Fiberglass nails: what is it? How long does it last?

Having strong, long nails is the dream of many women. However, even with treatments and applying different substances to the nails, some fail to achieve this goal. So, what to do? Well, one of the current alternatives is fiberglass nails.

Made in beauty clinics or beauty salons, this procedure aims to leave the nails strengthened and elongated according to the client’s preferences. If you are curious about the steps, read the text below!


What is fiberglass nail?

This technique has been adopted by those who want elongated nails with a natural appearance.

The fiberglass nail is one made using an elongation technique that consists of applying glass filaments over the nail. The practice has been increasingly appreciated by those who want more length, but in a more natural and lasting way.

This technique can be done on anyone, from 15 years old. The process is usually time-consuming and divided into different stages to ensure the best result, see:

  • Cutilage: to start, the manicure will remove the cuticles, in general, with the help of a softening product that facilitates the process;
  • Preparation: in this step, the nails will be prepared with products to thoroughly clean it, removing oil and residues of enamel, in addition to being sanded and cut to be uniform. Finally, the manicure will apply a PH regulator that acts by dehydrating the surface of the nail, favoring the stretching with the glass fibers;
  • Application: the technique for depositing the glass filaments starts with the manicure by applying a stretch primer over the nails, then a thin layer of gel to protect the natural surface. After drying, the nails will be placed under a mold that helps to avoid mistakes and leave the desired length. Thereafter, the application of a gel layer and the fitting of the glass filaments will be intercalated.

In order to have more practicality during the process, a booth with LED lamps is used that collaborate so that the nails dry quickly, favoring the agility of stretching with glass fibers.

Regarding the price *, it usually varies according to the place where it will be done, however, on average, it is between R $ 180 and R $ 300. In the case of maintenance it is between R $ 50 to R $ 80.

How long does the fiberglass nail last?

The length of the nail lengthening done with glass fibers will depend on how the technique was performed and how the person takes care of the nails after performing the process. In general, it is expected to last one to two months.

However, for this it is necessary to find a place with trained manicurists who will guarantee a good result and also take all the care recommended by the professional after the procedure is completed.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any method, glass nails have advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into account by those who want to make them. Find out what they are:

  • Advantages: the glass filaments adhere to different types of nails, so it can be made by everyone. In addition, the nails look natural and light after finishing. Finally, if they are well cared for, they last for a considerable period (about two months).
  • Disadvantages: the estimated time to apply the visa fibers on the nail usually lasts, on average, 3 hours, which can be difficult to endure for some people. Another risk is the poor execution of the technique and the use of poor quality materials and products, which can damage the natural layer of the nails and weaken them.

To help you decide whether or not to stretch with fiberglass, it is legal to ask questions with a specialized manicure.

Differences between fiberglass nail and gel nail

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Both procedures allow you to have long nails, however the way of doing and the durability are different.

Due to the various nail lengthening techniques, it is common to have doubts regarding the differences of each process. When it comes to fiberglass nails, in general, there is curiosity about what differs from nails made with gel.

The first technique occurs from the application of glass filaments under the nails, with the help of layers of gel specific for this case, and is characterized by being more resistant to nail polish removers. The gel-based stretching uses false nails as a support and is not resistant to acetone, making it difficult to apply new enamels.

How is the removal done?

The removal of fiberglass nails should always be done in a specialized place and with a professional manicure, since doing this at home can damage natural nails.

In addition, the use of materials that are not sanitized and the application of any contraindicated product for this, also causes damage to the natural layer of the nail.

Therefore, if you want to remove the glass filaments from the nail, make an appointment at a beauty salon or trusted beauty clinic to perform the process.

The techniques of nail lengthening have been improving more and more, so investing in fiberglass nails can be an excellent way to have nails the length of dreams that look natural and long-lasting.