How to buy foundation on the internet: tips to make no more mistakes!

Who has never missed the tone of the product when buying over the internet ?! The foundation is certainly champion in this sense, it can be very difficult to choose the right color for your skin.

Thinking about this difficulty, today we have separated some tips to help you buy this product online, but without making the same mistakes as always. See and learn how to do this:


How to know the ideal base tone when buying over the internet?

Buying foundation online is not an easy task, but some tips and guidelines can help you get it right when choosing the tone, even without testing it beforehand.

A first step is to have a baseline . But what does it mean? You need to have, or have already used, a foundation that matches the exact color of your skin – remembering that the tone should be the same of the neck , not the face (as it is usually lighter), in order to make everything uniform.

If you don’t have that reference, the process gets more difficult, but it’s not impossible.

Anyway, the next guideline is for you to get to know your skin better, knowing its tone (light, medium or dark) and undertone (hot, cold or neutral).

In this sense, what is best suited is the following:


  • Warm sub-tone – bases with a yellowish or orange, red and gold background for black skin;
  • Cold sub-tone – bases with a pink and peachy background, or closed brown (coffee tone) for black skin;
  • Neutral sub-tone – bases with a beige background (from the lightest to the darkest).

With this information in hand, it will be easier to select the base color options you want. It is almost a process of “elimination”, because it removes the colors that differ from its characteristics, leaving only those that match you.

How do I discover my skin undertone?

Understanding whether your skin is light, medium or dark is not difficult. But you must be asking yourself now: how am I supposed to know my undertone ?

The temperature of the dermis is defined by hemoglobin (protein present in red blood cells, responsible for the color of the blood) and carotene (skin pigment).

So, these are the factors that will influence your undertone. Therefore, the first tip is directly related to this: look at the veins on your wrist and see if they have a greener, blue tint or a middle ground between both.

If it is green , it means that you have a warm undertone . If it is blue , it indicates a cold undertone . And if you are an intermediary between them, your undertone is neutral .

Other things that can help are the following tips:

  • When you get sun, does your skin get tanned? Hot sub-tone. But if it is burnt / pink, the undertone is cold;
  • Which jewel tone highlights your skin the most: golden or silver? The warm skins combine more with the golden tone, while the cold skins combine more with silver. And the neutral skin is highlighted with both colors;
  • Look at yourself in the mirror (with a clean face): does your skin seem to have more shades of yellow and orange? So, this indicates warm undertone. If it is more drawn to pink and presents contrasts (as in dark circles) of blue or green, it means a cold undertone. In the case of neutral skin, there is a mixture and even a more “pale” appearance.

Site to discover the color of the base

The “ Findation ” website is famous for helping to discover the base tone, it is like an infinite catalog of bases. And although he is a foreigner, he has many registered Brazilian options.

It is very simple to use, but you will need to have some correct reference. So, first choose a (or more) foundation that you have already used and it is in the exact tone of your skin.

Once this is done, access the website, follow the instructions and register this database. If you have more than one that you have already used and the tone was correct, feel free to add them all, because the more information, the greater the accuracy of the result.

Basically, all you need to do is inform the brand, choose the product and the tone.

Then, Findation will indicate to you the tone of several other bases and even corrections that suit your skin. Therefore, what it does is to find your ideal color in other items, taking into account what you have used and worked.

I did the test with some options I have here and, really, the result was satisfactory!

Other tips for buying base online

Now you have a lot of practical information to help you choose your perfect base, even when buying online. However, we still have some tips that can be useful.

First, look for swatches from the base you want to buy. The swatch is that test usually done in the forearm region, in which various shades of the product appear, so that you can see clearly how that shade is on the skin.

After all, the color of the base can vary a lot from what you see on the packaging to when you apply it.

There are brands that make this type of image available on the website or on social networks. But, if you can’t find it, you can search it on google, chances are someone has already taken the test with the base you are looking for.

Another tip is to look for influencers or youtubers who work in the beauty niche, as they are constantly testing products. So, find a person who has a skin tone similar to yours and see what shade of foundation she uses, it is very likely that it will work.

Finally, an advice when buying base online is also to pay attention to the texture and finish of the product. Make sure it is matte , glow , light, medium or heavy.

Thus, you will get both the tone and the characteristics that please you the most.

Remember that for any online purchase, resorting to secure websites is essential. So, keep an eye on that.

Portals that offer a price far below the ordinary may be selling counterfeit products. And in makeup, this becomes an especially serious problem – which can cause allergies, blemishes and even infections in the dermis.

Always opt for official websites or pharmacies, in addition to Consulta Remédios , which makes it much easier to find your base!

Nobody likes to make mistakes when buying something, right ?! So, we hope that this content can help you in a practical way when buying your next base online.

Enjoy and keep following the Healthy Minute to see more about Beauty !