Nude lipstick: versatility for fair, dark and black skin

The nude lipstick just looked like a passing trend, but it just did.

He became a trend, rising to become a common item in necessaire makeup of many women.

The nude tone makes reference to the skin tone, but with so many variations in skin pigmentation how to choose the ideal nude lipstick?

The nude color starts in beige, and can even go to the darkest brown, almost chocolate.

To choose the ideal shade, it is also necessary to take into account that the undertone of the lips can differ from the skin, which may be a shade above or below it.

So, let’s find out which nude lipstick is perfect for you?

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Types of nude: the “mouth color”

There are different skin tones that inspired brands to create various nude tones.

You can choose the color based on the scale and tones. They are all part of the nude category! Just look:


Some have come to be used more for combining better, from white to black skin, they are:


Pink lipstick alone is a classic in necessaire , nude tone with pink background is one of the most used for combining with different types of makeup and leaving your lips with a light touch of color.

Reddish and corals

The nudes pulled to the red and the coral color, are ideas for those who like a health color on the lips, making them more colorful.

The nude lipstick pulled to the coral or red can be used as the blush in makeup, in a subtle way, just giving the feeling of a red lip.


The grayish nude is one of the most modern types among the options.

Because it is a cold tone it can leave the person using it looking dejected, so the ideal is to use it in makeup that highlights the eyes. In this way, it complements the colors.

Brown or golden

Golden or brown tones are good choices for all skin types. In light or black skin, the tone soberly highlights the lips

Which nude lipstick to choose?

Finding the right lipstick depends on a number of factors, which can include pigmentation, creaminess or matte effect, durability and, most importantly, well-being.

There is no rule to choose, so the ideal is to always test the product.

Who wants a more lasting effect, it may be that mattes or matte liquids are more suitable. For those who prefer that wet, creamy effect is the best option.

Sometimes, nude can be used to harmonize with the skin tone, sometimes it can even be more pink or brown, giving tone to the lips.

It will depend on your preference!

What is the ideal nude color for my skin?

Among the various color options for lipsticks and brands, how can I choose the one that looks best? Some tips can help:

Nude lipstick for fair skin

For those with fair skin, the color options that best match and decorate with the skin are light roses and peach tones. If you like to dare, you can try the light earth tones, pastels and nudes with more shine.

Nude lipstick for brunettes

For brunettes, the more closed shades of brown are good choices, as they value the color balance between the shades. There are options like terracotta, gold, medium peach and brown tones.

They make the makeup look more harmonious and highlight the lips.

Nude lipstick for black women

The nude lipstick indicated for those with black skin are the shades more turned to dark brown, coffee, gold and caramel. The very light pink tone is also very beautiful on black skin.

The cool thing is to test which color you feel most beautiful.

And now, which lipstick to buy?

After all this information, it’s time for you to look at yourself in the mirror and notice your features for choosing lipstick.

Now that you have analyzed yourself, it is time to choose the type of lipstick. It can be matte, creamy or sparkling.

Matte finish lipsticks are those that, after a few minutes, dry and look opaque, not transferring the product (or transferring less).

The creamy type combines hydration and color, as it has a cream texture (as its name suggests) that moisturizes and colors the lips at the same time.

Already the sparkling are lipsticks that have more shine, giving a greater emphasis to the lips.

There are several brands of lipstick with nude option to choose from, here we select some of them, check out:


MAC is one of the most well-known makeup brands in the world, due to its base color palette, lipsticks and eyeshadows. The brand has different shades of color for different skin tones.

There are several options for MAC nude lipsticks and here we have selected two wildcards:

  • Lipstick M · A · C Luster;
  • Creamy Lipstick M · A · C Niina Secrets.

Who said, Berenice?

The brand who said, berenice ?, from the Boticário group, brings a concept of freedom when applying makeup, encouraging the choice of colors and products without the rules of right or wrong.

QDB has some interesting nudity tones, among them, Nudete, pulled more towards the light pink, and Malvelita in which it pulls towards the orange coral:

  • Creamy Moisturizing Lipstick Who Said, Berenice? Nudete ;
  • Creamy Moisturizing Lipstick Who Said, Berenice? Malvelita .

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Vult is a Brazilian brand that has different products with prices more accessible to consumers. The lipstick palette has several color options, for all tastes.

Between them:

  • Batom Make Up Vult nº 15;
  • Batom Make Up Vult nº 13;
  • Batom Make Up Vult nº 74;
  • Batom Make Up Vult n° 83.

Makeup with nude lipstick

Nude lipstick is a wildcard for makeup and can be used in several combinations.

We separated one of them, in this tutorial made with a smokey eye (name given to the junction of white, silver and black) and nude lipstick.

To make this make you will need:

  • Base;
  • Liquid Paper;
  • Illuminator;
  • Blush;
  • Compact powder;
  • Eyeshadow in black, silver and gray;
  • Black or white eye pencil;
  • Mascara;
  • Nude lipstick of your choice.

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Step by step

For the first step, let’s start with the skin. Distribute the base over the face and apply it with your fingers or with the help of a brush.

Then, apply a little concealer on dark circles, pimples and spots that bother you, with the help of a sponge, giving light taps.

Then, apply the illuminator to the cupid’s bow, that curve of the lips, and also below the eyebrow to brighten the look.

After the illuminator, apply the blush on the cheekbones to give a healthy face. The blush can be the color you prefer, more pink or brown.

To finish the skin, you can apply the powder to seal the make up. Now for the eyes.

Take some of the white eyeshadow and apply lightly at the beginning of the movable eyelid, very close to the nose.

Then, take some of the silver eyeshadow and blend at the end of the white, creating a second layer of color.

Then, at the end of the eyelid, take a little black and tap it lightly, mixing the end of the silver with the beginning of the black.

Try to blur the colors lightly and slowly, until you create the sequence: white – silver – black.

Apply black or white eye liner to the waterline and then mascara to look up.

Finally, let’s go to the lips! Choose the nude lipstick of your choice and apply!

The purpose of this makeup is to highlight the eyes and make the mouth more sober. So, did you like it?

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Now that you know everything about nude lipstick you can’t go wrong in the search for your perfect shade!

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