Cream for curly hair: products for the health of hair

Curly hair needs to be well taken care of. This means that washing, drying and hydration must be done with specific products for the curls.

Creams for this type of yarn can be used for several purposes: to make it easier to untangle, to moisturize dry ends and to increase or decrease the volume.

Therefore, knowing the quality of the product being applied to the locks is essential.

But not all curls are the same, as the wires can be divided into 3 categories:

  • 3A: wires in the shape of large curls, but with little volume; 
  • 3B: wires in the shape of open spirals;
  • 3C: wires in the shape of small spirals (almost closed) and plenty of volume.

Therefore, products must meet the needs of each type!


What is the best cream for curly hair?

The curled shape of the wires makes it difficult for the oil to reach the ends. The result is dry and frizzy tips. Therefore, curly hair needs hydration that can be done with creams and treatment lines. These products can even help to comb the threads that are easier to tangle.

Below, we have made a list (in alphabetical order) with some brands and their respective creams for curly hair.

* The prices were consulted on the website Consulta Remédios on 08/29/19. The values ​​of the products may change according to the region of the country. 

Love Beauty e Planet

Love Beauty and Planet develops products for beauty concerned with environmental issues.

One of the creams of this brand is the Curls Intensify is a treatment mask that ensures shine and hydration for the curls.

This cream is vegan (does not contain ingredients of animal origin) and is not tested on pets. Another difference is that the packaging is produced with 100% recyclable material. The jar with 190g of products goes for R $ 26.90.


Niely is a brand belonging to the L’Oréal company. This company was founded in 1909 and arrived in Brazil in 1959.

One of the creams for curly hair is the Niely diva of curls . This cream promises to hydrate the curls within 3 minutes after application.

Its formula contains 6 oils that fight frizz, prevent hair loss and ensure volume. It is available in packs of 60mL, which costs from R $ 12.

Salon line

Salon Line was one of the pioneers in producing products for curly and frizzy hair. This brand has more than 100 hair and skin products.

Among them is the #TodeCacho Nutrition Power Light . This capillary mayonnaise can be used in all types of waves and curls (2, 3 and 4).

Its formula contains several oils rich in vitamins necessary for the threads to become more silky and shiny. This product is also not tested on animals. The 500g pot costs between R $ 17.28 and R $ 18.08.


Silk is one of the most popular brands when it comes to hair products. This company has shampoos, conditioners, ampoules and creams for all types of hair.

One of these products is Seda Boom Definition, which promotes the definition of curls for up to 24 hours and guarantees volume for up to 72 hours after application.

It was developed to be used in waves and curls 2 and 3. The 295mL pot leaves, on average, R $ 7.50. Already the package with 1kg costs about R $ 20.


Skala has been in the cosmetics market for over 30 years. It was the first to invent the “economic pots” with 1 kg of product. Today, the brand contains more than 20 products divided into creams and deodorants.

Among them is the Divine pot 2 in 1 . As the name says, this product is 2 in 1 and can be used both as a treatment cream and as a cream to comb and detangle curls.

Another difference is that the product is vegan, that is, it does not use any component of animal origin. The pot (which comes with 1kg) can be purchased for approximately R $ 9.

Cream for male curly hair

The creams mentioned above can be used by women and men. Even so, there are lines with products geared to the needs of male yarns.

Some of these products are below:

  • Treatment mask Haskell Curls yes ;
  • Haskell multifunction cream For him ;
  • Leave-in RedKen Curvaceous Ringlet;
  • Leave-in RedKen Curvaceous Full Swirl.

What is the best professional curly hair cream?

Curly hair can be treated with professional products. Brands like the ones mentioned above also offer treatment lines worthy of beauty salons.

In addition to these, others such as Embelezze, Inoar and Tresemmé are also professional lines.

Professional creams tend to have more oils. Some intend to enhance the natural volume and others promise to disarm the curls.

Professional products can be used at home, but require some extra care.

Therefore, when in doubt, the correct thing is to seek the help of a professional. In addition, reading the label before purchase is also essential.

If the damage is severe, it is recommended to do the repair treatment with specialized people who know how to use the products correctly.

The creams for curly hair need to promote the hydration of the strands, but without causing oiliness. It is also legal to value products that fight frizz or that are suitable for dry hair.

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