Laser hair removal: find out if it hurts and eliminate all hair

Making the choice between shaving or not can be a delicate moment.

While some people are beautiful with the presence of their hair, others feel uncomfortable and prefer to take it out (and it’s okay!).

Aimed at those who choose to remove it, there are some options such as: wax, tweezers, depilatory cream, among others.

However, these are short-term solutions, which solve the problem for, in general, only 1 month at most.

For those who want to remove hair permanently (or almost), there is laser hair removal, a procedure that removes the wires from the body, gradually.

The Minute Healthy team tested this type of hair removal and told us all about the experience! Check the review of the procedure and learn more about it

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a progressive hair removal technique, by means of laser emission in the chosen body region.

The technique aims to destroy the hair follicle, that is, the structure responsible for the formation of the hair. This, consequently, causes the inhibition of its growth.

The laser is applied in the chosen region and targets the melanin of the hair – pigment present in the hair, which causes its dark color.

The emitted light penetrates the skin and is absorbed by this melanin, which causes damage to the wire-forming structures.

Progressively with each session, these structures are damaged and lose strength, until the hair follicles are destroyed and the hair stops growing.

Does laser hair removal permanently remove all hair?

No . Also known as permanent hair removal, laser hair removal – unlike pulsed light – is a technique in which there is the possibility of a permanent result in some people, however, the performance of the procedure does not guarantee that the hair will never grow back.

This is because in the body there are inactive hair follicles that can be activated over time, due to the release of hormones, for example.

Thus, the body stimulates the development of these follicles, resulting in the production of new hair.

In this way, the hair affected by the laser, in general, will not grow back. However, new hair can be formed, requiring maintenance sessions.

How are the maintenance sessions?

Maintenance sessions are those that aim to maintain the result of laser hair removal, eliminating possible new hair.

The time interval to carry out the maintenance session may vary according to the chosen laser technique, application site on the body and the body of each person.

In general, the first maintenance can be done after the appearance of new hair. After that, the frequency must be determined by the professional who performed the procedure.

How long does it take to shed hair in laser hair removal?

It depends . There are different techniques and devices used for laser hair removal.

In some cases, the total removal, with a blade, of the hair immediately before the session is indicated. Thus, there is no hair on the outside of the skin, so there is nothing to fall out of.

In other techniques, hair removal is indicated about 3 days before epilation, so that the hair is present on the day of the session, but they are neither too big nor too short.

In this case, the time for the hair to fall can vary, but in general, about 10 to 15 days after the procedure the hair falls naturally.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

-Yeah . The pain during the procedure can vary according to the chosen region and the sensitivity of the client. In general, parts of the body that have thinner skin tend to hurt more.

Despite this, currently, there are technologies that aim to minimize pain during the procedure.

In some techniques, the frequency of the laser can be changed according to the sensitivity of each person.

In general, the procedure is not completely painless, but it causes tolerable discomfort in most cases.

What are the precautions before and after having a session?

Before and after performing a laser hair removal session, it is necessary to take some precautions so that the treatment has the expected result.


Before epilation, it is important to prepare the skin to receive the procedure. Among the main indications are:

Avoid sun exposure

Sun exposure should be avoided for at least 15 days before epilation. This is because during the procedure, the laser light is attracted by the melanin.

When there is exposure to the sun, in general, the skin’s melanin is increased. Thus, if the region to be shaved has a high level of melanin, there is a risk of resulting in spots and burns.

Suspend acid-based creams

Many people use acid-based creams to remove stains.

If the product is being applied to the laser region, it is recommended to suspend the use for at least 3 months before epilating.

This is because creams with acid leave the skin sensitized, and there may be a reaction after the procedure.

The indicated is to consult the doctor (a) responsible and evaluate the best solution for each case.

Do not shave with wax or tweezers

Before and after performing the procedure, it is not recommended to shave your hair with wax or tweezers.

This, because for the laser to work, it is necessary that the hair is on the skin. When shaving with wax or tweezers, the hair is removed completely, with no place for the laser to act.

Epilating with razor

In general, it is recommended that the hair be removed with a blade before performing the laser.

The time for this removal can vary according to the technique and laser device used, but, in general, it is between 1 to 3 days before the procedure.


