When is the best time to get a haircut? See if it makes a difference

Cutting hair can be considered freedom for some people or even the worst terror for others. But is there a good time to cut them? Does the moon influence the result?

There are many doubts about the time to cut the locks. Hickey solution did its research and gathered some answers here, read and find out:


Is there a better time to cut your hair?

If we are talking about the time of year, then the answer is no, it does not exist. But in terms of how long you took the tips off, so yes, it may be time to cut your hair again.

To know when it is time, there may be some signs, which the threads themselves show, indicating that it is time to pass the scissors.

If your hair is wavy or curly, and you don’t make that incredible volume as you like it anymore, it could be that it grew so much that it ended up “weighing”.

That’s right, the hair can become heavy and the longer, the more weight it gets, causing the curls to be pulled down, decreasing the curl.

To do this, just go to a specialized professional to remove everything that prevents your hair from making volume.

Double or very damaged tips can also be decisive factors when cutting. After all, there are those who do not like to have damaged ends, which can hinder many finishes, giving the appearance of unhealthy hair.

If a long time has passed since the last time you cut, and the strands are no longer with an apparent cut – if you wish – this is the time for change. You can choose to renew the cut or make a more radical change.

Moon influences haircut: myth or truth?

Have you ever heard that the moon can influence your haircut? This is a very old belief that has been passed down from generation to generation.

And it is not without foundation! As it has already been proven, the phases of the moon influence the great tides, and for that reason many people believe that it can influence in other aspects.

For example, in pregnancy and fertility – they say that getting pregnant at certain times of the year can help define the child’s sex.

Because there is no scientific evidence that the moon influences haircut, this can be considered a myth . But astrology is betting the opposite.

According to astrologers, not only does the moon influence, but each phase also presents a different result of how your hair can look.

As the movements of the stars occur, it is possible to see the moon in different ways, classified into four phases, which are: new, growing, full and waning. Each of them can last from 8 to 70 days.

Find out here what astrology believes that each cycle of the moon can change the date of your meeting with the hairdresser.


The new moon is one that does not appear in the sky at night, as it is between the sun and the earth, so it does not receive light. However, it may be apparent during the day.

According to astrologers, this phase represents a time of renewal and symbolizes a fertile period for new ideas and novelties.

So it can be considered the ideal phase to make more radical changes and a total renovation in the look.

It can be a cut or even a new color, the new moon brings new and strengthened threads.


When the moon is in its crescent phase, it appears in the shape of a semicircle in the sky. And as its name implies, it grows a little bit every night.

It represents a time of health, which is why people believe that cutting the wires during that moon makes them grow faster, stronger and healthier.

If you are looking for long hair, trimming the ends during the crescent moon seems to be a good idea.


The full moon is one that appears round, bright and complete in the night sky.

Cutting the strands at this time can mean more voluminous, full, strong and shiny hair, just like the moon, being good for those with thin hair and without volume.

For an even more potent effect, they say that it is ideal to cut on the first day of the full moon, because that is when it appears most complete in the sky.

Even at that time, the pores of the wires become more dilated, providing a better fixation of hydration.

But be careful, astrology also says that during this period people become more impulsive and tend to have more radical attitudes, and this can end in big regrets. So choose a safe cut or just trim the ends.


The waning moon is one that appears as a semicircle that usually appears in the sky only in the middle of the night and decreases day after day.

It is the moment when cutting your hair can make you lose volume and grow more slowly, as the strands lose their strength.

So it is the ideal time for people with short hair and bangs to cut the strands, as they are cuts that need a lot of maintenance, and with the strands growing more slowly, the cut lasts much longer.

Although the moon seems to be a great influence, and a point to be observed by some people, there are still other factors that can interfere in the time of cutting the wires, and that really present a difference in the result of the cut.

What influences haircut?

To make the decision to cut the locks it is necessary to take into account some aspects.

Double tips

Hair with a lot of chemistry, such as dyeing, lightening or straightening, can become very damaged over time because the chemical changes the porosity of the hair, leaving it weak, prone to breakage, split ends or with a dry touch.

If your hair has these characteristics, it may be time to hold the chemical for a while and opt for reconstruction and hydration treatments, to further strengthen it.

But if you want a faster result, or even the tips are so damaged that not even hydration is saved, cutting can be an excellent option.

Thus, your hair can grow stronger, because the hair does not need to send strength to recover the damaged ends, and you can invest in growing more resistant.

In cases of curly hair, for example, it is recommended to cut them dry, as this can influence the result. Thus, it is possible to measure the length, because curly hair, when wet, tends to rise.

Scissors types

If you decide to cut the wires, whether they have split ends or not, it is interesting to think about the tools to carry out the action.

They can be decisive in terms of cutting, and can leave hair heavy, light and even extremely aligned.

The razor is an alternative that, together with the use of scissors, can bring satisfactory results. It is a tool suitable for beard cuts, but it can be used to cut hair, as it offers a lot of precision.

It is especially recommended for hair that has medium and thick hair, as it unravels and removes the volume, leaving a feeling of lightness in the finish.

The scissors can be used on any type of hair, and there are still some types for different results.

Laser scissors are normal scissors that have a laser attached to their base. It is used in straight cuts that need a lot of precision.

There is also a toothed scissors, which is very useful for short or very voluminous hair. On one of its sides, instead of the blade, it has several comb-like “teeth”, which help with the alignment of the wires.

Both the scissors and the razor can provide good finishes, it is up to the professional to be more familiar (a) with the tool to do an impeccable job.

How often should I cut my hair?

The hair does not stop growing, not only that, the hair grows fast! About 1cm per month.

Therefore, experts propose that it is necessary to make a cut every 3 months to renew the threads. And despite what some people believe, cutting does not make hair grow faster.

What gives the appearance that the wires are growing more is to take care of hydration, because when they are damaged they tend to break, which ends up influencing the length. For this reason, it is always good to invest in a capillary schedule and cut your hair every 8 weeks in cases of damaged hair.

Hair that is healthy and does not need a lot of maintenance can go without seeing scissors for up to 4 months.

Hair that is curly and curly does not seem to have a big growth, this because of the shrinkage factor. That is, it does grow, but as it grows it shrinks.

Therefore, people with curly hair can go to the hairdresser every 2 ½ months to keep the hair healthy.

Cutting the locks has always been an issue to think about, as for some people it can result in great regret and in others a sense of freedom.

I hope the text has helped you to make a decision, whether or not you believe in the influence of the moon, tell us here in the comments!