Skin care during isolation: tips and what to use

During the period of isolation by Covid-19, it is quite normal to see people encourage one another to keep up with the routine – usually thinking about work, household chores, etc.

However, why not also think about your personal care routine? After all, continuing to take care of yourself can make this critical moment a little lighter.

So, thinking about it, we have separated some tips on how to maintain skin care during the isolation period. Check out:

Why continue to take care of the skin during quarantine?

Doing something to take care of yourself is very important and can help not only with self – esteem but also with the feeling of well-being. This is the first reason to continue with your skincare routine during this turbulent period.

However, in a practical way, continuing to take care of the skin is important for you to continue the treatments already started and to continue having your results.

In addition to that, stress , dietary changes and other habits can affect the skin, so maintaining care can also minimize the impacts of the new routine.

More than that, skin health is very important, because through the dermis we can acquire infections or other problems caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi – which weakens the immune system, something that would not be good (especially during a pandemic).

If you are not in the habit of taking care of your skin, it may be a good time to start as it is time to stay at home longer. Here are some tips on how to do this:

Tips for keeping your skincare routine in isolation

Although people spend more time at home, they do not necessarily have more free time or greater disposition. That is why, even when it comes to skin care, it is important to think of an easy and light routine, so that you can follow more easily.

This can be a good time to let your skin breathe and avoid using makeup when possible, in addition to saving time, your skin will thank you.

We have separated some tips that can help you maintain skincare in a practical way, so that you can have moments of well-being and self-care throughout the day:

Start your day by cleaning your skin

Cleansing the skin is the first step of facial care in the morning, so it is a good way to start your day.

You don’t have to do something super elaborate if you don’t want to, you can choose – for example – to clean your skin with micellar water only (good option for drier or sensitive skin).

In cases of normal or oily skin, you can wash your face with a cleansing gel.

This will do the skin very well. Still, ideally, afterwards, use a moisturizer of your choice to keep it soft and looking good.

Apply sunscreen

Contrary to what many people think, sunscreen is not only important for direct exposure to the sun. Our skin needs protection during rainy, cloudy days and even indoors.

This is because the visible (or artificial) light, emanated by electronic devices or luminaries, is very bad for the skin. It can lead to “simple” problems such as premature aging, even the most serious ones such as increasing the chances of skin cancer .

So, even at home, use sunscreen every day. This will take care of the good appearance of your skin and your health.

Bet on the use of thermal water

Using thermal water is not part of everyone’s routine, but this can be a good time to include it in your daily life.

The first point to highlight is the practicality of being able to spray the product on the face at any time and in any place. But why do that? See the benefits:

  • Soothes the skin;
  • It brings a feeling of freshness (even better during the summer);
  • Prevents premature aging;
  • Moisturizes and fortifies the skin.

In addition, there are also versions similar to this product (beauty waters, dermatologicals, mists, etc.) and with more specific proposals: help control oiliness, close pores and even some with assets such as vitamin C. Among the options, we can find products like:

  • La Roche-Posay Thermal Water ;
  • Avène Thermal Water ;
  • Profuse Dermatological Water ;
  • Dermatological Mist Dermage Improve C Acqua .

One tip is to take advantage of being at home and keep the product in the refrigerator, to increase the feeling of freshness when applying – you can spray several times during the day, on clean skin or even with makeup, and wait to dry naturally.

Make a face mask

Many people are unable to make a face mask due to lack of time, as they usually need 15 to 20 minutes to act on the skin – even so, sometimes it is difficult to dedicate that time to facial care.

In addition, if you are going to use clay or cream masks that need to be applied to your face, it takes even more time.

So, since the mask in general is very fast, you can optimize your time: applying it during the home office , at the weekend or while doing some other activity at home. So you can enjoy being at home and take care of your skin!

Remember that facial masks should be made only once a week and there are many options, from natural clay to industrialized ones, such as:

  • Máscara Facial Uniform Matte Garnier SkinActive Vitamina C;
  • L’Oréal Paris Detox Facial Mask Pure Exfoliating Clay ;
  • Kiss NY K-Beauty Cotton Facial Mask ;
  • Dermage Invigorating Detox Facial Mask ;
  • Máscara Facial Antiacne U.SK Under Skin;
  • Nivea Hydrating Facial Mask 1 Minute Urban Detox ;
  • Facial Mask Cleaning and Renovation Ricca Total Detox .

Just choose which one best suits your skin type and that’s it!

End the day with facial care

Nothing like, after a long day, taking a few minutes to take care of you. This can be a time of self-care and relaxation, which is very important in the face of a situation as uncomfortable as the period of isolation.

Well, even if you haven’t used makeup or left the house, it’s important to clean and care for your skin at the end of the day.

In this way, it will be possible to remove remnants of pollution, product residues, dirt, oil, etc.

Then, at the end of the day, cleanse the skin and do an overnight treatment – it can be a facial moisturizer, vitamin C, anti-aging serum, pimple cream, etc. The important thing is to nourish your skin well so that it wakes up revitalized the next day.

In addition, you can take this time to gently massage your face, helping to make a small facial drainage and provide relaxation – ideal for relieving tension and sleeping better.

External factors that can affect the skin

It is not new that external factors can affect the health of the skin, hair and body as a whole. Among them are: poor diet, lack of water, stress, bad nights, among others.

In a time of isolation, it is normal for people to feel more anxious, irritated or worried. It is also common to change eating habits, opting for more practical, semi-ready foods, which consequently are more caloric and poor in nutrients.

All of these habits are bad for your skin’s health, as they reflect what is happening in the body. High levels of stress, for example, cause hormonal changes that can directly reflect on the skin: causing acne , dryness, etc.

So try to take care of your health as a whole:

  • Eat well – keep a balanced diet, including vegetables and fruits in your routine;
  • Control stress and anxieties – it can be difficult, but staying calm is important not only for your skin, but for your mental health;
  • Drink water – it may seem cliché, but water is essential for the full functioning of the body and when it comes to your skin, it is a great ally to keep it beautiful and healthy.

Continuing to take care of your skin is something that can help you to be distracted and focus on other things, as well as to maintain a moment of self-care in your day. Do it for you!

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