How to apply mascara? Perfect upper and lower lashes

Using mascara is a trend in all types of make-up. To apply the mask , always use the applicator brush that is attached to the packaging. Take the product with this brush and pass it on the lashes, always from the inside out, that is, from the root to the tips. Make gentle back and forth movements and wait for it to dry.

There is not much secret. But according to the desired result, some tips can help to make the lashes more bulky, more elongated or more curved.


Tips and tricks to apply mascara correctly

One detail that may end up changing the final result of the make is to correctly choose the type of applicator brush. There are several models and formats. Test them all and see which one suits you best.

The color of the mascara is also very important. For more natural make-up, use mascara in shades that are similar to the colors of the eyebrow and hair.

For those who want to give the impression that they haven’t even put on makeup, they can bet on colorless masks, widely used to open their eyes naturally.

The effect of mascara can be enhanced with the help of other products and accessories such as eyelash curler, eyeliner and eyeliner.

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To leave the lashes separated

To have separate lashes, choose an applicator brush that facilitates this result. Those with shorter, stiff and separate bristles are the ones indicated for this purpose, as they deposit less mascara on the lashes.

Another tip is to make several thin layers. But for this tip to work, wait for the mascara to dry before applying again.

Another thing that can be done to have the lashes separated is to clean the applicator brush on the packaging before applying it on the lashes. This prevents excess product and prevents one eyelash from sticking to the other.

Making light and delicate movements also contributes to the product being deposited correctly, without accumulating the product.

After finishing the application, do not touch or close your eyes tightly. This is because the fingers or the movement of the eyelids coming together can end up sticking the lashes. First of all, let the mascara dry.

To increase the upper and lower lashes

Applicators with long, separate bristles and in a half-moon shape are recommended to visually increase lashes.

Using the flat brush can also accentuate the effect. For this trick to work, start by applying the one closest to the root and then guide the brush out.

You can also consider using false eyelashes to further increase lashes. Just don’t forget to apply mascara on them after they are already glued on the natural lashes.

To add volume

The applicator brush needs to have long, full bristles to enhance the volume effect on the lashes. Those that are very chubby and with hair bristles (instead of silicone ones) are also the best options.

Here, the tip to wait for the last layer to dry before making a new one on top also applies. The more layers, the more volume. But be careful not to end up sticking your lashes.

Another tip is to use the colors to your advantage: black and dark tones tend to look more voluminous, if applied correctly.

To make the lashes curved

To have curved lashes, you can use an accessory called an eyelash curler. It needs to be used with clean lashes, that is, if no type of product is applied, as it can weaken or break them.

Open the tool and fit the eyelashes, close to the root. Close the eyelash curler, pressing the lashes lightly for a few seconds. Be careful not to apply too much force and getting hurt.

After using the eyelash curler, it is already possible to notice a more pronounced curvature. But, to intensify the effect of doll lashes, apply a mascara with a curling effect.

How to apply mascara on the lashes underneath?

Using mascara on the lower lashes can leave the look more open and marked. But many people find it difficult to apply the eyelash mask in this region.

First of all, let’s go to the correct order of the products.

If your make-up is more worked, apply the mascara last, after the eyeshadow, pencil and eyeliner. Then apply the product first on the upper lashes.

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Now, check out the tips on how to apply mascara on the bottom lashes:

  1. Use a mirror to avoid smudging your makeup or hurting your eyes. Look in the mirror and lower your head so that you can see the lower lashes correctly;
  2. Use a “protection” , which can be a piece of paper, a cardboard, a thin fabric, etc. This protection must be between the lashes and the skin and will prevent it from smudging or smearing;
  3. Clean the excess mascara in the packaging itself , that is, when pulling the applicator brush, remove the excess product in the mouth of the container;
  4. If you are less experienced, hold the brush firmly and in a horizontal (lying) position. Start by going from the root to the tips of the lashes with short and light back and forth movements;
  5. If you are more experienced you can try applying the mascara with the brush vertically (standing). In this case, take as little product as possible from the brush and apply it gently to the tips of the lashes. Be careful not to stick them;
  6. After finishing the application do not blink or wrinkle the eye area until the mascara is completely dry;
  7. Apply as many layers as necessary. Always avoid excess product. It is preferable that you make several light layers rather than one or two thick ones that can end up sticking to your lashes or smudging the rest of your makeup.

If you get it wrong or wrong, don’t despair.

Wait for the product to dry and remove with a cotton swab dipped in make-up remover or micellar water. You can still use concealer to correct the parts that are blurred.

If the first or second time doesn’t feel so good, try other times. Applying mascara is a matter of practice. The more you practice, the better the result.

But always be careful not to hurt your eyes with the applicator brush.

8 common mistakes when using mascara

When using the eyelash mask, it is very common to make some mistakes. And even the most experienced and professional make-up artists can make them.

So we made a list of the 8 most common mistakes when using mascara. Read them all and don’t commit them any more:

Do not use a mirror

Looking in the mirror while applying mascara helps to see correctly where the applicator brush is and where the lashes are. This way, you avoid getting hurt or smudging your makeup.

Apply mascara before eyeshadow or eyeliner

Mascara should always be applied last, that is, when eye makeup is finished. The order of the products can change the final result;

Do not clean the applicator brush

Excessive mascara (especially on the lower lashes) can leave the look uncharacteristic and unnatural. Therefore, when pulling the applicator brush, take the opportunity to clean it at the edge of the package itself;

Use the eyelash curler after applying mascara

The eyelash curler should be used before applying mascara when the lashes are without any product. That’s because the mascara hardens the lashes, which can break if they receive pressure from the eyelash curler. Next time, you already know: eyelash curler and then mascara;

Make a mistake in the color of the mascara

For a more natural make-up, always use colors that are close to the shade of the eyebrows and hair. When in doubt, bet on basic black or brown tones;

Mixing mascara with other products

Many people use oils and other products to try to prevent the product from drying out. This should not be done because the two products, when mixed, tend to react and compromise the quality of the mask, which can even cause allergies;

Forgetting to check the expiration date

It is very common to forget to check the expiry date of beauty products. Using expired products can have consequences such as skin aging, a different result than expected, itching and irritation in the place where the expired makeup was applied;

Do not store the packaging correctly

All labels show how to preserve the product. Avoiding exposure to sunlight and air intake are important recommendations. This is because the sun can end up drying the product more quickly and the air can compromise the quality, making it aged. If in doubt, read the label.

Mascara is one of the most beloved products when it comes to makeup. This product is so basic that it can be used in all types of make up, from the most elaborate to the simplest.

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