Makeup for the night: simple tips for party or wedding

We women know how the right makeup can further highlight our beauty. Highlight points of light, contour lines to define the face, leave the mouth with more volume … in short, the possibilities are endless!

However, on a daily basis, these possibilities are somewhat limited due to the routine of work, school, family or other activities. We ended up opting, many times, for the most basic make-up, such as a concealer , powder and mascara , which make everyday easier.

Now, when it comes to evening events, parties and celebrations, we have an opportunity to bet on more elaborate looks.

But do you know that idea that evening makeup needs to be difficult? It doesn’t have to be that way! So we came to bring ideas for you to change this concept.

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Simple evening makeup: how to prepare the skin?

The ideal, before starting to produce any type of makeup, is to prepare and moisturize the skin to receive all products. For that, we brought some tips to help you!

Wash your face

This is the first step and one of the most important. This is because our face may have impurities that disrupt the health of the skin and, consequently, worsen the final result of the makeup.

For this, use an ideal soap for your skin type (dry, oily or mixed). Another option is to use a micellar water .

Decrease the oily appearance

A nice tip is to use a facial tonic . This type of product assists in the process of eliminating the oily aspect of the skin, in addition to closing the pores of the face, improving the appearance of the skin and the adhesion of the products.

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Moisturize your face

This is an essential point of preparation of skin. This is because, when using the moisturizer, we are contributing to the health of the face.

In addition, we prevent the appearance of possible signs after the makeup is done. Like this? I’ll explain it better!

When we don’t properly moisturize the skin and go straight to the makeup, the chances of the skin cracking (looking brittle or wrinkled) are much greater.

Therefore, always before starting makeup, use a facial moisturizer suitable for your skin type, be it dry, oily or mixed.

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Apply a primer

Some say that the primer is a good option to guarantee better results. This is because it is a solution that helps the face to receive all makeup products, in addition to having the function of fixing them.

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Party at night: smoky is wild!

Depending on your style, the color of the shadow can vary between darker footprints or lighter shades.

One thing is certain, are you out of ideas of what to do? Bet on the smoky eye! It can be done with normal eye pencil , eyeshadow and it is not necessary to use to have many brushes.

You can bet on combinations with glitter, earthy tones and an outline to guarantee a more classic touch for your production.

Outlined kitten to enhance the look: step by step


Makeup lovers know how difficult it is to get the perfect eyeliner right, right? And when can we get one eye and the other is asymmetrical? It is nothing new for anyone.

Now, do you know what the tip is? Practice. Take a day to test style and features that best match your face. We will help you in 2 steps, look:

Initial trace

We begin the outline in the middle of the eyelid towards the outer corner, with a diagonal line very close to the upper lashes, which follows the direction of the eyebrow. The ideal is not to pull the eye, since after being released, it can make the line look wrinkled.


To finish the outline, we completed the initial line, this time from the inner corner of the eyes to the middle, following as a reference the line of the upper lashes, towards the outer part of the eyelid.

Remember not to overlap the strokes, but to complete them, leaving the outline with a continuous aspect.

Another valuable tip is to use a beveled brush or a cotton swab wet with make-up remover, or micellar water, to correct any imperfections in the outline.

Lipstick: nude or red?

When it comes to choosing lipstick , there is no rule and the combinations are great. A nice criterion to be used is to know if you want to give more prominence to some part.

If the answer is the eyes, it is recommended to use more neutral tones, such as nude, for example.


Now, if you’re looking for widespread prominence, we encourage you to try red, purple or earthy tones (like brown, for example).

Make up for black skin

When producing evening makeup on black skins, we emphasize the importance of skin preparation. That’s because it is necessary to find a foundation that adapts and matches well with your skin tone.

Unfortunately, even today, we can notice a lack of makeup tones developed, especially for black skins, not attending to the necessary variety.

Therefore, if necessary, we recommend that you mix two tones in order to guarantee an even better effect and coverage for your face.

A nice tip is to make use of golden and bronze tones, since they achieve a very cool and outstanding effect.

Easy makeup: bron skin without error


Likewise, make-up on brown skins should be concerned with standardizing skin tone. Merging the concealer with the base helps not to leave the skin blemished or with different shades, but with a natural appearance.

The blush can follow a trend of shades from coffee or bronze, even more orange, leaving the face with a healthy aspect.

Makeup for evening wedding


Choosing makeup for weddings at night can be tricky. Should I combine makeup with the dress? And the accessories? Are there rules?


Well, the ideal is to balance and harmonize the makeup with the dress and accessories, so that you feel good.

Whether with brightness or opaque tones, more black or light colors, the rule is to highlight what you like best!


It doesn’t matter, when it comes to putting together the look for an evening event, the opinion is unanimous: the correct makeup only adds even more to the final composition!

So, if you know someone who could also benefit from these tips, share our text with them!