How to care for long hair: tips to keep it healthy

Keeping your hair healthy can be a challenge, but whoever wants to have healthy and good looking hair needs dedication in some care. This also applies to anyone who wants to have long hair, without split ends or dryness.

Thinking about it, today Healthy Minute separated some tips that can help you to keep your dreams long, beautiful and healthy – check it out:


How to care for long hair?

Unlike short hair, which is usually very practical and easy to care for, those with long strands need extra dedication when it comes to taking care of locks. But there are no great secrets, the essential thing is to maintain hydration, nutrition and cutting.

In addition, it is important to choose the right products for your hair type. After all, each one has specific indications and a composition made especially based on each capillary structure.

But that doesn’t mean that you necessarily need expensive items. There are many cheap products that fulfill their role very well.

Understand better about each of these cares and, at the end, check out the product tips:


Hydration is the process of replenishing water and returning moisture to the hair. This is necessary for any hair, but especially for long ones – since it is in the length of the hair that the greatest loss of water occurs throughout the day.

This loss occurs due to exposure to aggressive agents, such as: sun, wind, pollution, cold, hair dryer, flat iron and babyliss. In addition, other interferences such as dyes and discoloration further enhance the process of loss of moisture in the hair.

Even the conditions of the organism itself can favor this loss of water. Such as dehydration, poor diet (nutritional deficiency) and hormonal changes, for example.

So, for those who have long hair, it is essential to perform hydration at least once a week . Thus, the wires will not look dry, fragile and brittle, which will allow them to be healthier and favor growth.

Hydration also leaves the hair with more shine, softness and helps to close the cuticles tightly, helping to keep the ends aligned and prevent the hair from getting tangled.

It is worth mentioning that moisturizing the locks is important even when they look healthy, since the loss of moisture is daily. What you can do, if your hair looks good, is to change the hydration once a week to once every 15 days.


Unlike hydration, the nutrition process aims to replace lipids. These components have the main function to help in the water retention of the wires , that is, to help maintain the water and moisture of the wires for a longer time.

This is possible because the lipids are like a “fat” and replenishes the natural oiliness of the strands, helping to keep them more aligned, with more shine and vitality.

As those who have long hair tend to have greater friction in length and lose more water, keeping nutrition up to date helps to keep hair strands healthy and hydrated for a longer period.

This care also prevents the hair from being armed, rough, tangled, lifeless and frizzy .

Another common problem for those with long hair is to suffer from the dreaded split ends and, in this sense, nutrition is a great ally. It really helps to restore the wire structure and leaves the ends sealed and even a little less thin.

But it is worth remembering that nourishing the hair too much can cause the opposite effect to the desired one. Therefore, the spacing must be greater: nutrition can be done every 15 or 20 days .


First of all, it is necessary to make it clear that not, cutting your hair does not make the strands grow faster. The cut is important, exclusively, to give movement, maintain a good appearance of the strands and remove the split and brittle ends.

Because even with hydration and nutrition, it is normal that over time the tips become thinner and start to look not very healthy.

Cutting the strands is important to keep them looking beautiful and healthy, without thin ends.

Therefore, cutting helps so that, even when growing, the hair continues to look beautiful and healthy. There is no certain limit as to how much time the cut should be made, you can analyze it based on your hair.

This is because each hair has a growth time and, depending on your care, the ends can remain healthy and beautiful for more (or less) time.

Choice of products

There is, without a doubt, a huge variety of hair products. However, to get the desired results you need to choose the right items, according to your needs and goals.

We saw in the previous topics that hydration and nutrition are very important steps for those who have long hair and want to take care of the hair properly. So, it is also necessary to choose products that are suitable for these steps.

In the case of hydration , some mask options (and their prices *) are as follows:

  • Inoar Absolut DayMoist CLR Hydration Mask – from R $ 23;
  • Hydration Mask Amend Hydrating Mask – from R $ 38;
  • Hydration Mask Salon Line Meu Liso Muito + Longo – from R $ 15;
  • Salon Line Hydration Mask Tô de Cacho Crespo Divino (curly hair ) – from R $ 18;
  • Hydration Mask Forever Liss Curls ( curly hair ) – from R $ 31.

As for nourishing the hair, you can use both nutrition masks and oils indicated for use on the wires (performing the wetting). See some options and prices *:

  • Nutrition Mask Lola Cosmetics Be (m) called Ghee – from R $ 17;
  • Nutrition Mask Amend Nourishing Mask – from R $ 37;
  • Pantene Pro-V Bamboo Nourishing and Growing Treatment Mask – from R $ 19;
  • Capillary Oil OGX Argan Oil of Morocco – from R $ 45;
  • Pantene Pro-V Hair Oil United by the Curls ( curly hair ) – from R $ 25;
  • Elseve Extraordinary Oil – from R $ 22.

In addition, if you wish, you can invest in other products that help in the growth and strengthening of the threads. Like tonics, tip oils and thermal protectors.

* Prices consulted in February 2021. Prices may change.

What are the precautions to have a long and healthy hair?

In addition to moisturizing and nourishing the strands frequently, some habits help to have long and healthy hair. An example of this is to avoid chemical procedures (dyeing, discoloration, straightening) and excessive heat (with flat iron, babyliss and hairdryer).

Another thing that can make a difference in the health of the hair is how to comb it . Yes, combing the hair in the wrong way can break the locks and leave the hair fragile. The correct thing is to always comb the length first and then move the brush from root to tip.

Still, other factors that collaborate with a long and healthy hair are the following:

Don’t sleep with it wet

Here is a great danger to hair health: sleeping with wet hair. This habit greatly damages the health of the scalp , favoring the proliferation of bacteria and fungi, in addition to worsening and contributing to problems such as dandruff or seborrhea.

Although it does not contribute to hair loss itself, if this habit becomes frequent, it can impair hair growth. This, since the wires will not have a space with conditions conducive to their growth.

So, it is something especially bad for those who like their hair getting longer and longer.

But it is worth mentioning that even for those with short hair, sleeping with wet hair is not good and is a great offender to capillary health.

Cut frequently

As mentioned in the previous topic, cutting hair does not make it grow faster. However, it helps a lot to maintain a good appearance and make the hair healthier, considering that when cutting we remove the split and damaged ends.

In this way, the ideal is to take care of the wires so that they are healthy for a longer time, so that the time between each cut can be longer. But, in general, you can calculate an average of 3 to 5 months between each cut, varying according to the growth and care of the wires.

Healthy eating

Every care for our body must first come from the inside out. So, when it comes to making hair long and healthy, having a good diet and correct water intake (minimum of 2L per day) is essential.

Healthy eating is very important for the health of the hair.

This is because the nutritional deficiency can make the hairs weaker, grow slower and can even favor the fall.

Therefore, the ideal is to have a balanced diet, including fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes ( beans , lentils, peas) and proteins in the diet. With this, you take care of the health of the body as a whole and still contribute to the strengthening of capillaries.

Taking care of the hair (especially the long ones) may not be as simple as it seems, but here at Minute Healthy you will find several other tips like these. Just access the “ Beauty ” tab and keep following the blog to not miss anything!