After the first laser session, care is similar to pre-procedure. The main ones are:

  • Do not expose to the shaved area in the sun for at least 3 days after the session;
  • Do not wax hair;
  • Avoid cosmetics and creams on the shaved spot;
  • If necessary, apply ice packs to relieve sensitivity and swelling.

Depending on the region of epilation, the use of sunscreen daily is also important for the protection of the site.

My impressions: how is the experience?

I did 3 laser hair removal sessions – of the 6 I will do – with Soprano Ice technology. I told what I thought so far, what are the positive and negative points, giving a score of 0 (very bad) to 5 (very good) for each topic!

Time of each session

The time of each session was one of the points that surprised me, since I imagined it to be a long process.

The duration can vary according to the size of the laser application site, but, in general, they are fast.

In my case, I did the armpits and groin area in the same session, the entire period lasted between 10 and 15 minutes.

I considered it an excellent point, since I chose to hold sessions during the week (it was the only option, due to my routine), in which I do not have much time available.



Contrary to the experience of some people who noticed only a slight tingling during the procedure, I felt pain in both the armpit and groin area.

Although the groin is generally more sensitive, I did not notice much difference in discomfort in relation to the armpit.

In general, the sensation during the application is of needles piercing the skin. At the same time, the device gradually heats up, causing a burning sensation.

When I did the first session, I thought it would hurt less. However, in the following sessions, I managed to tolerate it a little better.

The time of application of the device on the skin varies according to the intensity of the laser applied and the client’s tolerance.

In general, there is a time of exposure to the laser that must be achieved and the professional applies the device several times, for a few seconds, until reaching it.

For example, if the maximum time is 60 seconds, the laser can be applied for 10 seconds, 6 times.

Thinking of a comparison to waxing, I believe that both cause pain, however, the laser contact with the skin lasts only a few minutes, while in my case, it would take more than 1 application of wax to completely remove the hair.


Session frequency

The frequency of sessions can vary according to each person. But, in general, the first 3 sessions are done once a month, for 3 consecutive months.

After this period, the intervals between sessions generally change according to the amount of hair on the client and the indication of the professional.

In my case, I performed the first 3 sessions in 3 consecutive months and, the next ones, will have longer intervals of time.

I found the frequency interesting as, compared to waxing, the number of sessions per month is less.

This can change from person to person, however, in my case, waxing lasts only 15 days, requiring 2 sessions per month.


Skin appearance after the procedure

After each session, my skin became slightly red and sensitive.

After the third session I did, in which the professional increased the frequency of the laser, my dermis remained for a few hours with a burning sensation – like a diaper rash – and a slight pain when moving the region. However, it passed the same day.

It is normal for the skin to be sensitive after the procedure, as it is a laser penetrating the skin. However, the brief discomfort is, in my opinion, completely bearable.

In sessions, I always wear light clothes that are not too tight, so that I don’t smother the area after epilation, however, it is not mandatory.


For the new

Right after the 1 session I did, I noticed a difference in relation to hair development.

The growth was slower, so it allowed me to have smooth skin for a longer time.

After each session, the growth rate gradually decreased and I stayed up to 2 months without the appearance of hair.

The amount also gradually decreased and, with each session, fewer and thinner hairs grew.

I am satisfied, for the time being, in relation to the new hair, since, even without having completed the treatment, I was able to observe significant results.


Does laser hair removal work? Worth it?

Yes , laser hair removal works.

In the first sessions I did, I noticed a significant difference in the amount of hair and growth time.

In addition, compared to other methods like hot wax, financially speaking it is worth it.

This, because in my case, in general, it was necessary to do hair removal twice a month and the prices were approximately R $ 16 for the armpits and R $ 36 for the groin, a total of R $ 104 per month.

With the laser, the total value of the treatment (armpit + groin) was R $ 958.40.

Considering that, in my case, waxing would need to be done every month and, with the laser, the result could even last for years, I found the laser to be a more advantageous cost-benefit.

In addition, one factor that I consider to be important is the pain of waxing, which I will no longer need to feel every month.

For people who do not feel comfortable with the presence of hair on the body, laser hair removal can be a good option!

The procedure that has been gaining more and more followers (os) provides the gradual removal of body hair, through the application of laser on the wires.

It is a method of more durability than the blade or wax and can be done in any area of ​​the body.

And you, have you done laser hair removal? Interested in doing? Tell us in the comments!

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