil – moisturizes, tones and prevents premature skin aging;
  • Vegetable oil WNF rosehip – is a great cell regenerator, helping to minimize scarring and prevents the impact of free radicals on the dermis, in addition to being a powerful moisturizer due to the concentrations of vitamin E.

Vichy Mineral Strengthening Mask 89

Considering the trend of products with a transparent formula and good assets, as well as the popularity of Vichy Mineral 89 moisturizer, a product that may have a rise is the Facial Strengthening Mask of the same line (launched in the second half of 2020).

One of the product’s promises is an active formula that is free from the overuse of preservatives. In addition, it is dermatologically tested and has proven its effectiveness in strengthening skin barriers, moisturizing for up to 24 hours and smoothing lines.

It is also a practical item that works in just 10 minutes. What is ideal, as more and more the tendency is to look for ways to not waste time in the care routine.

The price * of the Vichy Mineral 89 Strengthening Mask is R $ 41, with one unit.

* Prices consulted in January 2021. Prices may change.

We hope you enjoyed this selection of products and beauty trends for this new year. But keep following the Healthy Minute to have access to several other contents, from health to the universe of beauty!