Castor oil in hair: what it is for and how to use it

Using castor oil in the hair stimulates hair growth due to the strengthening of the root, reducing hair loss due to breakage. The application also forms a protective layer, surrounding and sealing the cuticles, minimizing water loss, dryness and sun damage.

Castor oil has antibacterial and antifungal components that can mitigate the proliferation of agents on the scalp, which cause the hair to weaken. Moreover, the difficulty of growth of hair is softened due to nutrients and vitamin E .

Dandruff, which is a scaling of the scalp, can also be minimized with the hydration promoted by the oil. Thus, mild and moderate cases can be treated and resolved with continuous applications of the castor compound.


How to use?

The weakening and hair loss caused by fungi or bacteria can be improved with the application of castor oil. The ideal is to dilute the extract with other products so that its concentration does not interfere with the breathing of the capillary pores. Thus, it is possible to use the compound daily.

If applied without rinsing, it is suggested to keep it further away from the scalp, as prolonged contact can cause irritation. In addition, you should not use dryers, flat iron, chemicals (such as dyes) or expose yourself to the sun after application.

Deep hydration

To nourish the hair intensely, you can mix 1 spoon of the oil to the moisturizing masks commonly used. After washing the hair, while it is still wet, apply the mixture, allowing it to act for about 20 minutes. Then, just rinse and apply the conditioner.

It is also possible to use the concentrated (pure) product every 2 weeks, applying it directly to the hair and letting it act for 2 hours. Capillary stimulation through massage is recommended, as the movements assist the blood circulation of the scalp and promote the sealing of the cuticles.

Frizz control and capillary reconstruction

Through a treatment called capillary moisturizing it is possible to recover the strands, giving a lighter, healthier and nourished appearance to the hair. The process can be carried out on the scalp or just in the length of the strands, replenishing the nutrients, treating the damage and sealing the cuticles.

Capillary wetting consists of choosing and applying some 100% vegetable oil. Due to the more dense and viscous consistency of the castor extract, the ideal is to mix it with another product (such as coconut oil) to make it easier to remove. The application must be carried out with dry hair, which may be dirty or clean.

If the process involves the root of the hair, the scalp must be massaged to activate and stimulate blood circulation. Wearing a cap or wrapping a towel helps to intensify hydration. It is recommended to let the oil act for at least 2 hours and rinse well.

An easy way to remove all applied oil is to condition it before rinsing the strands. After that, the product will make the castor oil less viscous and facilitate complete removal.

Dryness and dandruff

To perform a punctual treatment, apply approximately 1 spoon of castor oil to the scalp and massage the region with circular movements.

The movements cause the oil to be naturally heated and to penetrate the pores of the scalp and cuticles more easily.

The product should be left to act for at least 2 hours and rinse the hair, washing it normally.

It is also possible to perform daily hydration by placing 1 scoop of castor extract in the shampoo and mixing well. It is suggested that the washing is done with the massage and stimulation of the scalp during the bath and then the normal rinse to remove the entire product.

Renovated wires

1 spoon of castor oil should be mixed with 2 tablespoons of argan oil. The compound must be applied to the wires during the night, allowing its action to occur until the next morning.

To enhance hydration, you can wrap a towel around your head, or use a cap, making your hair more warm.

The next morning, washing takes place normally. The treatment can be done, on average, once a week.

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