Skin whitening: what is the best product for blemishes?

Melanin has the function of giving color to the skin. When there is an imbalance of this substance, parts of the dermis are formed that are lighter or darker, the famous spots.

This imbalance is usually caused by genetics, lifestyle, acne , pregnancy, hormonal changes, among others.

All stains can be aggravated if they are exposed to factors such as excessive sunlight and excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco.

To try to alleviate this aesthetic problem, several cosmetic and beauty companies have already developed skin lightening creams and oils.

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What is it for?

The skin lightening products serve to reduce the effects of dark spots and scars, having as main function to leave the dermis in a uniform tone.

They may also have other benefits, such as moisturizing the dermis, protecting from sunlight, improving texture, as well as nourishing and strengthening tissue layers.

What is the best skin lightening cream?

In general, most products tend to have an effect if applied correctly. It is worth mentioning that before starting a treatment to lighten the skin, it is important to consult a (a) doctor (a) dermatologist.

Some types of acid (such as retinoic or kojic) can also be effective in lightening blemishes.

The vitamins (A and C) ingested by the diet can help to potentiate the effects of these whitening creams.

Other tips also tend to help the action of these creams:

  • Clean regularly with soaps suitable for your skin type;
  • Use sunscreen every day (even rainy or cloudy);
  • Drink plenty of water (the recommended amount is 2L per day);
  • Invest in a diet rich in fruits and vegetables;
  • Take care of your sleep (both quality and quantity matter to have beautiful skin).

Skin whitening prices and brands

Some brands offer several products to lighten the skin. Among them sunscreens, creams, whitening for hands and even dark circles.

The list is in alphabetical order and contains some examples of these products. Check out:


Avon has more than 130 years in the market. With a multitude of products for makeup, hair, perfumes and cosmetics in general, it is present in more than 100 countries.

Among all these products, one of the brand bleaches is the

Korres Wild Rose Whitening Serum . In addition to lightening the skin, this product also acts to reduce expression lines accentuated with age. In addition, it promotes natural shine and softness. The 30mL package costs an average of R $ 124.95 *.

In class

Klassis is a product line that belongs to TheraSkin. This brand was founded in Brazil in 1931.

In 1947, they were the first to open a 24-hour pharmacy in São Paulo.

The brand has several options and among them are:

  • Klassis Whitener TheraSkin : one of the differentials of this product is that it can be used in pregnant women and is available in two versions (cream and gel). Prices vary between R $ 111.50 and R $ 179.08 *;
  • TheraSkin Klassis TX + Facial Whitening Serum : the texture of this lightener is light and leaves a freshness on the skin. The application should be done in the morning and before bed. The average value is between R $ 124.37 and R $ 188.99 *;
  • TheraSkin Klassis Specialle Whitening Serum: this cream can be used on the face and on regions of the body such as the armpits. The 30g pack can be purchased for values ​​ranging from R $ 104.74 to R $ 172.10 *.


Hinode has more than 600 cosmetic products.

Hinode Uniform Brightening Skin Facial Bleaching Serum is one of these products and can be used on all skin types. It contains antioxidants that help in the regeneration of cells and in the whitening of the tissue.

Another important factor is the presence of vitamin C which further enhances the product’s effect. The package contains 30g.

The rock

La Roche is an international brand that has existed for 30 years. Its main mission is to collaborate with dermatologists offering quality products.

The Pigmentclar Serum La Roche – Posay Anti-Spots is one of those products for those who like practicality. This is because it is easy to spread and drying is fast. Prices vary between R $ 105.44 and R $ 155.30 *.


Natura has been in the market since 1969. Commitment and care for nature is one of the flags defended by the brand.

Among the products, some bleaching agents are:

  • Natura Chronos Neck and Hand Whitening Cream : the product promises to start taking effect after 24h of the first application. The 70mL package can be purchased for R $ 61.74 *;
  • Natura Chronos Whitening Sunscreen : the skin whitener is also a sunscreen with a factor of 70. Thus, in addition to lightening the skin, it also prevents new blemishes. The price is R $ 93.45 * and the package contains 50g.
  • Olheira Bleach Natura Chronos : because it works as a substitute for concealer, this whitener has two shades (medium light and medium dark). The roll-on packaging with 15g costs R $ 108.05 * on average.

* Prices consulted in September 2019. Prices may change.

Korean skin lightening products

Known as K-Beauty (or Korean beauty, in English), oriental products are conquering Brazil.

The main Korean brands and their whitening products are:

  • Tony Moly: Panda’s Dream White Magic Cream that has an extremely cute panda packaging. The cream, in addition to lightening the skin, still moisturizes and gives a touch of softness. The package contains 50g;
  • Elizavecca: White Gold Whitening is a whitening cream indicated for the facial area. This product, besides leaving the skin with uniform tone, also stimulates the regeneration of cells and healing.
  • Holika Holika: Holika Holika Whitening Serum One Solution Super Whitening is an ampoule that brightens and soothes the dermis.

When it comes to bleaching products, it is possible to find an infinity in the market.

The best will be the one that best suits you and your routine. Oh, and don’t forget to go to the dermatologist before going out to test the creams.

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